Know How to Take Care of Thin Hair Naturally

how to take care of thin hair naturally

Ah! This is a problem that I’ve suffered a lot. With thin hair I didn’t know what to do. The advertisements of products promise a lot and I’ve tried many of those. But, no use. How many of you are facing the same problem? I know you wish to have thick, bouncy hair, so that you can try different hairstyle. Do you know how I have solved my problem? Just with some hair thickening tricks at home. Yeah, I know it very well that you people are too busy. But, if you make some time on weekends and holidays and pamper your hair with these tips on how to take care of thin hair naturally, I’m sure you’ll get positive result within few weeks.

Causes of Hair Thinning

It is very important to find the root cause of hair loss in women which leads to thinner hair. The common causes are-

  • Physical stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Too much use of chemical shampoo and conditioner
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Dust and pollution and the scorching sun
  • Poor hair care
  • Genetics
  • Any hidden disease like thyroid or polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.

If it is any disease, you should consult a doctor and treat it accordingly. Otherwise, thinning hair treatment natural remedies can solve your thin hair problem effectively.

What to Use

You must always choose to use best herbal shampoo for thin hair. Gentle products like the best hair conditioner for thin hair can save your hair from getting thinner. Many shampoos and conditioners have chemicals in them which are really bad for your hair and damage it. How will you know which shampoo is best for thin hair?

  1. Use a shampoo that does not have any type of alcohol or sulphates.
  2. Use a conditioner that does not have silicones.

Simple Hair Care Tips to Reduce Hair Fall

Besides knowing about perfect shampoo for thin hair, you should also be aware about some hair care tips which you can do without any effort and can serve you the best-

  • Sleep with your hair in a ponytail or a loose braid to avoid more trouble.
  • Invest in a satin pillowcase as it does not make your hair rough.
  • After you take your shower, let your hair dry naturally and never rub it with a towel. You may use a t-shirt instead if you want to dry it.
  • You must always comb your hair instead of brushing it. It will lead to lesser hair fall and thus can take care of your thin hair. This is one of the important hair tips for thin hair.
  • Try not to apply heat styling products for your hair.
  • Massage your hair properly as a good massage stimulates your hair to grow faster. Use your fingertips and a bit of oil and rub in a circular motion before you shampoo your hair. This is one of the best ways to make hair thicker naturally.
  • Avoid any hair style that needs to pull on your hair. Avoid hair barrettes and hair elastics which may tug on your hair.

Making a few lifestyle changes is also very necessary if you want to cure your problem of fine hair.

  • You need to lower your stress levels
  • Have a balanced diet and have an adequate amount of protein intake.
  • You need adequate iron in order to get stronger hair, so make sure that you eat lots of leafy greens like spinach and beans. These are the home remedies for thinning hair.

Home remedies to Get Thick Hair


hair tips for thin hair

How to make thin hair look thicker naturally? Try this-

  • Take eggs according to your hair length.
  • Beat well.
  • Apply it on your scalp and hair.
  • Wait for 30 minutes to let it sit.
  • Shampoo your hair with lukewarm water.


If you’re looking for how to take care of thin hair naturally, this is one of the best ideas you can try-

  • Mash one avocado and one banana.
  • Add few drops of olive oil.
  • Mix well and apply all over your scalp and hair.
  • Rinse well.

Fenugreek Seeds

Don’t brood over the same question, “how to make my hair thick”. You have this spice in your kitchen-

  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight.
  • Make a fine paste with soaked seeds.
  • You can add few drops of coconut oil to this paste.
  • Wait for 30 minutes after application.
  • Wash with lukewarm water.

Olive Oil

ways to make hair thicker naturally

While you’re looking for organic products, this one can help you evidently-

  • Massage olive oil on your hair and scalp.
  • Leave it for 45 minutes.
  • Rinse it well with a mild shampoo.
  • Overnight treatment can give you better result.

Indian Gooseberry

Popularly known as amla. To augment your hair growth and healthy scalp, mix amla powder into coconut oil and boil. Strain the mixture and massage your scalp at night. Wash your hair with mild shampoo nest morning. Now, you know how to take care of thin hair naturally.

Apart from knowing how to take care of thin hair naturally, what is necessary for you is to go to a hair stylist and get the right hair cut according to your face. You must know the hair treatments for thin hair. Layers and fringes always give your hair a lot of volume and thus, you may always opt for those hairstyles. In case you wish to have short hair, you can always opt for bob cuts.