10 Ways How To Get Rid Of Tension With Home Remedies

home remedies to get rid of tension

It is definitely not one of those good feelings when you are suffering from tension and stress. It will ruin your mood and eventually your day. There are several reasons why we all suffer from stress and tension; mostly the reasons are related to our minds. That is exactly the reason we do not want to visit the facilities often. The best part is there are several effective home remedies to get rid of tension. I personally suffer from stress and migraine at times and I am going to share with you the best ways to combat it.

Sometimes the stress and tension leads of severe headaches which again can cause health issues like nausea and vomiting. The natural remedies for tension are always the best solution for a bad day, as because you can cure yourself in the comfort of your home. Try out these simple solutions of how To Get Rid Of Tension. I bet you are going to get back that spark in you, soon.

Get A Nutty Solution

how to relief from tension

  • The almond is known to have several medicinal properties and is enriched with nutrients.
  • These nuts contain salicin, which I known for its stress and pain relieving properties.
  • Just go ahead and pop some of these awesome nuts but make sure you chew them smooth before you ingest as this is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of tension.

Trust The Passion Flower

home remedies to get rid of tension

This flower is not good enough as a valentine’s gift but yes, it’s going to help you loads in case of stress and anxiety.

  • The passion flower is more like a sedative which helps you calm your nerves as effectively as ay medicines.
  • The passion flower extracts are available in the form tinctures, teas and as separate extracts.
  • It is advisable not to take passion flower extract if you are taking any other sedatives like medicines or any other herbs.
  • The passion flower is effective in insomnia as well. Therefore if you are down with anxiety a flower is out there who’s sure to help.

The Lure Of Lavender

best ways to reduce tension

You cannot deny this one. If you are stressed and suffering from anxiety and tension, confide in the love of lavender. It is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of tension. The scent is soothing and the effect is inevitable. It is medically proved that the lavender has an equal effect in calming down nerves as much as valium and other lorazepam medicines. It is effective in treating problems like insomnia which is caused due to stress.

  • Add 2-3 drops of lavender oil in 3 cups of boiling water and inhale the vapor.
  • It is particularly effective for curing strong headaches.
  • You can apply lavender oil externally.
  • Do not take this oil internally or orally.

The Praise The Peppermint

herbal remedies for tension

The major side effect of the tension and stress is the headaches and the migraines and high blood pressure. The best herbal remedies for tension in this case are undoubtedly the peppermint.

  • The scent or the peppermint oil has a cooling effect on the nerves which effectively dilates the blood vessels.
  • This allows the normal flow of blood, thereby reducing the blood pressure and relatively reduces the stress level in you.

Set Your Diet Right

herbal remedies for tension

Are you in habit of skipping your breakfast? Do you neglect your meal times and avoid vegetables and fruits and live mostly on junk? Well, this way it’s not going help you much in keeping your mood right. Irregular food habits generally lead to high blood pressure and stress. It is very essential to set a right time table for your eating habits. You need to make this change right away.

  • Do not skip any meal.
  • The breakfast is a very important part of your daily food. Do not skip your breakfast. On the contrary, make sure you have a wholesome breakfast in the morning, with cereals and fruits or fruit juices and eggs.
  • Include fresh vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet.
  • Include foods that are effective in reducing stress and the tension level, such as blueberries, almonds and get the essential omega-3 fatty acids from the fishes like the salmon and the tuna and flax seed.
  • Put down the coffee mug and clear your refrigerator of the chocolates and colas. Stay away from all kinds of foods that contain caffeine. All foods with high caffeine content aggravate high blood pressure, resulting in stress and tension.

Store Up That Energy

natural remedies for tension

It not possible to pull through the day of various activities and complying with various moods and people you come across in your daily life. This is applicable both in your personal as well as professional lives. If you are running out of your energy my friend, you are bound to sulk and get stressed out. The exercises will help the brain to release endorphins, which will help you, calm down and de-stress.

  • Practice regular routine exercises
  • Start with meditation first. It is a great pacifier of stress and fills you with vital energy and positive vibes.
  • Take up some light exercises like jogging and free hand exercises.
  • Yoga balances the mind and the body equally, keeping you calm and distressed.
  • Outdoor activities like swimming, works best and can relieve your mind and body from every stress and tension.

There Is No Substitute For Happiness

natural remedies for tension

When did you laugh out loud, last? When was the last time you cried as you laughed? If you cannot remember, then you are in dire in need of some light times in your life, dear friend. And this also considered as one of the most effective natural remedies for tension.  

  • You know, what makes you happy- that old movie which made you roll out of your couch.
  • An old friend and some cherishable memories that made you both laugh your hearts out! Hold on to the kid in you.
  • If life has stretched you beyond your reach, try the ‘laughter therapy’. Even when you laugh forcefully, your brain releases dopamine, it is chemical in the your brain which instantly triggers a sense of pleasure and happiness in you.

So, my friend, instead of brooding and worrying about how to get rid of tension, it’s time to get going right away. I have provided you the best tips and the easiest ones, therefore there should no excuses. If you really want to get rid of that extra luggage of tension, just follow these golden rules and feel the difference right away….and keep smiling. It improves your face value.