10 Reasons How Facebook can Ruins Your Relationship

how to avoid facebook to save relationship

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite active on social media platforms including Facebook but I use it mainly to keep in touch with my old friends as well as colleagues. That’s about it. But the problem that people mostly face these days is when they get too involved with social networking sites. Social networking sites play a crucial role in break-ups and divorces in today’s day and age! Yes, you heard me right…Facebook ruins relationships on big scale now a days. Sounds bizarre I know but can you deny the fact that social networking has managed to seep into our private lives and holds an account of everything that we do on a regular basis? Privacy is dead and that is often the main culprit behind the miscommunications and misunderstandings between couples. Let’s discuss how Facebook can act as a deal breaker in these 7 ways:

You can run, you can hide but you cannot escape your past:

facebook causing problems in my relationship

How Facebook ruins relationships? Facebook can make you cling on to your past memories especially if you had a break-up recently. You’ll get an easy access to your ex’s profile and will keep on checking what he or she is up to! If you keep holding on to your past and do not let go of your ex, how will you move on to a new relationship? Often people, in spite of being in a relationship, land up on their ex’s profiles. Do not make this a habit, the person who is not in your life anymore, let him/her go. Don’t let Facebook make you live in your past. Instead focus on your present and give your partner a chance so that you guys can build something beautiful.

Going green with Jealousy? Insecure much?

social networking sites can ruin your relationships

You know what can ruin a perfectly healthy relationship? Insecurities and Jealousy. These two factors are the root cause of a lot of misunderstandings between the couples and admit it or not, social media plays a very essential role in making things worse between two people. Often people end up making a big deal out of issues that should have been ignored. Issues like who your partner is talks to on his/her timeline or whose pictures he or she likes are very petty. But if you constantly obsess about such trivial things, it can leave your partner utterly irritated and frustrated. Since the advent of Facebook, keeping a track of your partner’s profile has become easier which often leads to fights some of which get resolved and some take ugly turns.

Being a blabbermouth, too much of anything is not good!

How facebook can ruin a relationship

Keeping your virtual life separate from your real life is crucial. If you get too addicted to facebooking and start sharing every minute detail of your day to day activities, it can cause turmoil in your relationship. Your partner might not like you to give an update every time you go out with him or her or tag her or him in the pictures every time you go out. So striking a perfect balance between the reality and virtual life is important. Don’t give your virtual life so much of importance that your partner ends up feeling that his/her needs are being ignored.

Sharing Personal Details of your Profile is a Big NO!

can facebook destroy your relationship

By personal details, I am referring to exchanging passwords here. It is not only unhealthy but unethical also. It is absolutely unreasonable for you to even expect that your partner will share his or her password, why should he/she? You need to have some level of trust in order to make a relationship work. Everyone is entitled to have his/her own personal space and if you really love and respect your partner, you should respect his/her privacy too and most importantly trust him/her. Believe Me, it is going to work out for the best for both of you.

Say ‘NO’ to Befriending Strangers:

social networking sites can finish your relationships

Facebook gives us the opportunity to add random people on to our friend list. What is the harm, you might ask? Well, there is no harm in getting to know new people and widen your circle but it becomes a problem when you start interacting with strangers too much. You need to look out for your own safety so if you decide to tell this random girl or guy about the fight you had a while ago with your partner, it might not always lead to fruitful results. Strangers often take an advantage of the tiff that is going on between the couples and play crucial roles in breaking the couples up. So, beware!

Flirting with others on Facebook is common and killer:

ways facebook ruins relationships

Promiscuity in any form should not be encouraged if you are in a relationship. Since the advent of Facebook, many couples drifted apart simple because of this reason. It is okay to talk to other girls or guys but flirting around or meeting them without informing your partner can cause problems in your blissful life. Facebook usually provides us with an opportunity to hook up with random people on the internet. Your relationship can go for a toss if you continue being promiscuous.

Be wise and share less with your dear friends!  

social networking can breaking up relationships

William Wordsworth once said that, it is always better to keep your personal life, private as sharing your problems might give others a weird sense of happiness. This applies in case of relationships do. Couples fight, it is natural. Relationships often go through rough patches but does that mean you will discuss about your relationship problems in public on social media? Absolutely not! Discuss your problems with your partner in person, don’t ask others’ opinions and even if you feel the need to, do so in complete privacy. Going on and on about your fight with your partner will allows people to mock your relationship and make fun of you behind your back. So, be wise, share less!

There is no doubt that Facebook destroys relationships if you don’t be mature enough to handle it. Social media can be both a boon and a bane so you need to understand that nothing is more important than your relationship. Instead of fighting or doubting your partner, have a heart to heart conversation with him/her when in doubt to avoid misunderstandings and clear the air. The best way to stop Facebook from ruining your relationship is by keeping your personal relationships private, once you start doing that, you are good to go!