How To Groom And Guide Your Child From The Beginning

helpful tips to make your child more responsible

Yes, this is just another good planning from your side to make sure your child’s growing up is more worthwhile. Being a good set of parents is actually a biggest blessing and boon for the child. You must have had great planning while you were carrying your child. I am sure everything was meticulously planned out. And now, that your bundle of joy has arrived and has started to grow; it is the next phase of some good plans and proper guidance. It is the easiest thing to mould a child. Every child is like a white canvas, it is up to you how you are splashing the colors in. As the child grows, he picks up the behavioral patterns according to the indulgence or the guidance he gets. Therefore, it is always wise to make it right. I would love to share some helpful tips to make your child more responsible, so that parenthood becomes more of a joyous journey rather than stressful one.

Here are the best suggestions for how to make your child more responsible

Set Your Own Example

what are the responsibilities of a child

The children are very quick learners. Their senses are more alert than you realize. More than learning from books and toys, they are silently observing you. Your every move, your every decision making has its effects on their minds. So, it is important to set your own example first.

  • Be righteous and committed to your duties and responsibilities.
  • Make sure you practice all the virtues yourself before you expect your child to follow them.
  • In fact what do you want your child to become, depends a whole lot on the quality of life you are living yourself.

Do Not Rush Your Child With Responsibilities

Never expect your little one to learn in a day. They are the most creative and spontaneous bundles of joy around the house. It is very important to see that they should enjoy doing what has been told.

  • It is important for them to find the jobs you assign, interesting. You can start with the toys. Ask him to put them in places after play is over.
  • You can lend a hand yourself for his encouragement and confidence. For a little older kids, you might ask him to help you out with setting the dinner table or lending you a helping hand with the laundry.
  • Trust me, this will make them feel responsible and they will enjoy sharing the work with you, in their sweet little ways. This way he will gradually learn what are the responsibilities of a child and learn to take responsibility from the very beginning.

Prepare A List Of Responsibilities For Your Child

effective ways to teach your child be a responsibility

Before you set them the rules and the responsibilities, it is important to sit and make a list first.  Sort out the small little jobs where you can involve your child and at the same time it can be creative for him as well.

  • It is important for your child to enjoy what he is doing. In the beginning, try to do the chores together.
  • You need to be very patient and understanding. Your child may make some mistake initially, be encouraging and loving.
  • This will boost their confidence and they will learn to respect you. But do not do his work on his behalf. He should learn to set the situation right. Appreciate him for his effort.
  • If the work gets difficult, then break the work in little segments which he can easily handle. These are one of the basic helpful tips to make your child more responsible.

Set An Easy Routine

Do not expect your child to remember his chores if you telling them orally.  Be creative and make a big calendar for him and mark the days in colors and specify the chores. This will develop in him a sense of discipline and planning. Make sure you pin up the routines near his vicinity like the door ways and play areas. Start a habit to make him check with his school routines and stuffs before he leaves for school.

Appreciate Your Child’s Efforts

helping your child become a responsible citizen

This is very important and effective ways to teach your child be a responsibility. If you are scolding your child for his mistakes, it is equally important to praise them for their efforts. But it is not necessary to overdo any.

  • Make your child realize that you have taken notice of his effort by being specific about the chore he had performed.
  • Make sure to recall some of his previous accomplishments and boost his self confidence.
  • Appreciate your child’s effort openly with others so that it gives him a sense of pride and respect and love for you. It is a silent bonding that will pay off all your life. Trust me.

Build A Strong Value System And Stress On Consistency

This the core and the strongest base you need to build in your child helping your child become a responsible citizen.

  • The virtues and the values come first and you need to input that in your child from the very beginning.
  • Respect and responsibility goes hand in hand. He needs to learn to respect, not only parents, but also every other being and his work as well.
  • Work is worship- he needs to understand from the very beginning. Bestow the best virtue in him – honesty .
  • Be sure to keep the encouragement going. This will make him consistent with his duties and responsibilities and groom him towards what do you want your child to become.

Now, that you know the effective ways to teach your child be a responsibility and what are the responsibilities of a child,  I hope it will be easier for you to set a routine and a proper plan for the guidance and grooming. I am sure you too will enjoy involving your little toddler in your daily work. It just might turn out to be the most de stressing factor for you too. I wish you all the luck and an enjoyable team work with your little sunshine. Enjoy your motherhood .