10 Things Every Woman Must Do Before Getting Married

things you must do before getting married

Marriage is one of the biggest changes that a woman goes through in her life. So, this post is for all the single ladies in their mid-twenties and early thirties who are contemplating whether to get married or not or when would be the right time to tie the knot. There are innumerable thoughts that cross a woman’s mind before she decides to get married. It is a huge step and it will change her entire world forever. Before tying the knot, every woman should consider doing a few things that will help her to understand better who she really is. Knowing yourself better is essential along with falling in love with yourself before starting a new life with someone else. So, here are a few things to do before getting married:-

Still Not on any Dating Site?? It’s Time to Create an Online Dating Profile :

things to do before you get married

Single and still don’t have a profile on any online dating portal? What are you waiting for? Going out on dates, flirting harmlessly with random men will only boost your self-confidence. Work your charm babe,  you will know ‘your type’ for sure once you start dating men. Watch out for your safety though as internet is full of creeps lurking around for an opportunity to meet random girls. Stay clear of such men.

Have a Fling with a Stranger, Flirt Around, Work your Charm babe! :

things all women should be before getting marriage

Ah! This is something; you should try at least once. Of course safety comes first. Go on a holiday with your friends and romance around a fellow traveler or have a short fling with a hot scuba instructor or bartender. A short fling can help you get out of your comfort zone and trust me, you will discover a lot of things about yourself that you never knew before.

Do Whatever Makes you Happy… Pamper Yourself! 

what you should do before getting married

I am sure there are a few things that you would like to try for yourself like adding pink streaks or highlights to your hair, joining a salsa or Zumba class or may be learning belly dancing! Whatever it is that you wanted to do and whatever gives you happiness, do it! It’s time. Splurge money and get that dress that you have meaning to buy, buy sexy shoes, go to a spa, join a book club, and learn how to play a musical instrument. A bit of alone time doesn’t hurt anyone and in the years to come, getting away from all the marital duties and responsibilities will help you unwind and relax!

Go Crazy and Do Outrageous things because life is too short to be boring!

things every girl should do before getting engaged

Travelling is fun and you know what makes it more fun? When you travel solo! Travelling changes a person, it does. It will make you more equipped to handle things and teach you to be in control of the situations in a much better way. However, if you ask me, I would never be able to travel alone so if you too are like me and take a bunch of friends along. Go for trekking, try adventurous sports, scuba dive, Para-glide or go on an adventurous road trip with the girls. Increase the crazy quotient in your life and make it interesting.

Bring Out the Wild Party Girl in You and Have a Gala Time With Your BFFs:

the activities you must do before getting marriage

Follow the motto “work hard, party harder”! Dance like no one is watching. Hit a discotheque with your girl gang and have fun. Party all night and have an amazing time with your friends. Trust me, you will thank me later. When you will get married and get busy juggling too many things at once, believe me, you will regret not partying more when you had the chance!

Make way for the changes in your life. Ask yourself, what are the changes that I am ready to accept?:

things you must consider before getting married

Flexibility is the key to any successful relationship or marriage. But to what extent are willing to accept the changes that are coming your way. Ever wondered? Accepting a new person into your life would mean getting out of comfort zone and pushing your limits to do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. You need to figure out the things you are willing to compromise and the things you are not. A clear understanding of what you are looking for in your future partner will lead to a happy and blissful married life.

Find a Job That Gives You Immense Happiness: What are the steps need to be taken before getting married Chase your dreams and nail your dream job. I know it is not as easy as it may sound you got to try at least, right? Work hard and passionately in making your dreams come true. In order to lead a comfortable lifestyle, you need to be financially well off and be happy at the end of the day. So, find a job that you would enjoy doing and you won’t have to ‘work’ a single day in your life again!

Enough with the Self-Pity. Fall in love with Yourself Honey!

love yourself before you get married

Self-love is the greatest of all. Learn to love yourself. It is very important to be at peace with what you are and love yourself before letting another person into your life. Once you will start loving yourself, you will feel a lot more in control and empowered and men love that! Your partner will see you for what you are and respect you. So, feeling sorry for yourself and self-pity days are over girl!

Spend Some “ME” Time and Learn New Things :

things to do before you get married

It’s time to be on your own and enjoy alone time. Staying alone can be quite challenging as well as essential as it will help you to learn a lot of things that are important to sustain comfortably in life such as cooking, fixing a leaky faucet or pipe, changing a tire or a fuse. These things might seem trivial but they can will be come in handy. Moreover, it is crucial to be self -sufficient as there will be times when you will be required to handle such things on your own in future.

Invest Your Time in Charity and some Social work: things girls should do before be engaged in marriageJoin a NGO or start working with a local counselor on weekends. Philanthropic work will help you to come across different kinds of people which will broaden your perceptions and will change the way you look at life. Moreover, dealing with other problems or hearing them talk about their issues will make you more prepared for the upcoming challenges in life.

Getting married definitely doesn’t mean that you won’t get a chance to live life on your own terms! But you cannot deny that you will have to shoulder too many responsibilities once a husband and later a child comes into the picture. You will probably not get a lot of time for yourself then! So make the most of the time you have got right now and enjoy your singlehood!