Top 5 Haunted Graveyards in India

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                         Top 5 Haunted Graveyards in India

Ever heard of the spooky stories and incidents that happen in the graveyards? When we were kids we have heard about these spine chilling ghost stories that still scare us in our wildest dreams…am I right? The stories we used to hear from our grandparents and thought if they were ever true!! These ghost stories were enough to scare the hell out of me and even now whenever I think about it I get goose bumps.. but trust me there is no harm in accepting the fact that I am scared cause I am!! I bet every single person is scared of something in their life… but according to me these ghost stories scores more…..

Now if you still aren’t scared then let me present you the five most haunted graveyards of all time… India… read on!!

Damas beach,Gujarat

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We all know beaches are for relaxing purposes.. It’s very evident right? But what if I tell you this alluring beach is for creating purposes? Finding it hard to believe? It is said that no one is allowed to visit the place after sunset as the tormented souls who could not attain moksha loiter in this very beach…so you better don’t go there to relax after sunset….

South Park Street Cemetery, Kolkata

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Every haunted place has got their own spooky stories. Things are similar with this cemetery as well.  it is said once a group of friends went to this cemetery and clicked pics… each one of them have experienced paranormal activities after posing for the photo… after this incident. The place remains closed after sunset….

Lothian Cemetery , Delhi

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This cemetery is famous as there was mass burial conducted during the year 1897 mutiny..It is said …people have seen headless Nicholas who was once in the British army during the contingent… after knowing this horror story I don’t think anybody would ever want to visualize a headless man ….

Nimtala Burning Ghat

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Again we are back to Kolkata…famously known as the city of joy but this city of joy seems it has got several spooky secrets that are yet to be revealed and explored… In central Kolkata, Nimtala ghat is one of the oldest ghat where the dead ones are cremated according to the old Hindu rituals… that is the dead bodies are burned… it is said people need together a lot of their guts before entering the place during the kali puja.. When one of the scariest and devoted idol of kali is evoked…at the middle of the night. It is even reported that the aghoris visit the place at gorge on the remaining flesh of the dead bodies in order to get unfathomable powers.. That sounds so gross…!!!

Lower Circular Road Cemetery , Kolkata

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The lower circular road cemetery is located at the crossing of mother Teresa Sarani…it is also called by the name General Episcopal cemetery… many years ago, Sir W.H Mac Naghten  was buried here in this very cemetery.. It is said that whenever his story is narrated anywhere near his grave the tree that stands close to his grave starts to shiver…

Still not scared?? Then I guess the best possible way to find out whether you are scared or not by visiting these spooky places… but at your own risk…. Seems like the stories that we had heard long before were not false…at least not all of it.. There are paranormal activities that happen in these places which get reported… to be true I do not have the guts to visit these most haunted graveyards but if you ever wanna experience such a thing…make sure you do not go alone….