How to Get Pregnant Faster and Easier and Get Your Bundle of Joy

how to get pregnant faster and easier

Well, that’s good news indeed!  It must be both of yours wish and plan. Congratulations! But, I know it is equally confusing to know the perfect time and the ways to help you achieve your goal soon enough. Pregnancy can be both planned and unplanned. Check out the best days when you are most fertile with ovulation calculator and go for it. When you want how to get pregnant faster and easier, then there are ways to get pregnant fast.

For that what you have to do is follow certain easy tricks and tips to getting pregnant faster.

Make A Plan Way Before Hand

how to get pregnant easily

  • Want effective tips on getting pregnant? You need to stop taking birth control pills dear.
  • It will take some time for your system to get the normal hormonal balance to prepare you to conceive.
  • It is always preferable to ask your partner to use a condom instead, while you are preparing your body towards pregnancy.

 Get Rid Of Wrong Habits And Addictions

How do you get pregnant

  • Before you start taking any other steps about how to get pregnant faster and easier, you need to consider these points first.
  • If you are in a habit of smoking, you need to quit it immediately.
  • Smoking has a lot of adverse effect on your baby, while you are pregnant.
  • It lowers the level of oxygen supply to your baby.
  • It increases the baby’s heart rate and your baby may develop respiratory problems as well.
  • Smoking can also lead to miscarriage and still birth.
  • It is advisable for your partner to stop smoking as well, as the nicotine may reduce the sperm count.
  • No, caffeine is not a barrier in your pregnancy, but too much of everything is poison.
  • In the same way, if you are taking more than 500mg of caffeine daily you are in the risk of low fertility.
  • So you need to check on that.
  • Avoid alcohol altogether to get pregnant quickly.

Consult A Doctor And Start With The Essential Vitamins

best way to get pregnant

  • When can a woman get pregnant? It is up to you, but you can consult your gynecologist if you’re on any medication or have any trouble.
  • Do not take any decisions on your known regarding any medicines you take now.
  • Whatever is the problem from headaches to sickness, it is better to take the professional advice now as the doctor is more aware of the medicinal side effects in your body.
  • He may also go for all the relevant and necessary checkups to confirm how healthy you are.
  • Likewise he will suggest the best medicines and vitamins to prepare your body in a healthier manner, for you to go through a healthy pregnancy.
  • If you are overweight or under weight, both ways it can be problematic in getting pregnant.
  • In such cases, your doctor will help you solving your weight problem.
  • You will set your daily habits and routines in a way that makes your body susceptible to become

Know When You Are Ovulating

ways to get pregnant faster

  • This one of the main factor behind how to get pregnant faster and easier.
  • You need to synchronize your sex and ovulating together.
  • The more you synchronize well, the more you have the chances to conceive faster.
  • You start by keeping the track of your menstrual cycle by circling the dates in your calendar or keeping a note in your diary.
  • In general women ovulate 12 -14 days before your next menstrual cycle.
  • This is undoubtedly the best time to have sex.
  • Generally the sperm survives in the body for at least 5 days.
  • So it is okay to start having regular sex at least a couple of days before you start to ovulate.
  • This is definitely one of the vital ways to get pregnant.

Make It Good!

When can a woman get pregnant

  • You want tips on how to get pregnant? Then love your partner deeply my dear!
  • Make it good, make it right.
  • You can try different sex positions, but the best one is always the missionary – the man on top, and try going for the deep penetration.
  • Do not use the artificial lubricants, as they are not very compatible with the sperms. Therefore, something more natural like the canola oil and the mineral oils can do the trick as efficiently.
  • It is always advisable to choose any position where you are lying on your back.
  • That helps the sperm to stay inside your body totally.
  • You may leak out the sperm, in case you are in any standing position.
  • After the ejaculation, stay laid in your bed for at least half an hour, before you move to a standing position. And you certainly will not mind relaxing, I know.
  • It will be all the more better if you keep a pillow under your hips and raise your legs while you rest.
  • Lying in bed after sex is another best way to get pregnant.

Certain Tips for Your Partner

tips to getting pregnant faster

How do you get pregnant not only depends on you but obviously, on your partner too. Here are some tips for your partner, which are also useful tips on how to get pregnant easily-

  • Loose boxers are way better than the tight briefs. The boxers help the testicles to feel free and thereby help in increasing the production of the sperm count.
  • Your partner needs to reduce the intake of alcohols and tobacco, as it effects adversely in the production of sperm count and produces abnormal sperms on the contrary.
  • Avoid hot baths, hot tubs and saunas as the heat kills the sperms.
  • Sperms thrive best in temperature of 94- 96 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Last but not the least, your partner must eat enough calcium and zinc enriched food. Take enough vitamin D and C along with folic acid. This will help your partner increase the sperm count.

Now you have the best tips for getting pregnant faster. With these step of how to get pregnant faster and easier, I believe that you are step nearer to your goal.  Always remain calm and never stress yourself regarding your pregnancy. It is a happy moment, so rejoice every bit of how you are getting yourself close to conceive your baby.