10 Ways on How to Encourage Children to Read


I remember my mom read fairy tales, stories of great people when I was kid. Her tune of reading stories lingered for longer times in my ears. Also, I got curious to know more than she read to me. Thus, I took interest in reading books and now I can’t live without them. Today, I see kids are fonder of video games and DVDs than reading books. Parents often complain about it but don’t know how to motivate their toddler to read books. With these tips about how to encourage children to read, you can initiate them to read more and more.

Why Reading is Important

what motivates your child to learn

Reading helps you to imbibe good knowledge and most importantly it helps your kid to learn. But often parents keep on hovering about the fact on tips to develop reading habits in your child… reading habits can be put into your child from the day he has seen the light of the universe… Can’t believe? Then start believing… you can raise him as a reader from the day one. Small babies respond to the most soothing melodious rhythms and hence then can grab it fast. So start reading out stories to them… These are some simplest ways on how to encourage children to read.

How to Make Them Read

To find out 10 ways to help your child learn to read you can go through the following points-

Set Example

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Kids are the best observer. They tend to copy what they see. So this is one of the best ways to encourage reading. How to make children read? Start reading out books or just sit with a book in front of your kid so that he can see that you are reading.

Show Excitement

How to encourage child to learn

If he finds you excited while reading then he is sure to feel the same eventually and will get the quality of reading.  Now you can know how to encourage good study habits in a child. 

Make a Reading Place in Your Home

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How to encourage child to learn? Obviously it is not possible if your house resembles to a fish market.

  • Try and create a reading space in your house.
  • The place can be small or big but make sure that the place is a bit secluded from the rest of the rooms.
  • You can pick up a corner of the room and decorate it with bookshelves and soft lights.
  • It will create the mood as ambience matters a lot when it comes to reading.

Take Him to Library

How to make children read

You may find various tips on how to encourage your child to read.

  • Take your kid to libraries.
  • Put it as a ‘compulsory’ in your daily schedule.
  • If not daily every weekends you can accompany your child to the nearby libraries and let him explore the room full of books.
  • Often libraries organize story telling classes and reading developments programs for the kids. Make sure your child participate in each one of them.
  • Visiting libraries will help your child to search for the books of his interest. This can be very educational and will also help your child to decipher is interests and attractions for books.
  • Often libraries organize special programmes with eminent authors. Their encouraging words for children can instill the interest of reading books.

Choose the Right Book

10 ways to help your child learn to read

Do you know what motivates your child to learn?

  • Indulge your kid into everyday reading. Make that a regular thing in his schedule.
  • Read out their favourite encouraging books before going to bed.
  • Get them picture books. This will help them develop imagination skills and make their own picture in their minds.
  • Get them colorful books. Kids are extremely attracted to colorful and comic books.
  • You may find eventually that your kid is reading out stories to you.

Spend Time

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How to encourage children to read? Make some effort for this.

  • Try and squeeze pout some time to accompany your child while reading books from your busy everyday schedule.
  • Try and start a conversation with him regarding what books he would like to read. Often kids like to read superhero comic books and try and relate the stories to them.
  • This helps them build up their thinking process and also makes them imaginative. This also helps them to build opinion formation.

Start Small

how to encourage children to read

Do not give him long books that would take time to complete. Start with short stories. This will catch his attraction more. You must pay attention to what stories he likes to read before you start the reading procedure. If he wants comic books then let him read that. Never force your kid to read what he does not want to. This might ruin his interest in reading.

What Other Tips You Can Follow

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  • Buy them colorful books instead of spoiling them with phones and video games.
  • You must praise your child frequently. This will also help them to feel good about reading books. You should praise the way he would read out a story to you. This will boost up his confidence about himself.
  • You can also show him story presentation or slide shows in computers. This will help him visualize a lot more.
  • You can also go for some changes like if you are following a recipe book make your child read out the ingredients to you. If you are visiting a restaurant then make him read the menu list.
  • To make it even more interesting and attractive, spell out words with pasta or any cereals. This will attract your kids more than usual techniques.

Follow these techniques to know how to encourage children to read. Make this a regular thing in your lives.