Want Long-lasting Relationship? Know How to Enjoy Your Freedom in a Relationship


What are the best feelings you can have in your lifetime? To me, it is the first drop of rain after scorching sun; the smile on your parents face when you gift anything from your first salary; watching the sunset with your partner silently, hand in hand. You don’t have to say anything as your fingers and eyes are so talkative. When a person gets the soul mate, it seems that the world has stopped and you are sinking into his/her eyes. Total filmy, isn’t it? Does the reality work like this? Sometimes, yes. But, not for everyone. To keep the spark in your bonding, there are more than 5 simple ways to improve your intimate relationships. If you get idea about those, you’ll know how to enjoy your freedom in a relationship.

What to do to Make Your Relationship Stronger?

Love is the salt of every relationship. But, you need other spices to cook it. There should be trust, loyalty, dependence and the most important, space. Nobody wants to lose his/her freedom at any cost. For example, you like to wear western clothes. If your relationship enforces you to change your likings, it is not done at all. For such reasons, there are many people who are afraid of commitment. One of the easy ways to add more freedom to your life is to respect each other’s personal space. What are the other 5 ways to improve your intimate relationships?

Know That You Two are Different

5 ways to improve your intimate relationships

How to enjoy your freedom in a relationship? You both are completely different person. Both of you come from a different family background and have grown up with separate values. When you two come together, there are clashes of characters. To enjoy your freedom in relationship, you should understand your partner’s views and certain adjustments are needed from each side.

Have Mutual Understanding

Is it possible to keep your freedom in a relationship? Yes it is if you have mutual understanding. Suppose, your boyfriend has a group of friends to hang out. You may not like that group, but you should not force him not to go out with his friends. You can only state your points why you avoid the group. Also, your boyfriend must not force you to join.

Respect Personal Space

How to have true freedom in a relationship? Whether you’re in a marital bond or in a long term connection, there should be certain space so that your relationship can flourish. That doesn’t mean you should keep distance from your partner. While you think “is it possible to keep your freedom in a relationship”, you should know the more you cling to your partner, the more he/she will feel suffocated. Set them free and see how your relationship grows day and night.

Enjoy Imperfections

how to have true freedom in a relationship

While you’re in love, you accept your partner with all his/her faults. Maybe you get irritated by the site of piled up clothes on bed. Talk to your partner about it and make them realize that such habits are bad. But, sometimes you can let it go and laugh on these. This is how to have true freedom in a relationship.

Change for Good

Maybe you can’t take it as one of the easy ways to add more freedom to your life, but if you follow it, you’ll know how to enjoy your freedom in a relationship. It is true that you should not change you completely for someone. Still, a true relationship means compromise. If you move two steps forward, there is nothing wrong to expect your partner to take a step.

You know that mutual understanding and respect is the key of how to enjoy your freedom in a relationship. Never hurt your partner by forcing him/her into something.