8 Awesome Dress up Ideas – What to Wear on a Casual First Date

what to wear on a casual first date for women

Oh Yes!  Your first date is definitely one of your life changing days. This is one day you are going to remember all your life. This is one day you can hear your heart beat and stomach feels the butterfly all the time. All you can think of the time you will be meeting your date. And the next dreadful thought that empowers your mind is – what will be the right dress to wear? It is all about creating the first impression, and nothing should go wrong with it. You have been for this day since long. Tried every tricks to seduce your date and now you will be meeting him. That’s exciting enough, I know. Since it is your first date girl, you have to look sexy and savvy, and undoubtedly have to wear the right dress to make all your moments memorable. Now the million dollar question is what to wear on a casual first date for ladies?                   

Well, I do have the best first date outfit ideas for ladies which I would like to share with you, so that you have a sensational first date and a memorable evening to remember. There are in fact certain things you need to keep in mind before you choose your dress.

  • It is most important for you to feel comfortable with what you wear.
  • Therefore, first choose the color you choose to wear.
  • If you chose to wear a deep ‘V’, make sure you do not expose much.
  • Be subtle and sensuous, avoid the loud drama.
  • When you are wearing your make up, make sure you highlight your special features, may it be your lips or eyes.

Therefore, instead of what to wear on a casual first date for girls, here are the best tips to choosing perfect ladies dress for first date –

tips to choosing perfect ladies dress for first date

The Lace Can Be Romantic

  • If you are feeling too excited to spend mush thought about your dress, you can play it simple a yet sexy.
  • You can play with the lace if you want to.
  • Get a mono chromatic deep colored tank top, and wear a lacey short dress over it.
  • Keeping the sleeves short is an awesome dress up ideas which will make you look younger and attractive.
  • Keep the makeup light and natural and wear matching heels.
  • And that’s it! You are ready to meet his praising gaze.

The Sexy Off White Mini Dress

  • As you walk towards him, do you to see that awe in his eyes?
  • Then you should go for the sexy mini dress, with a deep neckline and pretty little details.
  • You will look gorgeous if the fabric is silk or satin.
  • Make sure it is figure hugging with half sleeves.
  • You can choose jeweled embellishments along the neckline or subtle silk embroidery.
  • For that unmistakable sex appeal, you have to wear big heels and flaunt your slender legs.
  • A natural make up and a pair of ear studs will complete your magical look.


best first date outfit ideas for ladies

Look Hot and Daring

  • How about trying out those scintillating leather shorts on your first date? Trust me, this dress up ideas will never fail.
  • Let go the routine skirt and top and instead try the black leather shorts with a black round neck tunic and a short white blazer.
  • Wear a pair of high heels with strap to make your legs look slender and tall.
  • A side sling matching leather bag and a deep punchy lipstick will sure to make you look steamy and gorgeous.

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best women dress should applicable for first date

Wear Some Flowers

  • When you can’t decide what to wear on a casual first date for ladies,a floral dress can solve your problem. The little flowers will sure look romantic on you.
  • So, you can smartly try out a bodycon dress with small floral prints, matching leggings and a moto jacket to make you look absolutely stunning and seductive.
  • Wear matching leather boots to add to the spark.
  • Wear minimum make up for sure.

The Leather Never Fails

  • If you want to keep it simple and sassy, you just need a black leather leggings and a loose white, full sleeve T-shirt.
  • Make sure your palm heels are sleek and sexy.
  • Wear a light shade lip color.
  • A pair of small diamond studs will add that mysterious sparkle, while you glow.


what to wear on a casual first date for women

Go For the Full Length

  • A full length, round neck floral print with a hip belt can make you look romantic and sensuous.
  • Keep the sleeve short and wear the palms to compliment your style.
  • Small studs, a nude make up and a light lip gloss will sure set your evening right.
  • This is a perfect way of choosing perfect ladies dress for first date.

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Now that you have the best first date dress up ideas for ladies, I wish you all the luck with your first evening with your date. Do not over stress yourself and above wear your confidence and that mysterious seductive smile to make sure he is absolutely awestruck by your magic.