10 Mysterious Places in India You Must Visit Once in Your Lifetime


Ever wondered of visiting places where the guards often get slapped by ghost?? Where the birds commit suicide? Ponds full of dead bodies and skeletons? Where people hear spooky noises? Have you? If not give it a thought then. It is very common for people to visit the natural travelling destinations. But only few people visit such eerie places which make them stand out from the crowd.  Hearing these scary stories makes me want to visit the place desperately. At first I also thought these stories were fake or they seemed like the stories coming out from the horror novels until I found out these 10 mysterious places in India.

Rajasthan-Kuldhara Village

Most haunted places in India

The village, 18km from Jaisalmer is considered as one of the most mysterious places on earth. It is said that the village was the residence of more than one thousand Brahmin families. But one sudden day every single one of them fled. They did not just leave but they cursed the village as well. From that very day the village remained abandoned and no future settlements could survive due to the curse.  Only dilapidated houses and spooky temple are left mixed with the eerie ambience.


mysterious places you must see in india

One of the best and famous places for vacations. But this beauty of the place has also got spooky stories. It is said that every monsoon evening flock of birds commit suicide by hitting against the trees. But the scientists say that the fog tends to daze the birds which make their sight poor thereby hitting the trees and buildings. Thousands of birds die every single year. Assam is also known as the land of black magic.

Ladakh- Kongka La Pass

mysterious places you must visit in India

It is also called the abode of the aliens. It is located in the border between India and China. It is not guarded by the Indian armies neither by the Chinese armies. But the locals belief that the area is guarded by the extra terrestrial bodies. Yes!! Aliens!As it is a high alerted area, you might have to face too much of restrictions. Yet you can visit the place by taking a flight to Leh from Delhi to know more about the Kongka la pass.

Rajasthan- Bhangarh fort

haunted places you must see in India

It is one of the most mysterious places on earth. Previously it was such a nice place that the whole of pink city got structured after its design.  But it is said to be the most haunted place and according to the rumors it is said that the tourists who visit this place are asked to leave the sport immediately before sunset. It is said that an evil was in love with the princess of the fort. So whoever stays in the area after sunset is said to be trapped. From Delhi Bhangarh is 250 kms away.  The government of India has approved the place to be the most dangerous and mysterious.

Agrasenki Baol

most haunted places you can visit in India

It is located in the Connaught place..near hailey road. This place has got a very spooky story. It is said that the fort was built by maharaja Agrasen. It is said that eventually when the baoli started to end the fort got covered with black waters which tends to tempt the visitors to commit suicide.

Uttarkhand- Skeleton Lake

haunted and mysterious places in India

Every single year when the ice tends to melt it is seen that thousands of skeletons are floating in the river of roopkhund. Nobody knows why, how and from where these skeletons come floating.. Spooky isn’t it? it is said that the skeletons were of maharaja Jasdhawal of Kanauj his servants and his pregnant wife who were on their pilgrimage to Nanda Devi temple. But they had to face their death due to tremendous hailstorm and they were also unable to find any shelter.

Living tree in Cherrapunji

Unusual & Mysterious Places You Can visit In India

This place is famous for its beauty and tree bridges. Yes you heard it right. Bridges made out of trees. It is a sight you would never forget. These trees grow along the slopes thus making small bridges.


most mysterious places in india

The fastest way to reach there is to book a flight up to Calicut International airport and then to book a cab. It would cover near about 40kms for the airport. The place has got too much of attention due to the continuous birth of the twin girls or even triplets. Some say this can be the reason due to chemicals mixed in water or due to some kind of a curse. The most unusual incident is that the women who are married outside the village also give birth to twins.

Ghost lights in Bengal

Most Strange Places in India

Many people do believe in paranormal activities. Don’t we? It is said by the natives of a village that a certain kind of light can be seen amidst the jungles which tends to allure the travelers to their death. Recently according to the scientists it is said that the light is due to some chemical reactions n the swamps. The light is often known as the Aleya ghosts lights. Interesting isn’t it?

Delhi Cantt

haunted places in India

It is said that a women clad in a white sari tends to ask for a lift. People there say that when travelers pass through the isolated place during the night, the women asks for a lift. There is no option the person can survive the wrath.

India is a place full of mysteries. If you want to explore the eerie ambience then do visit these places. Take the required precautions because you never know right.!! I guarantee you this would be the best experience in your life.  People always visit the normal destinations. Why not test our adrenaline rush? Why not visit the unconventional places? Why not stand out from the crowd? There is a different peace and excitement in unraveling these mysteries of these spooky places. The places mentioned here are quite easy to reach. You can even cover these places at a very low cost which would be gentle to your pocket.