Why You Shouldn’t Get Married? Follow These 7 Reasons

reasons you should not get married

To marry or not to marry that is the question. Marriages are made in heaven, at least that’s what we have been told since our teenager days. A pretty picture is painted in front of our eyes simply to convince us that marriage is and should be the ultimate goal and destination. I mean, seriously? I am not saying one should never get married, if you are ready for it then why not? But getting married should not be considered a compulsion as it is perfectly alright not married as well. Today I am going to list top 7 reasons why you should not get married to clear your marriage doubts.

Life Would Turn Into a Soap Opera, High on Drama

Reasons why men avoid marriage

What we need to get married? You know about money. Now, you need a dramatic heart as marriage is the stage of continuous performance.

  • If you like melodrama, then marriage is for you and only you my friend. Because trust me, a marriage cannot survive without drama and if it doesn’t survive, it will bring in more drama.
  • Either way, you are screwed. Why invite more trouble and ruin your perfectly sane life?
  • A life with a lot of drama in it can drive you insane which would in turn affect your health, mental peace and oh yes everything that you love, like or have loved at some point of time.
  • You will fail to focus on work or anything else for that matter. In short, your life will be in complete disarray, my friend!

Wedding Expenses can Leave you Bankrupt

reasons you should not get married

What do you need to get married? Money. Yeah, you heard me right. If you’ve money, browsing for bride or groom can be easier. Weddings are an extremely costly and extravagant affair. Period. Follow these points why you should not get married

  • Whether you are a groom or a bride, there are so many things that need to be taken care of during weddings.
  • The decor, the dresses, the catering along with all the other arrangements will surely make you spend a huge sum of money.
  • Often people go in debts in order to arrange for a perfect wedding ceremony.
  • No matter how much money you have, spending money on weddings is unnecessary and nothing good comes out of hiring a band to sing at your wedding or feeding a large number of people, most of who you would barely keep in touch with.

Just Like Marriages Divorces Also Cost a Fortune

why you should avoid marriage

Why you should not get married? All the wealth that you have acquired so far and the assets you have built can be gone in a jiffy, poof and you lost half of your hard earned savings! Divorces can do that to you so why take a chance, right? Marriage laws are unfair and that’s the reality. Even if you end terms with your partner, your belongings and assets will be divided between the two parties. Your life will revolve around visiting the lawyers’ office and the court only to realize the end of the day that in spite of putting so much of time and effort, you will lose a huge sum of your savings anyway. Do you need more reasons for why not to get married?

Privacy and Peace of Mind After Marriage? You Are Kidding, Right ??

disadvantages of getting marriage

According to many people one of the best reasons for marriage is to share with your beloved. Sharing is caring. Is it?

  • Sharing too much can make you stifled. We are not talking about sharing a sandwich or make-up kit!
  • You will have to share every single moment of your life with another person.
  • Your washroom will either stink (men are usually unhygienic) or it will be stuffed with hundreds of containers and bottles that would leave you frustrated (women tend to keep all their toiletries in the bathroom).
  • You might not be allowed to keep a television in the bedroom or might end up sleeping somewhere else because of the noisy television in the bedroom.
  • You are not going to have a private moment where you can do whatever the heck you feel like.
  • People who believe that words like peace and privacy will exist after marriage are just fooling themselves.

If you ask any person who have never married, you’ll get more reasons why not to get married. You can also ask your married friend who has to get up early from the bed on weekends just to take his dear wife for shopping.

KIDS !!!! Need I Say More ??

Reasons to avoid marriage strictly

Why should people get married? Just to fulfill the dreams of our parents to have grandchildren? Are we ready to take the responsibility? Don’t judge me already. I love kids, who doesn’t? But there are many people who love kids but wouldn’t want to have one of their own and that’s perfectly alright. Bringing a kid into the picture is a big deal for both men and women. A marriage seldom works without a kid in the frame unless both the partners decide against it. Managing a kid is a 24 X 7, round the clock responsibility. Your entire life will revolve around your kid, are you willing to accept that?

Unnecessary Involvements and Responsibilities

why you should say no to marriage

Not wanting to marry? That’s absolutely OK as you will forget how it feels to live a life for yourself once you are married. At every step of your life, you will have to make some commitment, some adjustments, sacrifices and involve yourself into things that you might hate. For example, festivals and celebrations wouldn’t be confined to a relaxing day off from home or chilling out with your friends at the bar. Once you are married, your house will be filled with guests, your in-laws, relatives will pour in and like it or not you will have to be a part of each and every event, function whether you like it or not. Apart from that, there will be more than many responsibilities that you will have to handle after marriage.

You Will Never Get to Date Again! 

why you should say no to marriage

Remember that feeling when you used to go weak on the knees seeing someone, butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you used to spot your crush? Well, that can still happen except there wouldn’t be anything you will be able to do about such feelings! Why? Because you will feel stuck with one person every day for the rest of your life!! If that doesn’t freak you out, I don’t know what will. If you ask me about the benefits of not getting married, I’ll say it is the happening date nights that energize you to deal with the work pressure for next days.

Do you get why you should not get married? Yes, marriage can be blissful and married life, beautiful provided you end up with the right person and how many times does that happen? Am I correct? Why settle for something when you can deserve so much more, eh? Anyway, these are some of the reasons I feel you should consider before getting married. A person who is not ready to get married should never tie the knot reluctantly as it is likely to end on a bad note. So don’t let the peer pressure get to you. Save yourself some legal jargons and troubles. Stay Single, Stay Happy!