What to Eat or Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women

proper diet plan to maintain in pregnancy

 Our house is running upside down these days!!! Do you know why? Because my elder sister is 5 months pregnant and we all are staying alert always. Our world is revolving around her and she is throwing all her tantrums upon me….Yeah, I know, she is going through a difficult period and why younger sisters are there for!!! Mom is keeping eyes on her diet and dismissing all her desires of eating junk foods. We can’t take any risk after all. In all these hustle and bustle, I’ve made some time to share what to eat during pregnancy so that the would-be moms can take good care of their health.

You know that, it is always necessary for you to eat healthy, but sometimes you may just cheat a little. But in case you are pregnant, the option of cheats is not for you anymore.  The reason behind this is that apart from giving nutrition to your own body, you are also feeding another life which is growing inside you. It is necessary to have healthy diet for pregnant women so that they can cope up with the changes that are occurring in their body.

There are a few pregnancy super foods which are necessary for you to have. You must make a proper diet chart during pregnancy. It is always recommended by the doctors to maintain a strict diet during pregnancy so that you can have proper nutrition in your body. This diet chart can also keep you away from the foods which are not good for your health in pregnancy.

Foods You Must Have in Pregnancy : – 

I am going to share some particular foods that you must include in the diet chart of pregnant women. These foods are healthy and nutritious to have healthy pregnancy. Include these foods in your diet chart and follow it strictly.

healthy diet for pregnant women


  • Eggs are a good source of protein and it provides you with all the necessary amino acids that your baby needs.
  • It also contains a lot of minerals and vitamins.
  • Choline is present in eggs which is the best for baby’s brain development.
  • But you need to make sure that you do not eat raw or under-cooked eggs.
  • It is advised to take a boiled egg on daily basis in your pregnancy.

Milk and Other Dairy Products:

  • Skimmed milk, cottage cheese and buttermilk are rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B12 .
  • Pregnant women must include these dairy products in your daily diet chart during pregnancy.

Vegetables and Fruits:

As we all know that, fresh vegetables and fruits have no alternatives. Try to have more vegetables and fruits during your pregnancy as these are rich in fibre and minerals. These form a major part of healthy diet for pregnant women.

Low Fat Yogurt:

  • A cup of plain yogurt has more calcium than milk and is also high in protein.
  • Dress it up with fruits or whole grain cereal and gulp it down.
  • This must be there on your diet chart during pregnancy.

diet chart during pregnancy

Whole Grains:

  • Cereals and whole grain bread are fortified with iron and folic acids and have much more fibre than white rice and bread.
  • In your pregnancy, you should have oatmeal or maybe even a whole grain bread sandwich in your daily breakfast.
  • For lunch you may have whole wheat pasta or brown rice. It is recommended to maintain this strictly.


Blackberries, raspberries or blueberries, whatever you have are delicious in taste. But do you know that they are highly packed with potassium, fibre, folate and vitamin C. Include these berries in your pregnancy diet chart.


  • Your baby needs omega 3 fatty acids for the development of their brain and eyes and you can get it from salmon.
  • Salmon also provides you with protein and Vitamin B.
  • It also has a lower level of mercury compared to other fishes. Your pregnancy diet plan will be incomplete without salmon.


Another important thing in the healthy diet for pregnant women is the beans. Add beans in any dish you have as these are great sources of iron, calcium, folate and zinc. These will surely help you to have healthy pregnancy.

what to avoid in pregnancy

Things That You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Now, you get fair ideas about what to eat during pregnancy. But, there are some foods you need to avoid at this time-

  • You need to avoid all sorts of alcohol consumption during your pregnancy because it can cause learning disabilities, physical defects and emotional problem in your child. This is the most important pregnancy diet restrictions.
  • Try to avoid and cut back the caffeinated beverages because researches say that high content of it may lead to miscarriage.
  • Try to avoid other fishes apart from salmon. Most fishes contain methyl mercury that is harmful to the growing brain of foetus. You need to limit your fish consumption to 12 ounces in a week.
  • Soft and unpasteurized cheeses must also be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Raw sea food like oysters and sushi should be strictly avoided.
  • Raw eggs or any food that contain raw eggs like mousse and tiramisu should not be eaten.

These are the basic pregnancy diet restrictions which you must follow.

The diet during pregnancy should be made with foods from each food group and that will lead you to stay healthy and have nutrition for you and the foetus. There are cases of lack of appetite and nausea during pregnancy, but you need to control those and then have your part of food. Above mentioned healthy diet for pregnant women include balanced and nutritious food that can keep you and your baby healthy when you are pregnant. Make sure to follow the diet chart during pregnancy to keep a track of what to eat and what to avoid. Maintaining this diet plan can surely make you able to have a healthy pregnancy.