10 Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

how to lose weight after giving birth.

It is true that after giving birth, you don’t get any time for you. Your baby needs you always. From feeding it to changing diapers- you have to be cautious always. The sleepless nights only increase fatigue and drain all your energy. But, you should also know that if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t provide everything to your kid. Besides, the bulging belly and fatty hips only make you irritated. Weight loss after pregnancy is, therefore, very necessary to stay fit and fine. How to slim down after pregnancy? If you don’t have ideas about it, follow the tips on how to lose weight after giving birth.

Tips to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Move Along

best ways to lose after having a baby

Losing weight after pregnancy is not rocket science. As new moms remain tired of doing so much, they may not think of doing any exercises. Any serious exercises are not suggested too after 6-weeks of delivery. So, it’s OK if you don’t feel to join the gym again so early. Doctors suggest walking everyday for new moms. You don’t need to go any further. Pushing your baby’s stroller for 30 minutes is enough to burn almost 150 calories. Obviously, one of the effective tips to help you lose weight after giving birth.

Lift Weight

How to lose weight after pregnancy? Weight lifting can make your limbs strong and fit and speed up your metabolism too. You don’t need to go to gym and pull dumbbells for this. Cuddle with your baby and lose weight. How? Embrace him/her to your chest, lie straight on your back and gently raise your baby towards the ceiling. Isn’t it a fun activity?


You know about the benefits of breast milk for babies. Do you know that it is one of the useful tips to help you lose weight after giving birth? It has been seen that when a new mom breastfeeds her child, she loses up to 800 calories a day. You should be aware that when you stop breastfeeding, your needs of calorie drops. If you don’t adjust your diet accordingly, it will be difficult to lose weight.

Check out Your Diet

tips to help you lose weight after giving birth

Are you concern about how to reduce weight after delivery? Then you should count on your calories. Avoid any kind of junk foods, processed foods and market-made beverages. Rather fill your diet chart with lean protein, skim milk, fruits and vegetables and low fat dairy products.

Have Enough Sleep

Are you looking for ways of how to slim down after pregnancy? Having enough sleep is an appropriate answer to the question. You have to stay awake for long to look after your baby. This habit can hamper your natural sleep cycle and hampers easy weight lose. Share responsibilities with your partner and take naps whenever possible. Good sleep can boosts up your energy for long time.

Snack Time

how to slim down after pregnancy

What are the other best ways to lose after having a baby? You have to keep you full at regular intervals. New mothers are always busy with the kiddos. In between many of them forget to eat. Empty stomach not only affects your metabolism but also decreases milk production. Instead of having any sugary or processed snacks like chips, you can have a bowl of popcorn or fruit salad to keep you full. Also, have low-fat milk or yogurt as evening snacks. These foods block those hormones that aggravate fat hormones in your body and keep your weight under control.

What More You Can Do?

Along with this ways you should follow some more tips on how to lose weight after giving birth-

  • Have breakfast on time
  • 5 portions of fruits and vegetable can help you the best
  • Make your diet chart based on fiber-rich foods like soy, beans, oats, lentils, etc.
  • Don’t completely avoid starchy foods like rice, breads, etc.
  • Take short meals and check out the time between meals and snacks.

These are certain ways of how to lose weight after giving birth. You should know that losing post-pregnancy weight is not any magic. You have to keep patience and maintain these routine. You’ll surely have positive results.