20 Most Uncommon & Weird Jobs in The World, You Won’t Believe They Exist

Most weird professions in the world

Everyone of this world has to do any types of job to run their family. Most of the people of this planet do some very common job and that professions are almost known to everyone. But, there are many jobs also in earth my friend than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Yes in this article I’m going to give you some examples of weird, unusual, uncommon and funny jobs.

Pet/Dog Food Tester:-

weird jobs in the world

Yes! This is also a profession friend! And the salary is also very high. These professionals are hired to taste the food of the pets. According to the pet food company or pet owner, if you can’t put the food in your mouth how do you except your pet to eat it. A pet can’t tell that, “This food is just shiit” or can’t give any other complement. That is why the demand of pet food tester is very high. They can also estimate the nutritional value of the pet food.


weird jobs in Japan

Everybody knows about the  crowding in train at busy time of a day. Many people can’t even get on the train in busy office time. In Japan professionals are hired and their job is to stand in stations and push the maximum number of passengers in the train from the stations. The word ‘Oshiya’ itself means ‘People onto train pushers’.

Armpit Sniffer:-

jobs you do not know they exist

Don’t contort your nose! Yes, because of the armpit sniffer, you can easily hide your odor of sweat with the help of perfume or deodrant. The duty of these professionals is basically to smell armpits of others all the day long after applying the deodorant. They evaluate how much the deo is effective. These professionals are very demanding to the perfume companies and their salary is very handsome.

Live Mannequin:-

most odd jobs in the world

We are habituated to see mannequin in garments shops and shopping malls. There are many cities where in the garments shop, you can see live mannequin. The income is also not bad, almost $100 per hour. But there is a vital condition, you have to be just like statue, without a minimum stir. The high pay rate is for this rare power.

Professional Snuggler:-

Strange jobs in the world

Okay! Again Japan! There are many Cuddle cafés in Japan. These are the shops where a male customer can go and ask for a girl to sleep with by paying fees. These shops offer girls (who are called Professional Snuggler) to sleep with their male customers. But, there is one condition, the male customers can only sleep with those girls, but they can go for sex with them. They can only get the comfort of sleeping with a girl but without doing sex. Don’t get shocked !! It’s normal in Japan

Professional Mourner:-

The weird jobs in the world

Don’t be amazed my friend. Yes! The work is exactly what are written. Generally various industries or companies hire these professionals mourner in the funeral of any employee. Basically, the persons of this profession get cash in exchange of their fake tears and vocal weeping. Their pay rate depends on how naturally they create a more mournful atmosphere in funeral.

Lingerie Designer:- 

the jobs you would believe

The persons related to this profession have to be very much creative and they should have prevision. Because after all this the question of looks and comfort of ladies. Ladies are very choosy about their lingerie as every knows.

Detective for Pets:-

most weird professions in the world

If any person of your family gets missing, what will you do? Obviously, you’ll place missing complain to the police or go to any detective agency. But, if the same incident happens to your dear pet and you haven’t find that, in every possible places. Then you have to consult with special trained pet detectives. They’ll any how find your pet. But their charge is very high.

Furniture Tester:-

crazy professions in the world

This profession is mainly popular in western countries. If anybody tells you couch potato, then don’t be angry. It may also be your profession. Furniture making companies hire these professionals for testing the comfort level and longevity of the furniture. They have to lie down, wriggle around and lean back and forward to evaluate overall comfort level of that furniture.

Golf Ball Divers:-

crazy jobs in the world

 At the time of playing Golf, many balls submerge in the water pond of the Golf course. So, the ball is gone, right? No, there are some Scuba divers of this profession who dive in those cold, dirty ponds to retrieve the balls and sell those balls to the golf course. On an average day they collect 4000 golf balls approximately. This job is little dangerous but they can get salary up to six digits. After the finish of the work divers can put on their plus-fours and can play one round golf.

Chicken Sexers:-

uncommon professions in the world

I know, the word sounds bit vulgar, but the profession is not. Do you know how to select the sex of chicks? I am sure, you don’t know. The duty of chicken Sexer is to define the sex of the chicks relying on heavy intuition. The new born chicks are cuddle all together to keep themselves warm. Chicken sexers separate them according to their sex. Most of the male chicks are sent for culling and female chicks are kept for future egg production.

Semen collector/ Barnyard Masturbator:-

Crazy jobs

It is the most unusual occupations. The duty of these poor guys is to masturbate the animals of the farm for the artificial insemination. There are two options in their hand. One is, use of rectal electrifier that sends small electricity shots up the bottom of the animal to excite it. And the second option is the traditional way- using hands. Don’t laugh! Think about those persons.

Fragrance Chemists:-

oddest jobs in the world

These professionals are expert in the study of odor particles and how such particles can be used for perfumes. These experts of fragrance creates and evaluate the quality scent of perfumes, lotions, soap and many other toiletries. They are highly educated like masters or PhD in chemistry or biochemistry.

Professional Whistler:-

Uncommon jobs that you have not heard

Are you expert in giving whistle? Can you easily pick up stave of songs in your whistle? If the answers are ‘yes’! Then don’t wait my friend. Professional whittlers’ have high demand in the world of music. No matter it is movie song or jingle of advertisement, you’ll be essential everywhere. Salary?? It is high enough.


jobs that can make you strange

 How many of you blew bubbles in childhood? Every children love to do that. Gumologists actually taste the flavor, quality of the gum. Weight of a gum is approximately 7 grams, but its packaging is done by using varieties of technology. They even taste the sweetness and tartness of the gum if that was made by fruits. The profession is really exciting.

Professional Executioner:-

uncommon jobs you have not heard about

Yes my friend! We are familiar with this name, but don’t know too much about this profession. In many country of the world has circulation of execution.This persons are hired by government of various country. The job of this professional is to BEHEAD persons who are sentenced to death by the court of some countries.  Recently, Saudi government published an advertisement for executioner for behead. You need not be high educated. But you must have the ability to mangle the head in one strike with sword in ice cold blood.

Food Stylist:-

the jobs of food stylist

When you see the picture of many delicious food, mouthwatering starts automatically. But did you think that in most of the cases you are attracted by food for their amazing decoration. This is the miracle of food stylists. Many restaurants or food companies hire them with paying very high amount, because being a food stylist is not a matter of a joke. You’ve to know various cooking styles and most importantly, you have to be extremely creative to present or decorate any food preparation.

I know you are shocked and surprised to know that, these professions really exist in the world. Now, if you are in search for any job, you can apply for any of these jobs if you find suitable,,,my friend !!!!