10 Highest Paying IT Companies That You Should Know About!

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Since the boon of IT companies, Indian Economy has been globalized to a great extent. As far as IT industry in India is concerned, it has grown from mere nothing to an industry of 200 billion dollars in the last couple of decades. Seems unbelievable right? The standards of living too have improved to a great extent and IT sector has provided opportunities and employments for more than many young job aspirants. It goes without saying that working in IT has its perks! Starting from the glamour quotient, luxurious lifestyle, cool technology and stunning offices will surely make your career as well as existence worthwhile. But like all sectors, there are a few IT companies that are known to be big shots in IT industry. So, let’s have a look at top 10 highest paying IT companies in India, shall we?


high paying companies in India

Google had to be on top of the list. And why wouldn’t it be? It is a leading IT company and every young Indian aspires to work for this company someday. Apart from the brand name, it also provides the fresher a whopping 14 lacks P.A salary. A senior software engineer who works for Google India makes 25 lakhs P.A on an average! The respect and recognition that one is likely to get after being associated with Google is an added perk.


high paying companies in India

I have a soft corner for this company and the history of Microsoft can be traced back to mid-1980 when Microsoft Windows line of Operating Systems for desktops were launched. I use windows 7 home premium till date. Working for Microsoft is also quite a big deal and hence many software engineers work hard day in and out to bag a job here. Along with the brand value and recognition, you will also be given a salary of 11 lakhs P.A at the time of joining which would increase up to 18 lakhs P.A when you become a senior engineer in India. Not bad, isn’t it?


Companies that are paying high in India

Indians have an integral role to play in making IBM a company that is responsible for holding the maximum number of patents for the last 20 years now. IBM too recruits huge number of Indians compared to any other IT companies functioning in India. Even though IBM offers an 11 lakh P.A package for a senior engineer and 8 lakhs for fresher, job security is somewhat debatable here. IBM sadly is not among employer friendly companies in India.


Best paying IT companies in India

Many people might not be aware of this but do you know HP was founded in a one car garage? I couldn’t believe at first too. HP has more than 317,500 employees all across the globe today along with 100 billion dollars’ worth of asset! Yes, that’s right! A software developer at HP makes approximately 6.5 lakhs per annum and a software engineer, 7.5 lakhs annually in the beginning which then increases up to 1 million over a span of 5-6 years. By the way, a software developer working for HP India makes 19 percent more compared to other IT companies. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?


A software developer at Adobe makes 8 lakhs per annum whereas a software engineer makes 9 lakhs annually at the time of joining. Adobe offers one of the best salary packages in India. In a span of six years, the company offers a hike of 1.5 times which is rare compared to other companies. Not only that, a fresher has an incredible chance of growing ad evolving staying associated with this company. Median salary in Adobe for a software engineer is around 13 lakhs P.A.


best salary companies in India

Intel is also considered to be one of the top paying IT companies in India with an average salary of 10 lakhs annually for the employees. It believes in rewarding the employees and a sincere as well as hardworking employee in this company can easily make 10 to 11 lakhs annually. The change in the median salary while getting promoted to a higher designation of a senior software engineer from a fresher is also quite good and hence the growth in terms of salary is marked to be brilliant in this company.


company offer best salary package in India

Amazon is known to be an e-commerce giant and even though it is still securing its position in Indian market but it can offer you a fortune if you are lucky enough to become a part of this company. The company offers a median salary of 10 lakhs annually for software engineers with a couple of years of experience and a senior software engineer is likely to make approximately 13 lakhs annually. For a fresher, the average salary that Amazon offers revolves somewhat around 7.5 lakhs per annum which is much better than a lot of other IT companies out there.


High salary offering IT companies in India

Cisco has over 60,000 employees and it’s revenue annually is recorded to be 43.0billion dollars as of the year 2011. It is undoubtedly one or the top and leading IT companies in the country so being a part of this organization is bound to feel privileged and honoured. The company offers a package of more than 9lpa for the fresher and developers make around 6.5lpa in the beginning which of course increases to 13 lakhs and 8 lakhs over a span of 5 years.

So, I have jotted down some of the highest paying IT companies in India. I have tried my best to provide the readers with the correct information in terms of salary of these companies, please bear with me if there are minor errors as the packages often change. But at least you have some idea regarding the salaries and recognition each of this company has. I am sure, it will help you to dream big and shape your future accordingly so that one day you too can secure a job in one of these top companies and make yourself proud!