Tips On How To Get Rid Of Smoking And Drinking

how to get rid of smoking and drinking

Congratulations! You have taken the first step already. When you decide to seek help that is the time you are mentally prepared to love yourself more than ever. And that what is very important. When you are mentally set to quit smoking and drinking your battle is half won. Always remember to take care of your body because it is the only place you have to live. But no matter how determined you are, it always remains questionable how to get rid of smoking and drinking. You don’t seem to find any way out. But, relax, if you have the grit and honest intentions, you can do it! And trust me it won’t be as painful as you think.      

I believe this the most debatable topic all over the world. The question of “to be or not to be” hangs in the air. But the main gamble in this game is your mental strength. I guess I can help you with the best way to quit smoking and drinking that will make your effort worth the while.

Do Not Delay

how to get rid of smoking and drinking

Once you have decided to quit smoking, then you start acting positively towards your decision immediately.

  • Prepare yourself mentally to brace any set back you think you may confront.
  • Make up your mind never to give up on your honest intention.
  • The moment you decide to control smoking and drinking that is the moment you start to push yourself towards your goal.

Set Your Living Space Accordingly

best way to quit smoking and drinking

Treat your old habits like your ex-flame.

  • Remove all possible memories right out of your sight, perhaps even sound. When you do need something in your life, why surround yourself with the memories. Memories are painful, memories haunt.
  • Discard all your cigarettes.
  • Empty out all the alcohol in the basin or the sink. Do away with bottles and you can actually be more creative and turn your bar cabinet into something else. You can use it to keep artifacts for instance.
  • Remove every article that is related to smoking. This will prevent you from getting haunted by your old habits. Persuade all the family to actively participate in discouraging you into not take alcohol or cigarettes. Make sure to remove your whiskey glasses as well.

Avoid All The Smoking Or Drinking Zones

smoking and drinking addiction recovery

The smoking or the drinking zones can be anything, from home to office, parties to a friend’s place. This is way how to stop drinking alcohol and smoking habit.

  • As the first step towards smoking and drinking addiction recovery first, let all your friends and relatives know about your new resolution, I bet they all will support your good cause whole heartedly.
  • When you find persuasive friends, avoid them outright and be bold and candid with your opinion. They will appreciate your will power and your positive decision.
  • Avoid all possible places where can be a possibility to smoke. And prevent yourself from any probable invitation to such places.

Encourage The Company Of Non Smokers And Non Alcoholic Friends

smoking and drinking addiction recovery

Yes, you need to make a little change here. Friends are the best thing in your life for sure, but not those friends who do not support you in your good cause.

  • Do spend most of your time with the friends who support you and those who, like you are trying to quit smoking and drinking as well.
  • You can also discuss and exchange ideas regarding ways to restrain yourself from the addiction. This is one of the best way to quit smoking and drinking.

Lower Your Stress Level

best way to quit smoking and drinking

You need to work on this point seriously. Your daily stress level is one of the reasons to stay addicted to smoking and drinking.

  • Think positive and try to manage your regular work systematically. Try to get involved in some recreational activities to avoid stress.
  • Try to do some social work or you can pick on your old hobby as well.
  • Get involved in interesting activities like reading books or get the newest play station or strum the string of your old guitar or you can try out culinary skills.
  • When there is an urge to drink or smoke, replace it with fruit juice, green tea or coffee.
  • You can try keeping candies and bubble gum handy as well. They are really helpful in times of need and will successfully prevent you from indulging back into your old habits.

Indulge In Exercise And Nutritious Food

how to get rid of smoking and drinking

Trust me smoking is not cool. Being healthy and fit is cool and happening. A healthy and fit person is way more attractive than a person exhibiting vices. Too much alcohol may build up the ugly alcoholic fat around your waist line. Here we discuss on how to get rid of smoking and drinking.

  • Get yourself enlisted with some local gym and get back to your shape.
  • Eat healthy diet. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Replace your urge to drink and smoke with a tall glass of orange juice, or even frizzy soft drinks and pamper yourself with dollops of ice creams of flavors of your choice.

At the end of the day, your life is in your hands, you make of it what you choose. If you have steered yourself towards something good, then get going with it immediately. There many benefits of non smoking and being a non alcoholic person.

I hope my solutions will help your toward your better life. Live a good life and stay happy always.  Cheers!