How to Teach Your Child to Share with Others

how to teach your child to share with others

Last Sunday, I went to my elder sister’s place. I have a sweet and cute niece who is 5 year old. I met another family there who was my brother-in-law’s colleague. They have a cute boy of my niece’s age. A strange thing I observed. That little kid was not ready to share anything with my niece. Even if Romi (my niece) was going closer to his mother, he dragged her from his mother’s side and pushed her. It’s just he doesn’t know how to share. I just got an idea from there to share these tips on how to teach your child to share with others. Otherwise, they can’t get along in this society in future.

How to Teach Kids to Share

Start From The Beginning

what activities do you share with your child

It is very important to inculcate some of the basic values of life in a child’s psyche during their formative years. During the ages of 3-5, children become socially more aware of themselves and they learn certain cognitive skills, which have to be directed in the right way, so that they become good, productive and functional individuals. If every parent takes interest in how to teach my child the sharing business, the future of the society can be bright.

Why Kids Don’t Want to Share

Creative Ways to Teach Sharing to your child

Are you thinking of what to teach kids? One of the key lessons that children have to learn is the art of sharing. So, how to teach your child to share with others? One thing that young mothers have to know is that children are usually selfish right from their infancy, and the moment they start to recognize things that belong to them, they become immediately possessive. Even if they are willing to ‘share’ with others during the earlier stages, they do so in a 9 to 1 ratio, where they keep the majority portion for themselves, and give the rest away very reluctantly. Here are some ways to teach your toddler to share. If you teach them before giving into a preschool, it will be easier for them to cope up with the new environment.

Learn to Share

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Your baby is shapeless soft mud. It is up to you how you want to mould them to give the perfect shape. If you’re a new parent, parenting tips to help your child to share will definitely help you to achieve the goal. Remember, sharing activities for toddler starts from your home.

Reward Them When They Share

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How to teach your child to share with others starts with rewarding them and complimenting them when they do share on their own. Whether it is with a piece of candy, or an enthusiastic gesture such as a kiss or a high five, you have to let the child know that you appreciate their effort to share things with other people.

Don’t Force Your Child to Share With Others

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Not forcing your child to share is as important as teaching them that they have to share with other people. You have to keep your kid in a place where there are other children. If they see that they don’t want to play if he doesn’t share, he will learn the virtue on his own; otherwise he will not listen to you if you force him.

Point Out Acts of Sharing

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This is an effective and one of the most Creative Ways to Teach Sharing to your child. When you point on with happiness other people sharing things, whether it is other kids, or other adults, or cartoons on TV, they start to notice that giving things to others is not such a bad thing.

Set Example

how to teach your child to share with others

Teaching good values to your kids depend on what activities do you share with your child. Rather telling them the benefits of sharing you should show them. Let them see if you share a piece of cake with your wife you can get the share of her chocolate. This will definitely make him realize the true value of sharing.

Explain to Them That Everyone Takes Turns to Play:

how to teach your child to share with others

From infancy, children have the ability to understand the concept of “taking turns”. You can use this if you are trying to figure out while teaching kids to give. You need to tell them that just like in talking, one person talks and then they have to let the other person talk, hence taking turns, similarly, in sharing toys, food, etc. they have to take turns.

How to teach your child to share with others? Actually, Children depend a lot on your opinion and what you consider to be right or wrong, good or bad. You have to take advantage of their formative years to ensure that you instil in them the virtue of sharing, so that even if they are the grabbers when they are younger, that is the not the case when they have to act on their own in actual social situations such as pre-school and school.