Harmful Effects of Junk Food on Health and Mind

why is junk food unhealthy

I know you love it.  We all do. They are the best food on earth. From the pizza to the fries, they seem to be the source of all happiness in our lives. We generally tend to first opt for these mouth watering delicacies as they are great to taste and are easily available. They save all the trouble of going to the market and getting the ingredients and spend the time preparing a meal. These foods are especially the favorites of all the children. And the main damage just had done here. These foods just do not contain any nutrient value.  The word itself says that it is “junk”…. and it means something that is useless and does not have any value. It does nothing but increases the calorie counts and leads to a number of health hazards irrespective of your age. Here, I would just want you to be aware of harmful effects of junk food on health and the negative effects of fast food on your health.

Time has perhaps not run out of your hand, and it is time to set the clock back and set it right.  Before you consume any unhealthy junk food and lovingly buy them for your family and friends, just keep these following facts in mind and it is time to realize why is junk food unhealthy.       

The Undeniable Risk Of Diabetes   

harmful effects of junk food on health

  • The first and for most, the diabetes type 2 can be one of the worst of the negative effects of fast food on your health.                                                                             
  • The junk food generally does not contain any fiber content.
  • When you are eating the junk food the excess glucose intake creates a pressure on the metabolism and affects the body in absorbing insulin in the right amount.
  • Therefore the excess intake of glucose increases the sugar level in the blood thereby, resulting in diabetes.

Triggers Digestive Problems

harmful effects of junk food on health

You perhaps love that hot and spicy sauce in your jumbo burger or the extra sprinkle of the chili flakes in your daily snacks. But these unhealthy spices are doing more harm to your health than you are conscious of.

  • Generally the fast foods are deeply fried in oil. And too much of consuming fast food can result in severe gastro intestinal problems and indigestion.
  • The fat deposits and the spices in the junk foods affects the inner lining of the stomach and results in various stomach disorders.
  • Too much of spice can lead to painful peptic ulcers that infects the internal gastro intestinal tracks that generally remains acidic and worsens if there are any abrasions caused due to excessive spice intakes.

The Curse Of Obesity

how junk food affects your health

One of the most harmful effects of junk food on health is obesity. It is the worst thing that happens to your health and figure. You sure do not want to look ugly in the eye of your crush next door. Right?

  • The more you are addicted to the junk foods, the more you store those unwanted fats in your body.
  • This accumulation of fats does not only lead to an obese and ugly figure but also creates  pressure on your heart, leading to various  heart risks like strokes and sudden heart failures.
  • In today’s world it may get worse with your child, as they are too much inclined to fast food, resulting in obesity right from the childhood.

Save Your Heart

the negative effects of fast food on your health

Let your heart do better jobs like living and loving. You do not want to mistreat something as valuable as your heart. But if you opt for the junk foods, you break your own heart dear friend.

  • The fast foods contain a huge amount of transfar or the saturated fats which contains high calories and is harmful for your health and heart.
  • If you consume these unhealthy junks more than four times a week, you increase the level of heart disease by 80% by increasing the cholesterol level.
  • The fat deposits in the arteries narrows down the blood flow resulting in high blood pressure and further clogging may lead to heart attacks.

Do Care For Your Kidney

the negative effects of fast food on your health

 Do you know why you die for your French fries? 

  • These fried snacks contains finely processed salts in large amounts which stimulates your taste buds and triggers salivation and increases your cravings and urge to ingest these foods. And you feel helpless, I know.
  • The high sodium content and excess amount of fats creates imbalance in the sodium-potassium level in the blood resulting in major health hazards like hyper tension and kidney mal functioning.
  • These are two of the main harmful effects of junk food on health as they contain very high calories.

The Other Side Of The Psychological Effects

the negative effects of fast food on your health

It is really heaven when that piece of pizza with extra melted cheese melts in your mouth, right?  And you feel, that is happiness is what all about. Well, do you get tired easily, or feel the fatigue more than usual over the whole day? You land up with irrelevant arguments with friends which eventually lead you to depression and stress? Well, dear friend, you can blame it on your habit of taking excess junk food, straight away.

  • Yes, it is tested and proven that excess intake of junk food generally results in increased psychological disturbances in teenagers and young people like depression, fatigue and stress.

So, I have tried to make you aware of the harmful effects of junk food on health and tried to make you aware of the high calories they contain. Therefore it is important to take a nutritious and balanced diet which includes loads of fresh fruits and veggies, on a regular basis. These natural foods just might save your precious life on this beautiful God’s green earth. So, eat right and stay healthy….. and I am sure life will smile back at you.