Advantages and Disadvantages of Single Parenting Effects on Children


This society is a strange place we live in, dear friend.  We create norms; we break norms – all according to our adaptability. Single parenthood in this society is therefore like a coin with two sides. Sometimes it is a taboo, sometimes it is strength. The worst thing about the society is that it is very judgmental, and single lives are often misjudged. What is not understood is that single parenthood is a conscious decision made by broken people with broken souls. And it has two distinct faces. The society see it as a failure in a relationship, where else a divorce or a separation can actually be a blessing and give a new life to a broken soul. It is all, a matter of individual perception. Whatever be the situation, we can’t also ignore the single parenting effects on children. If you’re taking this decision you have to be ready to face struggles in your path of life. I would like to take a categorical look and would like to help you my view regarding single parent families effects on children.

There are definitely both negative effects of single parenting as well as many advantages of single parenting.  And the battle is solely by the lone parent, emotionally and intellectually to make sure the children are least affected and they are given an equal upbringing for them to grow up as normal, respectable individuals.

Here are some of the best tips and facts regarding the single parent families effects on children, with it’s both, advantages and adversities.

I would like to guide you to know the advantages first, of the single parent families effects on children.

A Bond Which Is Equally Cherished, Strong And Honest

negative effects of single parenting

  • When you are just living your life with your kid, you both tend to fall back on each other in every little ways and share your emotions with each other.
  • Single parenting help to create a unique bond between the two of you, which would’ve been not possible if you shared your time and emotions with anyone else.
  • You can give your maximum time and attention to your kid, which he will cherish every bit of it and which will give the maximum emotional security and attachment to your kid, with you.
  • The best part is, this bond will grow and mature with every passing year. And it will remain equally strong when your kid reaches his adulthood.

Sharing Respect And Responsibility Goes Hand In Hand

  • Life is never too relaxed for both of you in a single parenthood.
  • As your kids grow, the responsibilities grow with it as well.
  • When you start sharing your daily work with your child, it gives a sense of respect and importance.
  • This immensely helps them to build up their confidence and learn to commit to responsibility with maturity and seriousness.
  • They start to understand and believe that they are an integral part of the family and their contribution is equally important and respected upon.
  • They become so strong that they don’t expect outside help for single parent families they belong to.
  • This helps them to develop a strong responsible personality, for which he will be valued in long term.
  • They grow up very honest and hard working individuals.

Facing The Hurdles Together

advantages of single parenting

  • It is not only you who is feeling the pangs of pain and emptiness. Your child goes through the same emotions equally.
  • Kids are more sensitive to pain and mental agony than the adults. They need your emotional support the maximum in such times of crisis.
  • Your kid is witnessing the pain and the depression you are constantly balancing; they learn adopting their pains from an early age. They learn to respect and understand struggles of life and their true meaning. This is one of the major child benefit single parent.
  • This helps them to learn how to deal with mental conflict from a very early age.
  • Always respond to him with empathy and good Always be positive.
  • This strength of mind makes them a very emotionally balanced and steady person as they grow up.
  • By the time he grows up, he has learnt to combat all his emotions with self confidence. This is a great learning for your kids, in the walks of his life.

 You Get To Choose The Right Social Circle

  • Since you live a more constraint life, the relative and the social contacts too narrows down for both of you.
  • Sometimes, you can consider this as a boon too.
  • You do not have to comply forcefully with compulsory family gatherings or be a part of the relative circle where you are not comfortable enough.
  • On the contrary you can choose way more healthy interactions with specific social communities.
  • Even getting involved in your child’s school will help you develop a healthy social circle and as well as deepen the bond between t you and your kid.
  • There are single parent support group which help you to carry on your duties single-handedly. These are the main single parent benefits.

Well, child care can be challenging sometimes if you’re a single parent; there are certain effects of single parenting on children.

The Financial Hurdle

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  • This is truly a depressing situation. You are always under the constant pressure to meet all the demand of the family in your limited salary.
  • Not always this situation is easy when you have to work long hours even after your usual time to make up with that extra mile.
  • You have no time for yourself.
  • It difficult to see your children compromising and adjusting to the lesser means.
  • At times they are denied of their wishes and desires due to financial
  • Maybe you have to adjust with your daughters wish to take up that dancing class or you can’t afford the drum set for your son.

The Pressure Is On The Child At Times

  • The situation at times may become difficult for your child when he has to face wan explanation from his peers.
  • This situation may cause damage to his self esteem.
  • You have to stand like a rock by his side, in such situations.
  • It becomes difficult for the child tom come to terms with the emotions verbally and the pangs of his parental separation.
  • Sometimes the adjustments the child has to go through may take a toll on his patience and endurance.
  • Your child will need maximum support and empathy in such situations
  • In general these are two main barriers of becoming a single parent.

Here I have discussed about the single parent families effects on children. After all it is your life and your decision. Maybe you don’t get enough support from your surroundings and your child also gets bullied. But, you have to be strong, my dear. If you get weak, how can your child face the challenges of life? Be strong, go along.