8 Parenting Tips for Working Mothers To Take Care of Children

How working mother should take care of children

Proven Parenting Tips for Working Mothers To Take Care of Children

No matter how much you try my dear, you can never get over the guilt.  Leaving your baby at home, while you go to work, can be mentally distressing for both you and your kid. But it is more for you specially, as you are torn in between love and livelihood. But difficult situation in life has a solution, if you are ready to follow it. Yes dear, there are several  parenting tips for working mothers which you need to follow in order  to make up for your guilt conscious.

Here are the best suggestions and advice for the moms who work full time jobs, how they can manage the work as well as support their little ones without having to make any compromises on quality time and their upbringing.

Here are the Best Parenting Ideas for Working Women

You Need To Let Go Of The Guilt

You have to think about the positive side of the situation. Your kid is your world, undoubtedly. But how are you going to provide the comfort and the best possible grooming if you are not earning enough to afford it. You need to think the other way round. You should think How helpful your work is and how your sincere effort and responsibility is providing you the financial support you need to sustain your kids comfortably. This positive thinking should be there in moms who work full time jobs.

parenting tips for working mothers

Spend Quality Time With Your Child

  • When your work is done and you are back to your kid, the first thing you do is switch off your phone and do not look back at the computer. Give your kids your full attention.
  • Pay full attention to what they have to say, and listen to them patiently and with interest.
  • Whether they are ranting away about the new cartoon show on the television, or how your teenage daughter got a chance to talk to the crush while you were away….all are important.
  • Have the patience to listen your kids.
  • Hug them tight, hug them good. No matter how old your child is, daughter or son, nothing is more heartwarming than mamas’ hug.
  • Tell them often, that you love them and you missed them as much they missed you.
  • These, I consider as very important parenting tips for working mothers. 

Do Not Get Stressed Out Over Small Issues

There can be times, when you return from your long  stretch of  works and find your kids room in a complete mess, or perhaps he spills something on the floor, or you see a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink, ….yes, these are moments when you  generally lose your cool.

  • You need to keep yourself cool and the best solution is take a deep breath and just leave the room.
  • Pick up one course at a time when you are relaxed.
  • The more you emit peace, the happier your home will be.


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 Make The Mornings Comfortable For Your Kids

  • Make the mornings happy and easy for your kids before they leave for their school or college.
  • Do not make the mornings hectic by trying to settle your kids’ dresses and food in few minutes. Arrange the next day’s breakfast and snacks the night before.
  • Make the breakfast light and nutritious and keep the dresses ready and ironed.
  • Place the bag packs in handy reachable areas so that there is no hustle bustle in findings things around or getting stressed up regarding last minute breakfast options.

Stay Connected Over The Day

This yet another very useful parenting tips for working mothers. It is important to stay connected with your kids during in your absence. This is a huge emotional support for your children, when they are missing you at home. Give them an occasional call or you can even record their song and send them over the voice message. You can even send hem your photographs of working, this will give them a sense of pride for you, as well. This is definitely one of the best parenting ideas for working women.

Appoint A  Good Daycare

  • You have to know the good networking sites and local groups and connect a child care centre.
  • Take out your time on day offs and set the interview times to appoint the perfect nanny or the baby sitter you are looking for.
  • Check the records of your baby sitter’s previous work and make sure you have positive and right information.
  • Communicate with your baby sitter and give clear instructions about your baby’s regular routines.


best parenting ideas for working women

Do The Chores Together

Once you are back at home or during your day offs, try to do the usual works like washing and setting the dinner table, together. This will build a deep bond of understanding between your kids and you. This way, they will learn to be responsible towards the duties of his family, as well. By adopting good habits from you, your child will grow up to be more efficient and confident

Surprise Your Children Occasionally

While you return home, try to pick up some healthy snacks or frozen foods which your children love. You can pick up a movie for your kids and enjoy your movie and popcorns with your kids.

Now that you have all the tricks and solutions for the best parenting ideas for working women, hopefully your struggle will be much lesser. I tried to suggest the best tips for moms who work full time jobs.  I just hope you can manage your kids and you home successfully and emerge as a super mom, and be the ideal example and inspiration for your loving children.

Here is loads of love to your beautiful children and a thumb up for you. I wish you all the best and a great life.