Top Ten Destinations That Won’t Make A Hole In Your Pocket

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Top Ten Destinations That Won’t Make A Hole In Your Pocket

Have you ever imagined traveling in different locations and that too without paying much?? Or places that would not make a hole in your pocket? With the proper kind of planning you can go from “NOT POSSIBLE” to “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Yes, these awesome trips can be planned if you do not want the maharaja way of travelling and try and compromise a little then I bet you travelling can be cheap. I present you these awesome seven places that would be gentle on your pocket.

Paro Taktsang

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Popularly it is known as the tiger’s nest. Located in the upper valley of Bhutan, this place is sure to give you the pleasure to your eyes you have been searching for.  This place should fall under the “must see” category.  The monastery is located 10 kilometers from the Paro Valley. It has got definite timings when the monastery remains open.  The temple has got the Bhutanese architecture which will mesmerize your mind.  It will take you nearly 5hours from Bhutan via Bumthang.


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This place needs no introduction. Everyone should visit Goa at least once in their lifetime. I know it may sound expensive but trust me when I say this… Goa is cheap!!! Yes it is… here you can book the cheapest of the hotels and the cars which are still bound to give you the breath taking spirit of the place and the inter mixing of the culture. You can find scooters on rent and you can explore the place. And if you have party in your mind …. Goa is the place!!

Kodaikanal- Tamil Nadu

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It is popularly known as the princess of hill station. It is mainly known for Kurinji…one kind of a flower that blossom only once a year. Various water sports are available and you can get cheap hotel rooms for rupees 200 per night. The street foods are pretty awesome and cheap as well starting from Rs 20. You can avail the trains and explore the place.


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Popularly known as the city of music. Am sure my viewers would travel for experience and not for the sake of it or for luxury.  Here you can blend yourself with the essence of spirituality.  You can find many hotel rooms and lodges within your budget. The place would offer you the most delicious yet affordable food. You cannot miss the evening aarati which holds a spectacular scenic beauty mixed with spirituality.  You must visit the place of temples and colors and music.


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Located in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu. Popularly known as the queen of hill stations. It is considered as a heavenly place surrounded by lakes and mountains and plateaus. Who would want to miss such a destination!! Do not miss the tea there. You can find numerous small churches. Plenty of hotels and transport facilities are available. So you need not worry much and just get out and get going…

Kasol- himachal Pradesh

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Situated in the valley of Parvati amidst the lustrous greens of trees and shrubs.  If you want a quiet and a peaceful holiday, here is your place my friend.  This place would not let you forget the scenic beauty of it that easily. You can rent the river side lodges and guest houses which are pretty cheap.  The place will greet you with warmth.. You got to visit this place.

Mcleod Ganj- Himachal Pradesh

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Popularly known as the little dhasa which is the short form if the term dharamshala. Here you can find several museums and get warmly greeted by the Tibetans. If you visit during the winters make sure you are carrying lots of warm cozy clothes because the temperature goes below freezing point. You can go shopping as well… several adventure sports are organized especially if you are here for trekking purposes.


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Nobody can miss Darjeeling when it comes to trips..  This awesome and heavenly place is famous for the cheap hotels and foods that would make you come over here again and again… the scenic beauty of the snow clad mountains, lustrous green valleys and the weather would make you put this place in your travel list. Make sure you do not miss the Darjeeling tea. You would not get anything like that anywhere except for this place.


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Often known as the cold dessert..It is situated in the northern parts of India. Here I would like to mention that if you are planning to visit Ladakh make sure you have plenty of time in your hand because you need too much of patience to explore the place. The place would offer you plenty of cheap accommodations.

Traveling can be quite cheap if you know the right places to visit. If you are that kind of a person who would just want to fetch a back pack and leave to explore the India is the place my friend.