10 Haunted Houses In India That You Must Ignore to Visit

haunted and scary buildings in India

Human mind gets curious and fascinated with the smell of mystery… confused?? Let me clear it out then… remember the age old stories we heard from our grandparents? The scary haunted houses in India we got to know about from the neighbors?  India is a country where you would get to experience beautiful places and yet scary mysterious abandoned houses that will definitely give you chills. These places are full of spooky and gothic secrets regarding the painful and pathetic deaths of people or tourists getting killed… if you are an avid traveler and want to explore these places and unravel the secretes then just pack your bags and get going…..

Here I present you 10 haunted houses in India that might give you chills and make you feel as if someone is around you…

Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty

scary houses in India

This was the set that was used for shooting of “Raaz”. The crew members were asked to remain awake the whole night. Desperate for sleep some went downstairs to complain to the receptionist only to find that the receptionist took them outside and pointed them towards darkness. Due to such spooky and eerie ambience the hotel is now abandoned by people.

Gran paradi towers, Mumbai

haunted buildings in India

This tower is one of the famous towers in Mumbai as it is located in one of the poshest areas of the cityThis tower has seen suicides of numerous people starting from a couple jumping of the tower followed by their children and grandfather eventually. Then stories of maids jumping or children falling from the windows are often reported and hence it is claimed to be haunted.

Jamali –Kamali Masjid

ghostly buildings in India

We all know claiming a religious place as haunted is quite unfair… but as far as what got reported by the locals, after hearing the spooky story, anybody would want to avoid this masjid. It is said invisible hands often clap the visitors and are chased by the gusty winds coming from nowhere.

The church of three kings, Goa

scary home in India

The mystery here is quite alluring to the ears.. It is said three Portuguese kings had fought over to conquer the kingdom of Goa..  One of the kings had called two other kings for a meeting where he poisoned both of them in order to rule alone. When the villagers got to know this and they came over to take his life. But before they could do any such thing the sole king committed suicide by consuming that very poison he had used for killing the other two kings.  Three of them were buried in this very church.

The National Library, Kolkata

ghostly buildings in India

This is one of the most famous libraries of the world. But apart from the rich heritage and literature, this library has got its own secrets and stories.  Many paranormal incidents have been reported by the guards who are extremely scared to take night shifts in the library.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavla

haunted buildings in India

This story is something quite interesting… the hotel in lonavla is famous for its beauty but it has got its secret too. A room right behind the reception has got some paranormal thing going on for years.  Naturally this room is not given to anyone at any cost. People have said that there is an awkward and weird coolness in the room. The tourists have reported sheets getting pulled and unnatural movements of the furnitures in the room.

Savoy Hotel, Missouri

ghostly haunted house buildings in India

During the summer time in the year 1911, a spiritualist had visited this hotel along with a friend. One night, shockingly a hotel staff had found her dead body but the cause of her death was unknown. Later it was said that she was poisoned. This was the starting of the paranormal activities in the hotel. From there visitors started to die and even some of them said that they could hear scary noises in the lobby.

D’souza Chawl-Mahim, Mumbai

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This one is extremely famous… in Mumbai..  it has been reported that the spirit of a dead lady wonders here in this very house. Her spirit has been found near the tube well by many people, which is not used anymore. The old lady fell in the well which was supposed to be the source of pure water. After her death the local people have abandoned the water and the house.

Brijraj Bhavan Palace, Rajasthan

haunted house buildings in India

This palace is very well known due to the mysterious secrets that it beholds… it is said that during the 1857 mutiny, Major Burton was posted in Kota, Rajasthan where he was brutally killed by the Indian soldiers… the ghost of major Burton is said to be present in the palace as felt by the guards of the palace… so if you too wanna feel his presence your most welcome in the palace of Brijraj Bhavan…

GP Block, Meerut

ghostly haunted house buildings in India

According to the locals, they have seen three to four men drinking in this very place on a regular basis… they have also seen a woman clad in a red sari with the men. Now the question was no body till now could figure out who those men were…

Planning to visit these scary houses?  India is a place where you will get rich culture, mixed religions and along with that infamous scary houses that are bound to give you chills… these top 10 houses are the scariest of them all. You can find different stories regarding these abandoned places. so I guess all the stories which we had heard in our childhood were not false at all.