Have Oily Skin? Know How to Apply Makeup to Acne Prone Skin

How to Apply Makeup to Acne Prone Skin

Do you have oily skin? Then summer is your enemy. In tropical regions, where hot weather prevails the maximum time of the year, problems of oily skin increases a lot. With oily skin, you can have problems like pimples, acne, dark spots and blemishes, etc. How will you know you have oily skin? Take a tissue paper and press it on your face. Now, turn it over. If you see some oily portion on it, you will know you’ve oily skin. There are people who have combination skin that means the T-zone of their face is oily. Excessive secretion of sebum makes your skin greasy. Overall, sweat, dust and pollution make you look dull. If you put on makeup, the chemicals can make the situation worst. Does that mean you can’t attend any party? Yes, you can. With proper knowledge on makeup for acne prone skin, you can say goodbye to your dull and boring face. Know how to apply makeup to acne prone skin.

Makeup Tips for Women with Acne Prone Skin

If you have a wedding ceremony to attend, you must have known about it prior few weeks. You can have some time to treat your acne prone skin. Precaution is always better than prevention. If you have the problem, why not follow some skin care tips for acne prone skin? You can use home remedies like washing face with warm water or applying sandalwood powder on acnes to have wonderful result. If you take control over it, know the makeup secrets for acne prone skin. It’s all about the tricks and techniques of makeup so that none concentrate on your disputes instead of your beauty. Here are certain make up tips for women with acne prone skin.

Start with Primer

skin care tips for acne prone skin

The first step to apply makeup on acne prone skin is to start with oil free primer. This component will absorb excess oil and prepares a smooth base to apply further makeup. Your makeup will sit well and every skin bumps can be covered.

Take Oil-free Foundation

How to apply makeup to acne prone skin? Follow step by step method. You need to buy an oil-free foundation. Powder-based foundation always works best for your skin. Take one shade darker than your complexion. Apply only one coat of foundation to avoid looking cakey. It will cover any acne blemishes positively.

Trick with Concealer

This is the third step of makeup tips for women with acne prone skin. It happens sometimes that the foundation don’t work evenly to cover up blemishes. Take a creamy concealer and apply it on the deep spots to vanish those. Never forget to smudge it all over your face.

Apply Face Powder

Makeup tips for women with acne prone skin

To give the finishing touch, apply face powder to have a perfect look. Also, the compact can cover any disputes if it is there.

Work on Your Eyes

Do you know what is one of the most effective makeup secrets for acne prone skin? Just draw people’s attention to elsewhere. Why not try with your beautiful eyes? A smoky eye makeup or cat eye style will be remembered even after the occasion. You just apply a dark liner on the upper lid and make the lower lid darker and thick. Don’t forget to apply mascara to increase your mystery. People will be mesmerized at your look.

Use Matte Bronzer

Make Up Secrets for Acne-Prone Skin

Applying makeup is not the ultimate thing. You need to prevent your skin from any damages. Skin care tips for acne prone skin must point out not to use any shimmery products as those highlight your skin problems more. Sprinkle matte bronzer on your cheek bones and temples to retain your natural glow.

Don’t Ignore Blusher

Now you know how to apply makeup on acne prone skin. But don’t avoid blusher as it prepares a shield to hide acne blemishes completely. Apply a shade darker than your foundation, but keep it natural.

Highlight Your Lips

If you have dark eye makeup, keep your lips nude. Otherwise, play with color of lipsticks. Always wear a lip color according to your complexion and apparel.

Do you understand how to apply makeup for acne prone skin? Never forget to carry oil control tissue papers in your purse. Whenever you feel your skin is getting greasy, wipe your face gently with it.