5 Places in India Where Indians are Strictly Banned to Enter

places where indians are banned

You must be thinking whether the topic can be true or not, right? Questions like “till now Indians are banned???” is very common if they are running through your head after reading it!  Yes… Even after independence Indians are banned in these five locations and that too in India itself!  Finding it hard to digest?  Let me give you the evidence so that you can believe and get shocked! Here are the five prime locations where we Indians are banned to visit! Here it goes….

Free kasol café in Kasol

where indians are restricted to enter in India

Kasol is a mesmerizing place when it comes to tourism!  Its lush green valleys and hills and the chilling weather adds more fun and recreation to the tourists. But amidst these awesome bewitching scenes Kasol has got a café which banned Indians from entering…. Shocking is not it?

“Beaches for foreigners only” in Goa

the places Indians are banned

Goa is the perfect place to visit during the holidays….but would you want to get discriminated in some of the beaches> no right? There are few beach shack owners who openly prevent the Indians from going to that beach. Why? Because they are of the opinion that they are saving the foreigners from the lusty gazes of the Indians. Can you believe that!!!

Broadlands lodge in Chennai

what are the places where Indians are banned to enter

This hotel tends to serve only those guests who possess a foreign passport! The hotel belonged to a Nawab during the earlier days!! The hotel strictly maintains this rule that only foreigners are allowed.  Where from earth do they get these ideas I wonder!!

Pondicherry foreign beaches

places where Indians are restricted to enter

Quite similar to that of Goa! These beaches are only allowed to the foreigners. No Indians can enter the area marked…

Uno- In Hotel- Bangalore

indians are banned in this places

The Uno in hotel in Bangalore started in the year 2014. It was associated with the Nippon infrastructure company in order to meet the needs of the increasing population of the Chinese people in Bangalore. It got too much of limelight when several incidents saying that few of the employees prevented Indians from entering the roof top restaurant. The hotel was closed by the greater Bangalore city corporation as it carried racial discrimination…

Seems so bad that after celebrating Independence Day a few weeks ago… these certain kind of people still believes in discrimination… It hurts to the core.. Either these hotels or the owners should be banned to run their stupid companies in India or else they should not put such erogenous conditions.