8 Ways How To Get Rid of Loneliness Depression

effects of loneliness on health

Sometimes you need to be alone but not to be lonely but to enjoy your own company. Sometimes life plays a different game. And at times it is painful. The feeling of being uncared and unwanted is the greatest poverty in the world.” said Mother Teresa. There are any reasons why one becomes lonely and sometimes chooses to be lonely. Since, we are all social beings, it is equally important to stay connected with people around us for sake of sharing our emotions. If you are too lonely and the emptiness engulfs you, you tend to suffer from depression which is another negative force that causes nothing but unhappiness in your life. So, how to get rid of loneliness depression? Yes, dear friend, there are ways and following them will definitely help you see life more brightly.

Here are some best tips and ways to overcome loneliness, which will definitely help you to feel better and positive, I am sure.  

Search for the Cause

how to get rid of loneliness depression

It is always important to know the reason first and then you can search for the solution to how to get rid of loneliness depression. Look out for the symptoms. Are you going through a break up in your relationship? Or, is it that you do not have enough friends around you who would understand you? Sometimes, too many friends can cause loneliness too, if you feel you are not understood.  Try to get thee answers for yourself-

  • When and where do you think you feel lonely the most?
  • Are you aware of those particular people who make you feel lonely?
  • What do you want to do when you feel lonely?
  • Have you been lonely for a long time or is it very recently you are feeling the pang of emptiness?

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Your Daily Journal Can Be Your First Vent

ways to overcome loneliness

Keep a track of your emotions daily.

  • Get a diary and start reflecting your thoughts into it. It will help you in many ways. When you need to share your thoughts without inhibitions, the best option is to write them down.
  • By doing this, you are being honest with yourself and you do not owe any explanation to anybody for your feelings. And it is an effective ways to overcome loneliness is your daily journal.
  • It will help you reflect back on your mind and thereby you can get a grip on your mental state and steer yourself accordingly in a more positive direction.
  • To do this, you will first find the place of your comfort and solace and so that you feel peaceful as you let yourself out.

Know the Power of Meditation

how to get rid of loneliness depression

Meditation is a treatment that holds immense healing power to cure depression. But it is important to know how to meditate properly. It may take some time initially. Meditation has the power to gather yourself up and set your mind on the right track. It will help you feel positive and will start to find a meaning to your life.

  • By mediating you will be able to control of your thoughts and emotions, which will pull you out of the negativity of your depression and loneliness.
  • To start with, do find a place in your home where you get mental peace.
  • Make sure the distractions are least there.
  • First, sit on a comfortable place with the right posture and try to concentrate on your breathing.
  • Clear your mind out of any thought that is worrying you.
  • Concentrate totally on breathing and be aware of every breath you inhale and exhale. Feel alive.
  • Do close your eye set your mind free. Allow it to wander off to the most beautiful places you can think of.
  • Relate your existence to the energy of the Universe around you and feel the power of greatness. Rediscover yourself dear.

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Make an Effort to Reach Out

ways to overcome loneliness

This is very helpful in how to get rid of loneliness depression. It is not easy when you are depressed and you actually shunning the world around you, but  building a castle around yourself will not help much  either.

  • It is important to talk to people, at least try to listen to them and share their emotions. This way you will be able to relate them as well.
  • Talk it out to a friend or a family member in whom you think you a can confide. You will feel comfortable this way.

No Self-Pity, Please!

how to get rid of loneliness depression

  • Do not sit and sulk and brood.
  • Do not curse your fate and ponder over what you did to deserve this. NO ways!
  • The feeling of dejection is surely painful and I know you have to deal with it, but if you love yourself then you will not allow yourself to go this pain. You do not deserve this pain.
  • Make yourself useful. Involve yourself into something that is useful and makes you happy.
  • If nothing else works, take a long walk and feel the breeze in your face.
  • Feel the life buzzing around you, and trust me, you will not feel you are alone, anymore.

Pick Up a Hobby

how to get rid of loneliness depression

The effects of loneliness on health cannot be avoided. Depression has a direct effect on your food habits and effects the digestion indirectly. Depression can lead to severe headaches and migraines. And these problems will weigh you down all the more. But if you are really passionate about what you want to do, there will nothing called loneliness in your life and depression will be a faraway conception.

  • A constructive hobby can set your life back in full swing.
  • A hobby can connect you with the world you’ve been avoiding for so long, and you will start enjoy being social again.
  • Your hobby can involve group activities and at the same time it can be something you want to do yourself.
  • You can start your strumming your old guitar and think of some new creation or get the colors and splash your imagination and emotions on the canvas.
  • You can adopt a pet. You have no idea how much joy a puppy will help you derive.
  • But at the end the day, you should feel productive about yourself and happy.

Love Yourself and Enjoy the Solitude

ways to overcome loneliness

Please do love yourself because you are completely worth it.

  • Remember, every human is unique and as important as any other, in their self worth.
  • Do not ever look down upon yourself. You are equally worth all the sunshine and happiness out there. Chase the rainbow in your own terms and conditions.
  • After all it is your life and you have to live it right.
  • At times of loneliness you can get the company of your favorite food. Get the extra dollops of ice-cream and go for that extra helping of cheese in your pizza- go ahead and pamper yourself.
  • Get a spa and a massage to make you feel warm and special.
  • Get the energy back in your life and I bet, there will be no stopping for you.

Last but not the least understand and feel the difference between loneliness and solitude. “Language…has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And the word ‘solitude’, to express the glory of being alone.”

Learn to enjoy and appreciate the awesomeness of Creation and creativity around you and realize how amazing it is to be blessed with a life, on God’s green Earth. Respect it. And live a happy life.