10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Alone Once Your Lifetime

advantages of staying alone

Ever thought of living alone at least once in your life time?  Yes, we have heard that living alone can cause several big problems. Even some of the researchers have said that living alone can make you alcoholic. But who cares right?  If we keep aside these critical mind pressuring data’s and focus on only ourselves then what’s the harm…!! I don’t see any! Do you see any harm? Well , I don’t think so! We get it! Living alone can have some negative consequences but it has got some positive sides too.. At least for me living alone would be the greatest thing ever.

Remember we were told about life and freedom, hardships and tough situations?. Living alone will help you turn your thoughts into reality. This is serious business guys! This is when you get to know what freedom is and what life is to you!

Here are some of the best reasons why you should live alone at least one in your life time. Read on!

Grocery Shopping Can be Fun..As Always…

advantages of staying alone

Yes you heard that right.  You get the total freedom to buy whatever you want. You can stuff your bags with chocolates, cookies, drinks and maggie of course. Nobody will be there to say ‘do not take this’ and ‘do not take that’!! This will be like completely your property of food! Sounds fun!!

You start to cook…Trust me You will Love it !!!!

benefits of staying alone in home

Horrible idea right? No! You are wrong! This is something you will love! Eventually though!  At the starting obviously it will be a disaster. That’s what happened with me. But after little trial and error method I mastered the art of preparing dal chawal! If I can do it then you can as well. Start with packet foods like soups. These are easy to make. If you know how to cook then trust me most of your problems are solved.  This will be like a great experience for you.

Everything is yours- especially the food in the fridge

Here you do not have to hide your last piece of cookie or the last bit of cake for yourself if you are late for work. Because you are the sole owner of the food items present in the fridge. Who would not want to order a pizza and coke and sit idly and enjoy the whole treat by himself with a good movie? This is pure happiness my friends… Nobody would want to miss this thing m pretty sure!

Bathroom singing and dancing..Oho..It’s Awesome..

This is so common. Who does not like to sing and dance in the bathroom? Living alone would give you the full freedom to do so without even thinking that somebody might come unannounced. You can dance and sing to your heart’s content! Bathroom is where we people tend to think the serious things in life. Nice place to imagine right?

Be your home designer

Once in your life time you are getting the chance to be the home designer, the cook and the king or queen of the house. Such a great feeling. Buy stuffs which you would want, cook things you like to eat and sleep whenever you want. This has to be the ultimate life. You learn money management and the importance of public transport. Above all of these you learn to be self dependent.

No more scary nights – Sleeping is Sooo Nice…

Yes..!! Say no to nightmares. You have come a long way where nightmares do not matter anymore.  Weird noise or creepy insects can’t scare the hell out of you. You would become used to these things.

Understand your basic needs

Living alone can make us realize our basic needs can also help us to make beautiful memories of ourselves. Every single thing that you thought you could not do and seemed like you would fail has now become a regular thing to you. You know what hurts you the most and what not. This way you will have to deal with less emotional upheaval.

Party time! friends can come over any time of the day

Yessss….. Another best thing about living alone. Girl friends and boy friends can come over at any time.  You can even move in together.

Say “YES” to privacy!

Not a single soul will be there to disturb you or try to curb your privacy! This is the biggest thing one can ever have right? Nobody to order you or specify you things you should do. Living alone will give you full privacy you ever wanted in your life.

Saving electricity

Loving alone would make you realize the importance of saving electricity. It does not come for free obviously. In our parents’ place we tend to misuse the electricity.  This would not happen when you have to pay the bills for yourself. That hurts! I know….

Living all by yourself at least once in your life time will bring a great change in your thinking process and lifestyle. This will be like the most valuable and memorable experience for you. This is where we grow physically and mentally and learn to survive. We know we have the support of our parents but they would not be there for your whole life. Life is about survival of the fittest. We get to know how mean people can be or how helpful few are. You have the freedom to throw away your towel where ever you want and keep the room dirty. No soul would order you to keep the place tidy. What else anyone can ask for! this is pure bliss!

So without thinking much … try and live alone once in your life. That will be beneficial for you my friend! Personally I would suggest my readers for this phase of your life to experience the hardships and of course the fun associated with it.