Internet is Addiction- How to Keep My Child Safe in the Internet

how to keep my child safe in the internet

Internet is the invincible part of today’s life. You can’t prevent your child to use it as they need internet for their projects, notes and for further educational information. Besides, they are fond of several gaming sites where they can play online at free. In spite of these positive sides, sometimes using internet has certain unpleasant impact on your children. Why is it important to be safe on the internet? The porn sites, misinformation, hate groups, malwares, unknown downloads, etc. can disturb your child’s mind and distract them from their chores. It is your duty to set rules for internet usage and look for what they search. There are parents who get confused with the thought that “how to keep my child safe in the internet”. Follow certain tips-

Parental Control

One of the best tips to be safe on the internet for kids is to keep your children away from any disturbing sites is to install parental control system in your device (computer, mobile phones, game consoles, etc.). You can download the system from internet or ask your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or mobile operator whether they offer any kind of parental control system. These systems can help to-

  • Add the offensive e-mail addresses and websites to the filter list and block those.
  • Set usage time
  • Avoid typing and searching for certain words.

Know What They Search

tips to be safe on the internet for kids

You don’t want to be a nosy parent. Still, protecting children on the internet is very crucial. Until your child knows the disadvantages of internet, you have to keep sharp eyes on what he/she is searching. When they are 10 to 12, you don’t need to be glued with them, but, check every time what they search.

Set Internet Using Rules

How to keep my child safe in the internet? Follow this tip for children’s safety. You should fix a time of internet usage and make a list of sites they can access. Also, inform them about the consequences of breaking rules. At the time of setting rules, you can involve your child to it so that he/she knows the danger about random usage of internet. Such treatment also makes them responsible and they will learn the importance of internet safety for kids.

Teach Them about Protecting Privacy

Why is it important to be safe on the internet

Why is it important to be safe on the internet? Initially, kids are not aware about the risks of using internet. They get attracted to it as it opens a whole new world to them. As parents, you should make them aware about keeping privacy. Instruct them not to-

  • Disclose name, phone number, address, school information, e-mail, password and their pictures.
  • Open any e-mail from persons they don’t know.
  • Respond to any offensive pictures, disturbing posts and ridiculous mails.
  • Meet anyone they found online.

Teach Them How to Use Internet

  • Before setting any rules, it is important to guide your child about using internet. When you want tips to be safe on the internet for kids, you need to make them aware about?-
  • Not to use any abusive language online. If they get any threatening mail, they should inform you.
  • They must not overuse internet as it will affect their eyes and body.
  • If they mistakenly open any disgusting site, tell them to delete it from the ‘history’ folder.
  • They should not download any unknown file from internet without your permission.

Location is the Key

importance of internet safety for kids

When parent ask how to keep my child safe in the internet, my advice is to play little tactfully. Cyber crimes are increasing like hyacinth. Protecting children on the internet is your main concern. Children may not like you inspecting them always. Install the computer at the central place of your home from where you can keep an eye on what they are doing online. It is better not to give mobile phones to kiddos before teenage.

Be Their Friend

It happens that they get to see certain abusive contents or pictures, mistakenly. Also, they can have bullying or threatening messages. Let them realize that it’s not their fault. Don’t go harsh on them; otherwise they will be afraid to share such things. Add those links address to the parental control filter list. Thus, you can make them understand the importance of internet safety for kids.

Hopefully you’ve got the answer of how to keep my child safe in the internet. As a responsible parent, you should keep on telling them about the hazards of random internet using. As soon as they understand the fact, they will be cautious about using it.