7 Ways to Follow to Overcome Depression After a Break-Up

dealing with depression after a breakup

Best Tips on How to Overcome Depression After Break up

Being in love makes you feel alive, isn’t it? Suddenly, your whole world transforms around you and even the most ordinary things become beautiful. It feels like a beautiful dream and you never wish to wake up from it! But the truth is not all relationships last and often love fades away. Sometimes when you wake up, you realize that you are alone! You feel dejected. Suddenly all your dreams, hopes and aspirations shatter into millions of pieces! Your world falls apart and your existence seems futile somehow. Heartbreaks are a part and parcel of life but how we deal with it, makes all the difference! In this segment, I am going to discuss how to overcome depression after break up

Post-breakup depression is one of the most rampant problems faced by our generation. And people often shy away from talking about it or remain in denial instead of getting help. When you get involved with someone and your relationship doesn’t work out for some reasons, it is extremely natural to feel lost and heartbroken. But does that mean your life ends there?  There is so much to look forward to in life! I am sure you have set some ambitions and goals for yourself; don’t you want to achieve them? I agree, dealing with depression after a breakup can be hard but you can get over it. You will have to watch out for early signs and symptoms before it’s too late and get the help that you need. There are a few ways that I will be disclosing here, on getting over from a break up depression.

Steps to Overcome Depression after a Break up

how to overcome depression after break up


There is absolutely no reason for you to feel ashamed or embarrassed about going to a counselor. In fact a counselor’s job is to pull you out of your depression. A counselor usually has the experience as well as the expertise to help you cope with your problems. Moreover, you will get to know about various new ways that can prove to be effective in fighting depression.

Pursuing a Hobby:

Pursuing a hobby can be helpful in making you recover from severe depression. Ask yourself, which is that one thing that you have always wanted to do but never really got a chance to! It could be anything, starting from sketching to photography, adventure sports to dancing. The mantra is to remain busy and involved with something that you like doing. So, pick up those painting brushes or take out your DSLR from the closet and get started!

Get a Makeover:

No matter how juvenile that sounds but getting a makeover after a break up is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Get a wacky hair-do, go for shopping and add fabulous outfits to your collections. Hit the gym, start running, look sexier than ever! When you look good, you feel good. Period.

steps to moving on after a break up

Spend Quality Time with Your Family:

Let’s face it;in today’s day and age, we completely alienate ourselves from our family. When was the last time you had a meal with your family or spent an entire day with them? Your family is the best support system that you will ever have. Always remember that it is your family who help you always to deal with the hardships of your life. You don’t have to necessarily share what is going on in your life; just relying on them can do wonders. Believe me, they are our parents, they will always be there in moments of crisis and hours of need.

Talking About It:

You know what can make a depression worse? Being cooped up inside your room and shutting yourself up completely. Dealing with depression can become a lot harder if you don’t share your emotions. People often get suicidal as the depression intensifies with time. Is it worth ending your life over a break-up? No it isn’t. If something is eating you up from inside, I would advice you to confide in your closed ones. Don’t let it build up inside you. Open up! Let people in.

Loving Yourself:

No matter how clichéd it seems but self-love is the greatest love of all! Don’t give up on yourself; find ways to fall in love with yourself again.Self-pity will get you nowhere. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, instead learn from your past mistakes and move on.

recovering from severe depression

Going on a Trip:

Now, this is something I would personally recommend. You will be surprised to discover that how going on a trip will totally transform your life. The best thing to do is to take a solo trip. It would teach you many things. Most importantly, it will help you to become emotionally self-sufficient and gain control of your life again. You can also ask your parents or close friends to tag along. You will return as a stronger and fearless person than before, I promise!

Have you ever wondered that most of the greatest love stories ironically have tragic endings.(Romeo-Juliet, Anna Karenina, Wuthering Heights, Love Story by Eric Segal among many more) Isn’t that strange? Reading a love story with a tragic ending however is much different from the pain and anguish we go through in reality after a break-up. It gets so suffocating after a point that you begin to curse yourself for feeling so helpless and depressed all the time. It’s like, you want to recover from it but you don’t know how! Well, now you know how! Follow these tips on how to overcome depression after break up and start believing that someone is still out there for you.

I know how it feels to lose the person you have weaved your dreams around, imagined your future with but I can assure the post break-up phase doesn’t last forever. It is just a matter of time before someone comes along and makes you believe in love all over again. Time is the best healer. So, be patient and be strong! After all, it is always better to have loved and lost than to never love at all!