10 Tips on How to Avoid Ego Problems in Married Life

how to avoid ego problems in married life

I wish we all could wash our souls off the ‘ego’ and ‘attitude’ with soap and water, the way we wash off the bacteria and germs in our everyday life! I really wish that. I feel really sorry to see how the most ecstatic feeling in the universe like ‘love’ is wasted, neglected and crushed under the pitiful hypocrisy of one’s ego. Did we really once love the other person just to crush the souls at the end? Where there is true love, I feel, there is no room for competition. Ego and relationship can’t go hand in hand. There is no ‘me’….it should be always ‘we’. Where is the problem with that? When you wish to be accepted the way you are, why not accept the other soul, the way he/she is, with love?  This where I guess all relationships are going haywire in today’s complex world with more complex minds. I feel blessed to live my life with the love of my life without ego and attitude. I would love to share my feelings and opinions with you and try to find a solution on how to avoid ego problems in married life.

Here are the best tips to solve problems in a relationship

Great Sex Is Your Best Help

tips to solve problems in a relationship

  • One of the best ways to save a marriage from ego problem, is to be as close as possible with your spouse. Nothing is as good as some steamy sex, any time!
  • Love is an emotion and the body is the instrument to depict the feeling!
  • Sex is never ever a duty. No! And it is not timed and scheduled for the nights only.
  • Feel the love; be playful and romantic even out of the bed. Try the kitchen floor and the hallway, the bathtub is an awesome place for some great sex.
  • Grab every chance to get close and fiery.
  • Work on the foreplay. Take all your time to build up the anticipation and surprise with a great climax. Enjoy each moment.
  • It is important to know the little details about what turns your spouse on.
  • Get creative and romantic and make your spouse crave for more and you both will overcome all your difficulties.
  • When you have unparalleled pleasure, who cares for ego!
  • This is how to avoid ego problems in married life.

Stay Connected

best ways to save a marriage from ego problem

  • Communication is the greatest weapon when you want to know how to handle relationship problems.
  • Share your feelings with your spouse. And listen to your spouse at the same time.
  • Marriage is just a bond signed on paper. A good marriage is when you continue to live with your best friend all your life.
  • The best way to shed your ego and attitude is, share your life and every little moment in it, equally with your friend, who is your spouse now.
  • Include your spouse in your happiness and in your trouble and difficulties.
  • Try to work as a team. Talk a lot with each other. Stay connected through phones and mails even when you are away. Prove that you care.
  • Trust me; you will be amazed with the support you get back.
  • This is one of the best ways on how to stop ego in a relationship.

Solve Financial Problems Mutually

how to handle relationship problems

  • The financial imbalance between both of you can also be a root cause of ego and attitude. Basically, it is the main reason of male ego psychology.
  • Be clear about your financial disposition well before marriage.
  • You need to come on a common platform regarding both of your financial status and work together towards the betterment of your own life and as well as your family.
  • Try to maintain your expenditures within your limit, so that there should not be any expectations from the side of your spouse for any extravaganza which you cannot afford.
  • Talk with each other with compassion and respect regarding your mutual financial stability as well as instability.
  • The more you share the more you bond. The more you crib and curse, ego and attitude engulf the space.
  • This is the best advice on how to avoid ego problems in married life.

Time And Attention Is Your Best Gift

how to solve relationship problems

  • In most cases the ego and attitude springs from negligence and from the feeling of being uncared and lonely.
  • One of the best advice and tips on how to solve relationship problems is giving your spouse your time and attention and help him/her to overcome the depression.
  • It is just another way to prove you care.
  • Make an effort to enjoy the time you spend together.
  • A vacation is always a great idea to come close and one of the best ways to handle ego issues in relationships.

Practice Three Great Virtues – Compassion, Gratitude and Respect

handle ego issues in relationships

  • How to get rid of ego? Try to live under the bigger horizon. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your spouse.
  • Think beyond yourself to maintain a healthy
  • Respect your spouse with all honesty, from your heart, for the person he/ she are.
  • Appreciate and admire the efforts of your spouse instead of finding faults and complaining all the while. Do not fake it.
  • Be thankful for every little moment of love and support you receive from your spouse.
  • These are inevitable weapons to remove the ego issues out of your system and one of the best tips to solve problems in a relationship.

Do Not Try To Change Your Spouse! Do Not Judge!

How to get rid of ego

  • If you are serious about saving your marriage, then you need to maintain this rule.
  • If you do not wish to be different, then do not expect it from your spouse as well.
  • Find out those unique qualities that makes your spouse a completely lovable person and cherish them whole heartedly.
  • Undoubtedly this is one of the best ways to save a marriage from ego problem.
  • You are nobody to judge another soul.
  • Every person is unique with their own ways and beliefs, and you are no exception.
  • Respect every individual for the person they are and do not judge.
  • Always remember to love and to be loved has always remained the basic need for every soul ever since. Thus, you can enjoy every moment of your relationship.

I have given you the best possible solution on how to avoid ego problems in married life. Trust me; these are the golden rules of a happy and healthy relationship. It is important to enjoy the little pleasures of life and not make a big issue out of petty problems. You need to learn to handle your relationship with dignity, respect and love. I wish you a happy and blissful married life. Stay in love.