How To Develop Self Confidence In Your Child

how to develop self confidence in your child

Your child is the most precious gift in your life. Undoubtedly, yes. Therefore it is all the more important to help him grow up to be a fine person. Yes, you can put him into the best school you know of, education is all time important of the fundamental knowledge and wisdom,  but I feel,  that is not enough. To be a fine human being, a lot more other things are required to build him up. Emotional growth and confidence is one of the most important factors that are responsible to help him to be winner in the future. I know you want your child to shine in all the spheres he ventures into, but that will only be possible if he has the confidence in him to be the winner all the way.

Sometimes, under several circumstances it so happens that a child may falter before his self esteem. And if that happens in the initial years of growing up, then it is absolutely essential to help him overcome the mental hurdles in its earliest stage. If you are facing similar problems with your little one, I am glad you are here with me now. I would love share with you some of the best solutions possible and help you How To Develop Self Confidence In Your Child.

These are the most easy solutions and Tips on Helping Your Child Develop Confidence 

Simple Steps to Develop Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Love Your Baby Unconditionally

ways to build your child's self-esteem

  • There is nothing more unconditional in this world as mother’s love.
  • It is that divine force which can take one person from strength to strength.
  • Your baby feels most secure when you cuddle him and hug him.
  • Your kisses make him the most loved one in this world and it is definitely one of the best ways to raise a confident child.
  • Your love can make him mentally very strong and emotionally very secure.

Never Blame For The Mistakes

  • How to build your child’s self-confident depends a lot in how you are treating him.
  • Never shout or blame your child for the mistakes he might make.
  • He is just a child, putting in effort to prove himself to you.
  • His fingers are weak and his mind is going through a frenzied process of learning and adapting.
  • Be creative and make his mistakes his learning process.
  • Make sure you are by his side to cheer up his spirit.
  • When he has made a mistake, a smile from you and a helping hand saying”it’s ok. Let us do it together again” will give the enthusiasm which will be way more positive than his own guilt feeling.
  • And that is what is more important.

Comparisons Are Odious

Simple Steps to Develop Your Child's Self-Confidence

  • When you love your child unconditionally, you do not compare him with any other child.
  • Your child is unique in his own way.
  • You need to love him with all his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Comparing him with any other kid will make himself suffer from inferior complex.
  • Nor do you have tell him that is the best, as this might make him stretch beyond his capacity to live up to the mark you have set for himself.
  • Both ways it will create insecurity in the mind of the child.

Appreciate Efforts

  • Help your child gain confidence by appreciating his efforts.
  • It can be anything from a small coloring to trying to put his games back in his box.
  • It is not necessary that you will indulge in giving him gifts; a word of appreciation can boost up his self esteem and help him feel confident and positive.
  • This will further help him to be more responsible when he is undertaking more serious works as he grows up.
  • These are the finest ways to build your child’s self-esteem and give your child the boost of confidence he needs to grow.

Be A Good Listener

Tips on Helping Your Child Develop Confidence

  • Be a good and patient listener to your child.
  • As you expect your child to listen to you, in the same way your child expects you to understand his feelings as well.
  • He may not be as dexterous with his expression and words, and that is why you need to be patient and compassionate towards your child.
  • When you pay your attention to your child, he realizes that his feelings and expressions are equally important and valuable.
  • This develops a sense of value and respect in your child, for you.

Empathy Is Inspiring

  • Always remember, your little one is in constant war with himself, in trying to prove him worthy in your eyes.
  • There’ is a little battle going on in his head, all the while.
  • It may happen that he fails to stand up to your expectation, or even his own.
  • Be his greatest support when he is mentally down and upset.
  • In case of comparisons, if your child feels low about scoring low in his music class, boost up his confidence by reminding him how good he is in his sports and painting.
  • This will encourage confidence in your child.
  • This will help him to recognize his weaknesses and strength as well, and will help him to accept it with a positive bend of mind.

Encouragement Works Like Magic

ways to raise a confident child

  • Make sure you shower your child with ample appreciation and encouragement.
  • Your appreciation is the main source of inspiration to your child.
  • A loving pat or some inspirational words like ” yes, you can do it, I know” or “ I believe in you, I know you can do it” will help him put his faith in his ability which will make him a very confident person in the long run.

Give your child small responsibilities

  • Help your child gain confidence by allowing him to handle small, little errands around the house.
  • Trust me, children enjoy doing jobs.
  • Similarly, your child will usually love the idea of helping you out with bringing you the clothes for washing, or laying the dinner table or settling the cushions of the sofas in the living room.
  • For a little older kid, watering the indoor and the outdoor plants may help them to develop a sense of responsibility and compassion.

Well, I have tried to help you out with all the solutions on How To Develop Self Confidence In Your Child. Hope you find them helpful and I know you are going to a great job in grooming your child well. Be a super mom to your child, I wish you all the best.