Fun Date Ideas for Teenagers and Couples To Make their Dates Exciting

fun first date ideas for teenagers

Fun Date Ideas for Teenagers and Couples To Make the Dating Exciting

Teens are the Magical Years of your Life, Embrace them!

Don’t you just love being in your teens? You are in that phase of your life when you are transitioning slowly into an adult from an adolescent. I miss being a teenager, I swear. Those late night conversations on the phone, IMs, texting, first crushes and dates, it is such a magical time! But, one of the biggest problems of being a teenager is harboring feelings for someone and unable to express it! But with the help of a few fun date ideas for teenagers, you can never go wrong!

Muster Courage and Be a Go-Getter

I mean there’s always this guy or girl that you simply adore and would love to ask out on a date but are too nervous to do so. I say, instead of waiting around, just go for it! Life is too short to wait around for something to happen and dating can be super fun too, trust me. It’s just you need to be thorough while planning your date so that your date feels special. Irrespective of how many times you have been out on a date, if you plan well, you can totally win him/her over, trust me! I have always loved playing cupid so I have decided that I am going to help you guys by sharing some of the best and fun date ideas for teenagers here.

Knowing what he/she likes!

Okay first of all you need to be aware of what your date likes. That’s very important. If you are someone who loves outdoor activities and are forced to spend the entire day in a museum, you will be bored to death, right? So, plan according to the interests and hobbies of your date, something that he or she would enjoy doing! But there are a few activities that people commonly enjoy doing so now I am going to tell you the best five fun date ideas for teenagers:

unique romantic date ideas


Believe me guys; it is one of the most creative romantic date ideas that ever is! If you wish to have a memorable date, there is nothing more sublime and romantic than gazing at those twinkling stars lying next to your boyfriend or girlfriend. All you need is a blanket so that you can lie down and watch the stars shine and twinkle.

Going to a bookstore together:

Now, wait! Before you move on to the next point, hear me out. It is not as boring as it seems! Find a bookstore that has a cafeteria so that you can enjoy reading a book together over a cup of coffee. It is actually one of the most perfect and unique romantic ideas for a lazy rainy afternoon. You can hold hands together below the table and read from the same book have long chats while sipping on your favorite beverages. I bet it doesn’t sound so boring anymore now, eh?

Hit a Gaming Zone in a Mall:

This happens to be the most cool and exciting way to spend some quality time with your date. There will be a lot of activities to do in the gaming zone that you will both enjoy like Dance Revolution, Air Hockey, Bowling or Pool. Take it from me, you are going to have a great time and these activities will help you guys to bond as a couple too.

Take a Pottery Class:

Sounds crazy right? It can be of the most effective yet unique romantic date ideas especially if your girlfriend or boyfriend has an artistic blend of mind and is creative. You can learn to create something and then can gift it to one another. It could be a one-time thing or you can go there a few times depending upon you or your date.

creative romantic date ideas

A Romantic Candle Light Dinner:

What could be more romantic than some music, dim lights and good food? One of the most creative romantic date ideas as you can experiment a lot with the setting. You can have a setting near the beach or you could just choose a place, build a fort, add white lights, set up a table for two and you are good to go! Awesome, isn’t it?

Having mentioned these fun date ideas, I also feel that it is important for you to know that planning solely is not enough as there are a few other tips that would come in handy too. For example:

  1. Confidence:

Always be confident and remember to put your best self out there! There is nothing more charismatic and sexy than confidence. Girls find confident guys extremely attractive and the vice versa.

  1. Dress Well, Smell Nice:

Girls, put on the best dress you have got so that you look nothing less than a diva but remember not to overdo it. Wear something stylish yet classy. Wearing too much of makeup can be a turn off for the guys. And guys please,dress well and wear nice cologne. There is nothing sexier for a girl than a well-dressed man who smells nice!

  1. Wooing:

This mostly applies if you are asking a girl out for the first time. Get her a present when you take her out on a first date. Gifts are gestures that convey your feelings beautifully and she will instantly grow fond of you. It doesn’t need to be extravagant; something simple or cute would do just fine!

I hope these fun date ideas for teenagers and couples prove to be useful for you guys. Just follow the tips mentioned above and chose one of the five dating ideas I discussed and I promise you won’t regret it! Trust me on this, experience speaks! *wink*