cheap budget friendly honeymoon places in the world

What can be better than embarking upon a new journey as married couples in a far, unknown and foreign land? Sounds exhilarating, right? That’s what honeymoons are for! A honeymoon is the only way to start your married life on an epic note! Moreover, you and your partner needs a chance to unwind and relieve all the stress as weddings can be quite tedious and stressful especially for the bride and groom as the planning goes on for months and even years! Weddings are also costly affairs and can often leave you financially exhausted too but does that mean you cannot have a romantic and splendid honeymoon? Absolutely not! You can have the honeymoon of your dreams and that too without burning a hole through your pockets. Curious to know how? Here’s a list of 10 budget-friendly honeymoon destinations that will convince you that paradises do not necessarily have to cost a fortune!

Tulum, Mexico:

cheap budget friendly honeymoon places in the worldKnown to be one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations, Mexico is studded with innumerable beaches and can promise you a good time. The resorts usually cost $ 500 a night but you can look for more cost-savvy options as well. There are a wide array of activities that you can try out apart from feasting your eyes on the picturesque views, like snorkeling and other water sports. Tulum’s Freedom Paradise Hotel can offer you with a lucrative honeymoon package and the serene Caribbean Sea along with other attractions will make your stay wonderful.


awesome and cheap honeymoon places

Experience vivacity, colors in a city that is bustling with life and energy amidst its busy streets and bazaars. Turkish delicacies, especially the donor kebabs will tantalize your taste buds and make you crave for more. A perfect blend of traditions and modernity, the place also has a pulsating and happening night life. Known for its rich history and magnificent architectural marvels, Istanbul is one of the most pocket-friendly honeymoon gateways. Romantic, exciting and offers many sights that can dazzle your eyes. Look for an accommodation in the residential districts though.


affordable honeymoon destination in the world

Another budget-friendly Caribbean destination. Even if you don’t stay in the luxurious resorts out there, your honeymoon experience will still be exquisite as there are ways to ensure that. An ideal place for all the penny-pinchers as there are many accommodation that can offer you with an all inclusive honeymoon deal or package. There is a lot to explore and do there with your partner. You can take a swim underneath the cascading water or enjoy the view of the surreal waterfalls. A perfect place to relax in the sun. Snorkeling along with other activities will make sure that your stay is eventful. The air-fares have also become cheap and therefore overall, this place can provide you with a perfect romantic honeymoon experience.

Phuket, Thailand:

Awesome honeymoon places in the world

The list remains incomplete without mentioning Phuket. As far as romantic affordable honeymoon destinations are concerned, Phuket comes among top 10 without a doubt. The place has got a night life which will make your stay a lot more exciting! The restaurants as well as the accommodation have breathtakingly beautiful views where you can enjoy the beauty of sunsets and gorgeous beaches. Whether you decide to shop or check in to a spa with your spouse, Phuket will never disappoint and will offer you with a mixed-bag experience.

Puerto Rico: budget friendly honeymoon destination

One of the most cost-efficient Caribbean destinations. Yes, I admit the air tickets are a bit pricey but once you get there, you will come across best deals and prices while looking for an accommodation. Moreover, you can sign up for affordable packages as they are available round the year especially during the fall. Visit the nearby islands, enjoy a thriving nightlife and above all explore the sandy and isolated sandy beaches. Exploring secluded beaches, seeing wild horses running around, lush green meadows wrapped in a beautiful ambience, Puerto Rico will surely make your honeymoon memorable!

Yellowstone, United States:

exotic honeymoon destination

If you and your partner are looking for an outdoor and adventurous honeymoon destination, opting for Yellowstone Park might be a great idea. Pristine lakes and exceptionally beautiful peaks along with unspoiled natural beauty will make your honeymoon even more special. To make it even more exciting, you and your partner can stay in a tent which would be cozy and romantic. This place is a blend of everything that nature can offer such as lakes, clear azure blue sky, vast and mysterious forests, lush green meadows and even hot springs!



You must be thinking I am kidding but trust me I am not. If you aspire to have a Barbadian honeymoon, I can help you with that. You will have to start off with opting for the Eastern side of the island rather than the western side. The beaches are just as splendid and you will find accommodation that offer lavish arrangements. These accommodation have all the modern amenities including stone walls, marbled bathrooms and canopy beds to make your stay comfortable and pleasant. One such accommodation is Hotel Atlantis. Affordable and provides its guests with an experience that they just cannot forget!



Well, I couldn’t finish this article without mentioning Seychelles. This happens to be my favourite destination. A medium budget honeymoon destination, Seychelles has almost 115 stunning islands. If I had to describe Seychelles in one word, I would say, “Magical”! A scene right out of a fairytale! A perfect romantic gateway that will make your honeymoon seem nothing less than magical, like I said! The scenic beauty will leave you awestruck to say the least. The clear blue water and the pristine white sand along the gorgeous and secluded beaches will add just the right amount of magic to make your honeymoon blissful and unforgettable. I used the word, “magic” way too many times, didn’t I?

Now you too can have a honeymoon to brag about and that too without splurging a lot! Even though I know what really matters is the company of your partner and not the place but what’s the harm in a short escape? These affordable honeymoon destinations are going to ensure that you have a magical and ethereal time with your partner and make innumerable memories together that you both can cherish in the years to come! So, stop fretting over the expenses and go create a lifetime of memories!