Pregnancy Means Weight Gain- How Much is Normal Weight during Pregnancy

How much is normal weight gain during pregnancy

We all know that pregnancy is the time of utter confusion and excitement, both at the same time.  When pregnancy is concerned, we all get excited and at the same time uncertain about so many things about yourself. As pregnant women, your mood and desires changing with your physical changes are the biggest adjustment you make. During pregnancy, pregnant mother must maintain a proper body weight. How much is normal weight gain during pregnancy? Basically, you cannot continue to look lean and remain underweight for your baby’s sake! So, to have a healthy pregnancy, what to eat to gain weight during pregnancy is a vital concern.

I would like to suggest to all pregnant women, some best guidelines which will be really helpful to know everything about healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

Know Your Correct Weight, During Your Pregnancy

What is normal weight gain during pregnancy

  • First, you have to check your BMI (Body Mass Index) according to your height and size, when you are pregnant. Then accordingly you have to decide how many weight gain during pregnancy is normal.
  • If you have been an underweight person for all these while, and your BMI count is lower than 18.5, it is absolutely all right to gain around 28 to 40 pounds over the entire period of your pregnancy.
  • If you have an average BMI of 25 to 29, it is considered to be overweight. How to control weight during pregnancy? I would suggest you not to go beyond 15 to 25 pounds of added weight during your entire pregnancy period.
  • In general you should gain 2 to 4 pounds during the first three months of your pregnancy, and gain about a pound each in every following week.

Choosing the Food – Make The Right Choices

what to eat to gain weight during pregnancy

Hopefully you get an outline idea about how much is normal weight during pregnancy. Now, you definitely need to play well here.  What you eat is the main criteria related to your healthy weight gain during pregnancy

  • First, you need to break up your meals intakes over the day and know distinctly what to eat and what should not eat weight during pregnancy.
  • It is recommended to take six short meals over the whole day and maintain a diet If you follow a weight gain chart during pregnancy, you can know how you’re doing. If you gain more weight than required, why not try simple exercise during pregnancy? Start with walking in your garden.
  • Keep a good proportion of full fat crackers and cheese included in your diet.
  • Keep generous proportions of dried fruits, like the raisins and nuts, handy, along with yoghurt and ice creams, of flavors of your choice.
  • These quick high calorie snacks will help you maintain gaining weight quite effectively.
  • What is normal weight gain during pregnancy? Actually, there is no such steadfast rule. If your doctor says you’re underweight, gain it with a dose of protein in your daily diet. Use pea nut butter generously with toasts, fruits and salads.
  • Talking about salads, include as much celery and broccoli you can, in your diet. Toss it up with pea nuts and a salad dressing or some virgin olive oil, for a great instant snack. Keep a fruit alongside, like an apple or a banana. While making a normal weight gain during pregnancy chart, don’t forget to include these foods there.
  • Beside the nuts and fruits, if you are still worrying about your eating habits during pregnancy, then other good sources of fats are margarine, cheese and sour cream which you can include in your routine of daily healthy diets.
  • You can drink your calories too in the form of protein shakes, whole milk and pure fruit juices. Consider these drink breaks as snack as well when you are not too hungry for a whole meal.

Avoid in Junk Foods is must

How to control weight during pregnancy

  • How much is normal weight during pregnancy? It is normal if you gain it through healthy foods, but not through junk ones. Most of us always crave for all the tasty junk foods, but you have to sacrifice the habit. Sacrifice this at all cost to have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Avoid every kind of junk food as well as processed food. Stick to natural food and freshly prepared food as much as possible. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits as much as possible.
  • By doing this you will be keeping the toxins at bay. Processed sugary food does help in weight gain but do not help you in any nutrition content.

Add Supplements With Your Daily Food Intakes

  • The best diet supplements are the protein shakes, which you can take during meal breaks. It is another way to healthy weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Cereal bars are just another handy power snack which you can munch in when you need that instant energy boost.

Now you know how much is normal weight during pregnancy. Follow these tips to have a trouble free delivery and a healthy baby.