10 Reasons Why You Should “NOT” Quit Smoking Ever

harmful effects of smoking and why you should quit this habit

Note:This content is high on sarcasm and deals with nothing but the harmful effects that smoking has on a human body.

There could be two reasons why you decided to check this content out, A) You are a smoker, B) You found the title of the content intriguing. And why wouldn’t you? Smoking is not that bad. If anything it makes a person seem cool and sexy, right? Go ahead! Ask a friend how they love it the moment you walk inside the room smelling like smoke. Smoking like a chimney gives you bad breath as well but so what? Trust me there is nothing more arousing than being with a person who has got bad breath and yellow stained teeth. Ask your partner, they will tell you how arousing that can be! Oh, I almost forgot, how can we not mention the health benefits that smoking has? There are so many and I have managed to jot down just the important ten health benefits of smoking:

Weak memory is the key to happiness? Or Not!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking

Chain smokers experience memory problems that intensify with age.  But why worry because a bad memory has its perks! I mean memories of all the unpleasant moments from your life will be wiped out and you will be happy like never before. Well, you will also begin to forget some of the best moments of your life that you’ve always wanted to cherish, but who cares! You’ll have trouble remembering simple things and your life will become extremely difficult but that’s alright too because when you are 40, there is not much to look forward to in life, anyway!

Mood Swings because life would be too boring without them!

10 health benefits of stopping smoking

The toxins and chemicals found in cigarettes affect several areas of the brain that are responsible for causing anxiety, hypertension, irritability and mood swings. So, basically you will become an extremely difficult person to live with and who doesn’t love to be with someone who is a constant pain in the neck? Good luck making new friends though!

Do you gasp for breath every time you climb a flight of stairs?

why you should quit smoking
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Respiratory problems are quite common and a smokers’ lung looks nothing like that of a lung of a non-smokers’ lung. Lung is one of the organs that get affected drastically and a smoker is likely to develop respiratory disorders at an early age. You have probably started experiencing trouble in breathing and pant heavily for breaths each time you go for a run or do any vigorous activity. And guess what, in the long run, you will also have a higher chance of getting affected by Lung Cancer.

Bid goodbye to your Libido:

harmful effects of smoking tobacco

Have lots of sex while you still can because very soon you will be biding goodbye to your sex life! Smoking can affect a person’ sex drive and can cause erectile dysfunction in men. Women, who smoke, experience early menopause. A low sex drive will lead to chaos and complications in your personal relationships. Your partner will be sexually unhappy, for sure which would ultimately lead to a failed relationship or marriage!

Put your dreams of having a family on hold:

harmful effects of smoking

Planning to start a family together? Well that aren’t happening. Why don’t you consider adoption or surrogacy? Women as well as men who smoke frequently will eventually experience infertility. All the studies and statistics state the same. So, if you hate babies then congratulations, smoking will help you stay away from the babies, far, far away! I mean you’ll never have one of your own, that’s a good news right?

Say hello to old wrinkly face!

Effects of smoking on the body

Smoking accelerates the aging process. Result? Old and wrinkly face, sagging skin can make you look like a million bucks. No? Cum’n! People totally dig the ‘old matured look’ these days so stop worrying but don’t you dare stop smoking.

Be ready to become a night owl:

why you should stop and quit smoking

There’s one thing to stay up all night and watch movies or have a night out with friends. We all do that from time to time. But have you wondered what if you start experiencing problems in falling asleep and yet wake up early in the morning and run to office, sleep deprived, every single day? You will be exhausted and most importantly lack of sleep will bring a wide array of complications and diseases in the picture. Think! Is smoking more important than a good night’s sleep?

Surprise! Surprise! Smoking can cause diabetes:

what are disadvantages of smoking

If you smoke regularly, you are likely to get affected by type II diabetes. It is said smokers are more prone to the disease (by 44 percent) than the non-smokers. But, you already knew that, didn’t you? And if you didn’t, does that change anything? You are still going to smoke, anyway so I would suggest, while reading this post, you should go for another smoke! Probably you finished a couple of cigarettes already.

Own a few pair of cool shades:

harmful effects of tobacco and smoking

You better start buying trendy cool shades as smoking is bound to have drastic effect on your eyes and will gradually cause blurry vision or even blindness. Sounds scary to me but you, my smoker friend carry on! The cool shades are going to make you look so hip and cool, why compromise on that?

Coughing Incessantly:

harmful effects of tobacco and smoking and how to quit

It’s fun right when you cough every two minutes? I am sure it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable at times, sometimes you even have trouble speaking at a stretch for several minutes but that’s a very little price to pay for all the satisfaction smoking gives you, right?

Ever read the warning that each and every packet of cigarette comes with? Tobacco is extremely dangerous and injurious to your health. Also, people who spend a lot of time in closer proximities with smokersalso experience health issues. So, for god’s sake, at least think about your loved ones. And if you still don’t care then all I can say is, Smoke Away to a premature and painful death!