10 Ways to Move on After a Painful Break-up

best ways to move on after a break up

10 Must-follow Ways How to Move on From a Painful Break up

Every book has an ending; likewise every chapter in our life has an ending. Not everyone is destined to stay together. Breakups are a part of our life. It is the phase where everything turns out to be gloomy and cloudy. I have seen many people become gloomy, depressed and a “zombie” after their breakup stage. I am sharing some effective ways on how to move on from a painful break up smoothly. I realized that it takes time, patience and lots of motivation to come out of this stage. This stage is not so easy to overcome. Many people get glued to their breakup stage and they are never willing to come out of the shell. Even if they are coming out, they end up carrying old feelings in their soul. Friends, it’s time for you to kick start your life again after break up.

Keep Yourself Occupied in Work

It is a common thing that after breakup, people stop concentrating on their work. They stop eating, sleeping and spend all day long just crying. It leads to an adverse situation.  If you keep yourself occupied in your work or start working, then you will feel that your mind is getting diverted. Work will keep you motivated and you will start forgetting about the unfortunate event.

tips to move on after break up

Divert Negative Emotions into Positive Ones

Anger and frustration can be driven into a good way. Harness your emotions and divert it into what you love the most. Many people shine out after they face the worst face in their life. Like the Singer Adele! She composed the best songs after her breakup. If you love to draw, cook food, dance, play guitar… do it. It will bring out some hidden talents and emotions from you.

Pain will fly away!

Time flies as well as painful break up stage will fly away. Don’t forget that “time is the killer of every pain”. Motivate yourself that your pain will fly. Do not feel over burdened with the breakup thoughts.

Messy Makeovers

Cropped hairs and tattoos are the first decision we take after a breakup. Changing your get up might not be the only solution dear. Our brain starts working in much more emotional way so think wisely before taking any rash decisions. Side by side, do not keep yourself addicted to drug and alcohol after your breakup as this can lead you in serious depression.

steps to move on after a breakup

Flush Therapy!

I know it sounds weird when you are reading about this. One of the best tips to move on after breakup is to use “flush therapy”. Flush out your emotions. Throw away the gifts, delete the photographs from your phone, social networking sites and your room. Do not keep the messages in your phone and the love letters too, as a memory. You will feel better as soon as you clean up these messes. You will feel get hesitant to do this crucial stage. Trust this method, it will definitely help you to get out of the break up stage.

Avoid Places You Went with Your ex!

If you make a point to visit the old restaurant, the same coffee shop or the movie hall, you will have a de ja vu! It will bring out the old memories again. Try to avoid them unless you recover from the breakup stage. This is one of the effective steps to move on after breakup and should be followed in a dedicated way.

Pamper Yourself

When we are in relationship, we try to make our partner the happiest. In the long run, we forget what makes us happy. Sacrifices, compromises and adjustments are a part of a relationship. So, after a major breakup, start pampering yourself. Love yourself first then only you can get back love again. Start writing down your thoughts and emotions as you know tears are thoughts, waiting to be expressed in paper! After few days, start reading what you wrote. I did this once I had a major break up and I still laugh reading about my thoughts I had at that time! Eventually, I moved on and I am blessed to lead a happiest time now.

how to move on from a painful breakup

Spend the Fun Time with Family and Friends

Most of us make them captive in a room or like to spend all the day alone which may lead them to go ahead to serious depression. So, it is always recommended to spend quality time with your family and friends. Spending time with them will help you to divert your mind from thinking about your relationship. This is surely a proven answer of how to move on from a painful break up.

Volunteer for a Social Cause

Devote your time into a social cause. If you start teaching or volunteering in an NGO or in an old home age, you will feel less burdened. There are numerous souls in these world who lack love, try to give your share of love to them. Spread happiness to get happiness. The best way to move on from a breakup is looking that your world is far better than those who don’t even have proper meals also.

Friends and family are always there to help us to cope up from break ups. It will be a fool’s task to take revenge on your ex! How to move on from a painful break up depends on your motivational skills and your power of positivism. Give time and space to recover from the traumatizing incident.

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