How to Say Sorry to Your Partner, 5 Best Ways!!

how to say sorry to your partner

Simple and Romantic Ways to Say “SORRY” to Your Partner

“To err is human”!  We all make mistakes. That’s what makes us human. But you know what makes the difference? What do you do about it? Do you own up to your mistakes and apologize or do you just pretend that it never happened or never admit your faults because you think you are always right? In a relationship it becomes crucial to make your partner feel important and valued. If you have hurt your partner in some way then the right thing to do is to admit that you are wrong and apologize. Apologizing to your partner will not make you any less of a human being. In fact if anything the person who has the courage to accept that he or she is wrong is often the bravest.

We are mostly entangled with petty issues like ego, pride which doesn’t let us do what is right. There are times when we know that we have made a terrible mistake and we try to apologize to our partner but fall short of ways or words. We often are clueless how to go about it. There are several romantic ways to say sorry to your partner but you need to put efforts and keep your ego aside if you want a peaceful and harmonious relationship. I am going to discuss in this segment, today, how to say sorry to your partner and the various ways that you can opt for in order to make your partner realize how truly sorry you are!

These simple steps on How to say sorry to your partner can work their charm if you follow them, preferably in sequence.

cute sorry messages for partner

Admitting That You are Wrong

 No, you cannot be right always! If you have done something wrong, the best thing to do is to admit that you are wrong before apologizing. What usually hurts people is when someone close to them wrongs them and chooses not to accept their faults. It not only shows that they don’t care about their partners’ feelings but also suggests that they probably don’t even feel sorry or bad for hurting the other person.

Being Vocal

Believe it or not, when you hurt someone you love, he or she just wants to hear you say “I am sorry” because often that is more than enough. Being vocal about how terrible you feel for something that you had done earlier will help you to clear the air quite easily. Moreover, it will also mean that you are seeking forgiveness which would make your partner valued.

Owing up to Your Mistakes and Making up For it

Apologizing or merely saying a sorry is sometimes enough but if your words or actions have done extensive damage then I suggest, you do more than that. First you should tell your partner that you completely understand that it was wrong of you to react in a certain way that had hurt your partner and you are deeply sorry for that. Then ask your partner what you can do to make up for it. It shows you not only regret what you did or the way you behaved but you are ready to make amends as well.


There are times when we say something out of an impulse and forget about it the next moment, without realizing that a simple comment has already hurt our partner immensely. If you learn about an incident that has happened few days ago in which you have wronged your partner, don’t get mad or accuse your partner for overreacting. Instead, appreciate that your partner is communicating and expressing about how that incident had made him/her feel. Try to remember what made you react or behave in that way and help your partner understand that you didn’t mean to hurt him/her as it was unintentional. Building a chord of communication between two people resolves a lot of issues easily.

Romantic or Cute Gestures

 Whether you are trying to apologize to your girlfriend for reaching late on your date or your boyfriend for overreacting over a petty issue, simple and cute gestures speak louder than words. An apology along with a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend is much better than showing up empty handed. Don’t get me wrong. I am not promoting superficiality over heart felt emotions. But you see, a nice gift or cute sorry messages for partner can always prove to be more effective. Buy her flowers and chocolates or send him a card along with a sorry note. Planning something romantic or sending a cute message to your partner can make them smile. I mean at the end of the day, isn’t that you also want?

You can never underestimate the essence and importance of an apology in a relationship. It might seem trivial but its impact is intense and long lasting. This is exactly what I have tried explaining in this segment how to say sorry to your partner. When you are with a person, he/she likes to feel cherished every moment. There are no perfect relationships as when two different individual get involved with each other, there will be differences of opinions and fights/conflicts are likely to happen. But don’t keep the fights unresolved as they will slowly make you two resent each other over a period of time. I am sure, you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Sorting out the differences in a relationship helps couples to respect each other’s views and opinions. An apology, if said, right, could go a long way in resolving issues as it is believed to have healing powers. Try and be creative and look for romantic ways to say sorry to your partner. Spend some quality time with your partner, do something that your partner likes. Getting your girlfriend or your boyfriend a pet dog or a cat can also be quite effective. These romantic gestures count the most as the other person begins to see and realize that you are ready to go to any extent to make them feel better.