10 Reasons You Should be Thankful to Your Mom Forever

Why Do We Have to Respect Our Parents

Being a mother is the toughest job in the world. And somehow we always fail to give our mothers the credit that they deserve for all that they do for us. For a mother, her child’s happiness matters the most in this world and she can go to any extent just to provide her child with all that she can. A mother’s love is unconditional and unmatched and no amount of recognition, money or fame can replace the love a mother has for her own kid. This write-up is dedicated to my mother who has always been my pillar of strength.  Though i can never thank her enough for what she has done for me but these are the top 10 reasons that I would like to thank her for, anyway!

Thank You Mom for being my Support System:

You are my biggest support system and I have always found you beside me, guiding me through the toughest roads in life. You have always supported me through thick and thin and encouraged me to chase my dreams. Without your constant support, I would have never had the courage to face difficult situations in life.

My mother taught me that it is okay to Fail and Fall sometimes in life:

Reasons you Should Be Grateful To your parents

There have been innumerable situations where I came running to you, heartbroken and sad but you have always told me that it is okay to fall in order to rise again in life. Failure is the stepping stone of success and that I need to work hard and try harder in order to succeed. If you wouldn’t have motivated me to pick up the broken pieces of my heart and put more efforts than before, I would have been lost amidst the unknown.

You made me believe in myself Mom, Thank You:

reasons to be thankful for your parents

You have always taught me to believe in myself and never to doubt my intentions as long as I am honest and true to myself. You have taught me that unless we don’t believe in ourselves, we will never be able to push our limits in order to reach the pinnacle of success. Believing in oneself makes him/her confident which helps him/her to go a long way in life.

Never go by Appearance, Thank You for Teaching Me That:

Things Your Mother Does For You Which No One Else does

While growing up, you have always told me not to judge people on the basis of how they appear but what they really are. You have helped me to learn that people who empathize and help others are noblest of all and deserve our respect. I have learnt to look beyond superficial things in life and respect people for who they are. I judge people on the basis of what they have done for others and the way they treat others and it has helped me to recognize some of the most genuine people in my life and get rid of negative influences.

I Can Speak my Mind, when Needed Now. Thank you for making me opinionated:

what does your mother mean to you

You have always been my inspiration, Mum. You have helped me to realize the importance of having an opinion of my own and not be a push-over. At the same time you have also asked me to respect others’ opinions and value them. You have made me fearless and resilient enough to be able to speak my heart and mind out without fear.

Your guidance has always helped me to take the right call in life:

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I remember how you used to tell me that when in doubt I should always listen to what my heart desires. You have given me strength to pursue my dreams and taught me to stand up for myself as well as my decisions. You never tell me what to do when I discuss my dilemmas with you but talking to you helps me to figure out what I want.

Thank You Mom for Soiling Yourself in the Kitchen so that I get to eat My Favourite Dishes:

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I miss home-made food and I am sorry for not realizing the importance of home cooked food earlier. Sorry for throwing tantrums and being a picky eater. Now that I am so far from home, I miss the healthy and delicious food that you used to cook for me. No matter how much I spend, I can never find that taste and flavor that the dishes you cook, have! You know that I tend to ignore my health so even if you are not here, you never forget to call me to remind me and scold me to eat healthy and on time! Thank You!

My Mother taught me to Emphasize and Help People in Need:

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I would be honest, in past, I have always hated when you had gone out of your way to help others in whichever way you could. But now I know, people like you make this world a better place! I can proudly claim that the values and morals you have bestowed me with set me apart from the rest and makes me a good human being, above all. I mean isn’t that the point? At the end of the day when all your glory fades away, your contributions to the mankind shall remain. Thank You Ma for teaching me that!

I wouldn’t have Known the True Meaning of Friendship, Had You not been Around:

things your mother does for you


Thank You Ma for being my friend. I can never find a better friend than you. You have always been there when I wanted to share my problems. Starting from guy problems to office politics, your valuable insights have always helped me more than you can ever imagine. Thank You for letting me confide in you and seek comfort in you when I am down. Thank You for helping me to sort out my confusions always. You never let me feel lonely!

Thank You for believing in ME and Being There for Me Always:

why you should respect your mother

10 reasons can never be enough to tell you how thankful I am to you for believing in ME when even I couldn’t believe in myself. Thank You for not paying heed to the criticism and rumours that I have been subjected to from time to timeand always encouraging me to fight for what is right and above all never lose hope. I have come a long way in life, Ma but I know there is still so much to learn from you. I owe you everything that I have achieved so far in my life, Mum! Even though I don’t say it but staying away from home makes me miss you so very much! Love You Ma.

Share this write- up with your mother and tell her what she means to you and how lucky you are to have her blessings and love in your life. You can also share with us the reasons for which you would like to thank your Mum for.