How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly and Be a Diva

steps to put on lipstick

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly and Be a Diva

Your lips!…. it is one the most sensuous part of your face that depicts everything about you. As you speak, as you smile, as you kiss… or simply when you as stay silent. Your every curve of your lips tells a story of its own. The shapes of the lips are as variable as every human on this planet. But the lips can be broadly categorized according to their shapes and sizes. You lips can be broad and full, or they can be thin and petit. Whatever be your shape, it is important to know how to apply lipstick perfectly.  A bad application or a wrong application can turn your game around. And we are not letting that happen. 

I would like to help you with the steps to put on lipstick and the perfect way to apply lipstick, so that you look ravishing if you want to, or just nude and natural, according to your occasion. Therefore we have to start from the very beginning and take care of your precious lips.

Knowing Your Skin Type

Before you choose how to apply lipstick perfectly, the color of the lipstick it is important to first know the perfect shades of your complexion.

  • If you have a lighter or pale complexion, then a shade of natural or pink shades will suit you better.
  • If you complexion is medium wheatish then a touch of cinnamon or mauve will do the perfect magic.
  • For skin that are dark then you need to choose a bold color in contrast to your complexion, so that your pouts stands out and looks attractive.
  • In case the skin of your lips are dry, then choose a lips tick that contains good skin conditioners too give your skin that matt effect. This is the perfect way to apply lipstick.

how to properly apply lipstick

Exfoliate First

If the skin of your lips is dry and flakey, then it is definitely not in a suitable state for lipstick application. This way you are starting off more professionally with your procedure to apply lipstick perfectly.

  • You can make paste of powdered sugar and water and apply it on your lips. Let it stay for few minutes before you wash it away. This as paste is very good in exfoliating the skin of your lips.
  • You can also use an old and soft tooth brush to brush away the dry flakey skin, leaving your lips softer. Now you can apply the lipstick more smoothly.

The Basic Border

  • Based on the shape of your lips, you need to draw a border to make sure you have that perfect outlined shape of your lips.
  • The border defines the shape of your lips.
  • Make sure to choose a neutral lip liner. That is, your lip liner should be the same color as your lipstick.
  • If you want, you can use it as a base as well. But this is optional, and I leave it up to your choice.
  • Then you can apply the chaps stick to make sure your lips remain moist and soft for a longer period of time.

perfect way to apply lipstick

The Final Application

  • This is the final part. And you to make sure you are doing it right.
  • You have to hold the lipstick against your lips and lightly rub it to fill in the space between the lip liners.
  • Choose the shade you want to apply.
  • You have to be very careful here, s o that the color does not go beyond the lip lining border.
  • If you want, you can use a lip brush too, for application.
  • First fill in the upper lip. Then you can fill in the lower lip.
  • Once you are done then, according to the shade you want, you can press a little and repeat the application for the second time, if you desire a darker coat of color.
  • For the perfect finish, take tissue paper and put it between your lips and press both your lips to blot the excess lipstick away. This is the perfect way to apply lipstick.

Hey, gorgeous! Now you are all set to rock and roll!  You will be looking beautiful, all the more as you blush with those luscious lips. Be it a party or a simple outdoor trip, you are confident about how to apply lipstick perfectly. Since now you know the steps to put on lipstick, you are all set to spread the smile and win the hearts.