How to Get Your Boyfriend Back after a Breakup is Now at Your Finger Tips!


Breaks ups are a part of our lives. Sometimes it is the biggest blessings in our lives. But it might happen that you truly, madly, deeply want to get back your ex. It is the most “desperate phase” of our life. But I believe if you really need to know how to get your boyfriend back after a breakup; then you have to deal with your brain!

It is the most tactical phase. I want to share to those broken heart friends of mine that use your brain first Heart later! I hope that my advices will win your partner’s heart. It might bring out the lost spark in your relationship. Girls remember never to lose hope, faith and your dignity!

Keep A Distance

You need some clever tricks and tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back. This one works every time. When you are distant from your partner then he will start missing you more. Distance not only creates space but also a situation when one can actually understand the importance of love and value. If you keep on clinging to your ex after break up it is natural that the guy will lose interest. He will feel in a trap. Avoid him for few days. Don’t keep on calling or texting him. If you avoid him he will definitely start thinking what you are doing. My advice is to try this on your spouse also. He’ll show more interest in you!

Men Are Possessive Beings

tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back

If you really want to get back your lover, you need psychology tricks to get ex back. Yes men are equally possessive like women. They will never appreciate if you keep on ignoring him. They will start following you within few days. They are like rubber bands as I call. So wait for the right time.

Does He Still Feel The same for You?

How can I get my boyfriend back”- don’t make such type of questions your mantra of life. I will always recommend my friends to find out whether the guy feels the same for you after break up. If the guy stops loving you or he is hanging out with some other girl, then sorry dear don’t try hard. It might lead to an ugly situation for you.

Never Lose Your Dignity and Respect

How can I get my boyfriend back

“Get my ex boyfriend back fast” thoughts drives all of us crazy! The only phase when girls stops wearing makeup, eat less, never sleeps and becomes a zombie. Come on! It’s not the end of the world. Buckle up! Often guys take things as granted. So pretty girls don’t lose your dignity in front of your boyfriend! I have seen that most of my male friends love those girls who respect themselves. If you want to follow the correct ways about how to get your boyfriend back after a breakup, you’ve to be a self-sufficient and dignified woman.

Groom Yourself

Don’t brood over thinking what to do to get my boyfriend back. You won’t find any better ideas than this. After all, you need to love and pamper yourself first. I have tried out once, after my break up. I got a great makeover. With the best hairstyle and the best clothes, I clicked the best selfie. Ta da! My boyfriend texted me back. He appreciated my new look. I also found that he felt jealous when other guys complimented me. That’s the charm of the girls.

Hang Out With Common Friends

Get my ex boyfriend back fast

Want effective tips on what to do to win your boyfriend back? Throw a house party or barbeque party! Invite over all your friends and your ex too. It is the best excuse to meet you ex and get a new start. It will help you to strike a conversation. Never feel shy to talk first. Remember it’s you who wants to patch up.

Jealousy Is The Secret Ingredient

Try to make him feel bit jealous. The best way to get back at your ex boyfriend is show him that you are enjoying your life! Intentionally tell him that you watched a recent movie or went to try a new restaurant with any guy. Tell him to try it out. Trust me he will ignore everything and he will think why you went out with that guy! It is drag his attention towards you.

Re-establishment Needs Bit Time

This is one of the most important steps to get ex boyfriend back. Never rush when you are trying to win over your boyfriend back. You will need some time to win your lover back. Try to clear out all the misunderstandings. Share out your feelings and please do not suppress your emotions. Resolve any kind of issues felt between you two. Do you get my points on how to get your boyfriend back after a breakup?

How to get your boyfriend back after a breakup is not that tough. Remember Paulo Coelho’s quote “And, when you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  It is absolutely true. True love will last forever and nothing can tear you apart!