12 Most Effective and Natural Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Healthier

most effective way to make your hair grow faster

Every woman dreams of having long, silky, smooth hair like Rapunzel. She is the only childhood fantasy we all have. But the reality for us is not the same. I often get irritate due to bad hair day. I still try to make it a point to maintain a proper routine to go for the most effective way to make your hair grow faster. I have found that few of my friends, go for a haircut and within few weeks their hair grows long. I still have not reached that lucky stage. I believe, there are many other ladies who face the same problem. I have figured some proven easy and natural hair growth tips for the pretty ladies like me who are eager to grow their beautiful hair fast.

There are several products which claim to make your hair grow faster. but, the chemicals on those only make the situation worse. Seek help to the natural hair growth products. After all, using egg is always better than the shampoo that claims to have eggs in it. You can’t have any proof of that, right?

A Healthy Diet is a Compulsion

Never ignore your diet. It is the foremost step that helps in maintaining the beauty of a person. A good diet helps the body, mind and soul. Right amount of Vitamins are essential for proper hair growth. If you are facing hair loss, then include Vitamin B. It helps in boosting up hair growth.

  • Lots of fruits, vegetables like spinach, cabbage, and broccoli should be included.
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt can also make hair grow faster. Try to avoid fast and oily foods.
  • You can take Omega 3 fatty acids. Scientifically it is proved to increase hair growth.


tips on how to grow your hair faster

Oil Massage is So Relaxing !

Girls these days avoid oiling their hair. It is a wrong notion dear. Oil massage has numerous benefits. Your hair follicles get stimulated and blood circulation also increases. It relaxes the nerves. Remember to oil massage your hair twice a week. I personally prefer olive and castor oil. I am sharing a homemade remedy to my readers. It works wonder.

  • Apply hot castor oil in your hair. Then take a towel and immerse it in hot water.
  • Drain the water from the towel and wrap the towel in your head.
  • Use this turban therapy method for 20 minutes.

If you want to go for the fastest way to grow hair,  then continue this method for few weeks.

Avoid Tension and Stress

In times of stress and trauma, your hair gets affected the most. Excessive smoking also results in hair loss. Take proper care of your mental health too. The biggest tips on how to grow your hair faster lies in avoiding tension. Tension makes hair to go faster into the fall out phase.

Beauty Sleep

Hair growth tips for women can’t be completed without this way. If you want to be Rapunzel then you have to sleep like Cinderella! Yes, it is absolutely proven that 8 hours of sleep also helps hair growth.

Too Much Styling and Experimentation is a Big “NO”!

Fashion magazines drive us crazy when we see models and divas with perfect hairs. We straighten, perm, colour to achieve that look. This hampers hair growth in the long run. Trust your own gifted look. Too much experimentation will seriously degrade your hair. Try to do those things which you can continue throughout your life. Girls, don’t blindly chase fashion magazines. How to make your hair grow fast and healthy is avoiding over experimentation.

most effective way to grow hair fast

Comb the Right Way

If you’re looking for natural tips for hair growth, then I will recommend everyone to use a wooden comb. Wooden combs are helpful in regulating blood circulation. Remember to comb the right way. Do not comb your hair too frequently. I generally avoid combing my wet hair. It leads to rapid hair loss. Your target is hair gain girls! Comb by flipping your hair. Don’t pull your hair too tightly.

Choose the Right Hair Products

I have seen many women changing their shampoos quite often. It is so wrong. Your hair gets adapted to one product. So stick to that product only. A banana shampoo and conditioner is a must for me. It leaves my hair nourished.

The most effective way to make your hair grow faster is to trim and avoid split ends also. One thing should be kept in mind that it takes time to achieve the desired results. There are infinite options and products available in the market which helps in hair growth faster. I recommend to have some patience and stick around to these natural hair growth tips. To make your hair grow faster, these products will never fail you and those also don’t have any serious side effects like chemicals. Take proper care and I believe my ideas will help you in the long run.