How to Take Care of Nails Naturally at Home With Home Remedies

the ways to take care of nails naturally with home remedies

Nails tell a lot about a person. Strong as well as healthy nails represent the overall health of the person. No matter how beautiful you are looking at any event, but if your nails are not proper, then your whole appearance gets spoiled. Getting shiny and healthy nails is a dream of all of us. Isn’t it? But everyone does not have much money to spend on manicure and thus there tips on how to take care of nails naturally at home that you can follow. You can easily take care of nails and make the awesome with using some of the effective home remedies that are easily available in your home. These ingredients from your kitchen will work wonders and give you the perfect set of nails.

Olive oil

In order to promote growth, it is essential to keep the nails properly moisturized. Olive oil is one of the best herbal remedies for nail care as it penetrates deep in the nails and nourishes the nails properly by improving blood circulation and repairing damaged nails.


Various vitamins are important for healthy growth of nails. Biotin or vitamin H is one of them as it encourages the growth of nails and improves the infrastructure of keratin. You need to have proper intake of biotin that includes in eggs, carrots, whole grains, tomatoes, salmon, almonds, cucumber, cauliflower, milk, strawberries, soybeans, oats, lentils and walnuts. Try to include all these foods in your daily diet.

home remedies for nail care


Using of butter for taking care of nails might sound a bit awkward but it can be proved as an effective home remedy if massaged on to the nails and you will surely get shinier nails within a few days only. You must try out this useful beauty tip for nail care.  


Horsetail is a very effective herb for nail growth as it is a source of silica, calcium and various other minerals. It contributes to the complete health of your nails. You need to take the dried horsetail stems and add them to boiling water. Strain it and then soak your nails in the solution for 15 minutes. Thus you know now how to take care of nails naturally at home easily.

Orange Juice

Orange juices also boost up nail growth as it has Vitamin C in it and it encourages the production of collagen that helps in keeping the nails healthy. It also has folic acid which is essential for the growth of nail.

Tea Tree Oil

In order to fight the stubborn nail fungus, one must surely try the tea tree oil. Massage tea tree oil on your nail on a daily basis to get rid of nail fungus.

beauty tips for nail care

Lemon juice

Lemon juice can do wonder to take care of your nails. Lemon juice must be used in order to get white and clearer nails. It must be massaged on the nails on a regular basis. This is the easiest home remedy for nail care.

Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly can be applied to the nails after taking the bath in order to nourish the nails and make them shiny.


The juice of cucumber works wonderfully for the growth and shine of nails and is considered to be a really effective treatment to dull nails.

Avocado and Rosewater

The brilliant combination of avocado and rosewater helps to get naturally pink nails at home. Try to apply this beauty tip for nail care on daily basis.


how to take care of natural nails

Vitamin E

Vitamin E works wonders in treating the dull and brittle nails of a person. You need to squeeze the capsule of Vitamin E and apply it to your nails and then massage it. This is the perfect home remedy for nail care.


Any natural scrubber must be used on your nails in order to remove the dead cells. Do it daily

Important Steps to Follow Strictly

Along with these simple home remedies, one must not forget some other the basic and easy effective tips of how to take care of nails naturally at home.

  • Do not have prolonged exposure to water. Water dries your nails and leaves them weak and prone to breakage.
  • You must not cut the cuticles from your nails as that may lead to nail infection.
  • Always wear gloves when you are working with chemical substances.
  • File your nails from corner to centre. Filing back and forth will lead to splits.
  • Avoid using acetone removers.
  • Avoid abusing your nails for scratching purposes.
  • And the most important of all, DO NOT BITE. It is extremely destructive for the nail growth.


With these few brilliant home remedies, you can now get the best nails in your home. You do not even need to rush to your beauty parlor for getting your manicure done. So many options to choose from, you know the secret to beautiful nails now, isn’t it? Apply these and see the results in a few weeks.