15 Awesome Things You Must Know About India & Feel Proud to Be an Indian

awesome things about India

India is a country of diversity where hundreds of different languages are spoken here. We have history of over thousands years back. Over this period we have made a lot of world’s history in different fields. But we, Indians have more attraction to foreign country, mainly Europe and America. They fascinate us. But we also have a lot of things to feel proud. There are a lot of milestones starting from hi-tech technology to ancient history in our country. We are giving you some special reminder why India is special and why should you tell “I’m proud to be an Indian”.

Country to Mathematics: –

Unknown facts about India you must know

Number system, which is the base of mathematics, is the contribution of India. Aryabhatta, renowned Indian mathematician invented Zero (0). India is the origin of Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus. In the fifth century, Bhaskaracharya calculated the time of rotation of Earth around Sun which is almost exactly according to modern calculation. The value of ‘Pi (π)’ was calculated by Budhayana.

Enriched & “Lowest Budget” Space program: – 

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is the one of the most advance space research organizations in the world.

Why you should be proud being an Indian

India is the world’s first country who is successful to send satellite in Mars in the first attempt. India has entered in the Elite Club as 4th country after America, Russia and European Space Agency and the 1st country in the Asia. The cost of the project was only 450 crore. Whereas NASA’s mars mission was the cost of 4200 crore. We are also advance in time taken to complete the mission. NASA took 5 years to complete and we took only 18 months.

Do You Know Our Super Computer?

Wonder things about India

Super Computer, a high level computational capacity is the last word of ultramodern technology. In the whole world only we have the technology to make Super computer besides America and Japan.

 I think you should feel proud for this. Isn’t it?

Founder of World’s First “University” : –

some awesome things about India

The first university of the world, Takhshila was established in India around 8th century B.C.E. More than 10,500 students from around the world were the students of 60 subjects.

Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine was established in India. The first surgery of the world was done in India by Sushrut more than 2500 years back.

 From the number of scientists and engineers we are second largest in the world.

Land of Best CEOs: –

interesting facts about India

The post of CEOs in most of biggest companies around the world are rich with Indians.

Microsoft- Satya Nadella

Google- Sundar Pichai

Adobe-Shantanu Narayen

Cognizant- Francisco D’Souza

SanDisk Co. – Sanjay Mehrotra

PEPSICO- Indra Nooyi

MasterCard- Ajaypal Singh Banga

And many more.

Indian Railway – Biggest Employer of the World : –

unknown facts about india

The Indian railway is the biggest employer of the world. Every year millions of people get employed by Indian Railway.

We are Telecom Giant : –

The best things to know about India

The fastest telecom market in the world is India. India has the lowest call rate all over the world. Don’t disappoint, the connectivity of wireless communication is better than many other well developed country. According to the Indian Telecom Analysis (2008-2012) past few years Indian Telecom Industry has undergone a tremendous change.

Media, with Highest News Channels: –

surprising things about India

We live in such a country where media has the full freedom to speak. India has The largest number of news channel around the world. India has the world’s largest newspaper market. The free media is the big asset of India. It is the fourth pillar of India and like family member to us. From local to national and international news, our media covers everything.

Yummy, Mouth-Watering Cuisines: –

awesome foods in India

India has the largest varieties of cuisines originated in India. In every state  there is a different cuisine. You’ll never find such diversity in anywhere of the world.  Our rich spices, vegetables make cuisines mouth-watering and its fragrance create magic.

How Can we Forget Our Bollywood: –

things you need to know about India

More than 1,000 movies get released every year all over India. On an average, 400 Bollywood film get released every year.. Day by day it is getting very popular to all over the world.

Our OWO!! Wedding: –

indian wedding

Indian weddings are famous around the world. There are no bigger events than wedding in a family. You’ll never find such flashily celebration and glamour in wedding anywhere of the world. In every year Indians spend three times of their national budget in wedding. In every wedding people involve from their bottom of the heart

Rich with Spell-bound Places:-

awesome places in India

We are living such a country where from Kashmir to Kanyakumari there are every types of environment and landscape that you’ll find all over the world. Here you can find eye candy beauty of Mountain, metrical rivers, rich wildlife, aggressive dessert, stunning plateaus, spectacular valley and many other mind blowing natural beauty. The whole world tribute it’s natural beauty and it makes tourism, the largest service industry in India. 8.78% of Indian are engaged in tourism.

Largest Democracy: –

beautiful things about India

India is the world’s largest democratic country. Running this land of such vast diversity of religion and cast in democratic way, is a big challenge. Indians have been maintaining this huge democracy properly for years.  Hats off to us !!

Apart from all of these points, there are uncountable facts which should be the reason to feel proud that you born in this great land.