10 Foods That Can Cause Cancer You Should Stop Eating Immediately

foods that can cause cancer

Do you know that we are living in a fast growing world where we are more prone to cancer? What is the cause of cancer? The major cause is the food that we are consuming. You are unknowingly consuming those foods which help in making you prone to cancer. In a fast globalized era, we are consuming fatty foods. Who have time to think about the nutritional value of the food that they are consuming? I believe that we are the illiterate consumers. We are living in an illusionary world. Every day we are buying those foods that can cause cancer. So go ahead and find out . Here are top 10 food cause cancer

Hydrogenated Oils 

How to avoid cancer with foods

Vegetable oils contain a kind of Trans fat which helps in causing cancer. It also affects the heart and makes the immunity system weak. This was found out by the Mayo Clinic. It is really unsafe to consume hydrogenated oil. I will recommend you to go for organic oils, butter, coconut oil, etc. as these are some foods that prevent cancer. Palm and olive oil are far healthier options. They are less fat producing oil and make the food tastier and healthier.

Microwave Popcorn

cancer fighting fruits and vegetables

The popcorns which you love to chew contain artificial butter and also carcinogen. Consuming microwave popcorn damages the lungs. The carcinogen will definitely make you a cancer victim. Actually, you should know the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food.

Red Meat

foods that can cause cancer

A recent study was conducted on red meat which proved that the chances of cancer increases when you are eating red meat. Neu5Gc is a sugar molecule contained in red meat. This causes inflammation in the cells that ultimately leads to cancer. Those who consume more red meat are the victims of breast cancer. Instead of having red meat, include cancer fighting fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. Have garlic, berries, tomatoes, cabbages, strawberries, etc. as much as you can.

Fast Foods

foods that prevent cancer

Which food can cause cancer? As I mentioned hydrogenated oils are unhealthy they are used more in fast foods. Especially like French fries, chips and other fast foods. The amount of salt used in them is also not advisable for our health. You will see that the kids of today’s century are more prone to obesity due to this reason. The National Cancer Institute have found out that those people whose diet is mainly of fast foods they are the best victims of cancer. They are also the patients of high blood pressure. Your body becomes a den of diseases. Potatoes used in the French fries contain high amounts of pesticide. You will feel that your health is affecting within few weeks only. Pesticides also make the eyes weak. Instead of such damaging ones, you should intake fiber foods to cure the expansion of free radicals.

Refined Sugar/Soda

foods that prevent cancer

How to avoid cancer with foods? Only if you avoid these and include healthy foods in your diet. Genetically modified sugar beets are used in the refined sugar or the soda. They help in feeding and making the cancer cells active in our body. In soda, fructose is used in high amounts and the caramel colour is also carcinogenic. They make the body acidified and this is so harmful for you!

Farmed Salmon

What is the cause of cancer

Salmons are the next favourite food after meat and red meat. If you think which food can cause cancer, it will also take an important place on the list. Farmed salmons are grown in a condition where there is a good amount of pesticides. In the body of the salmon’s high amount of pesticides are found. When these pesticides enter your body they attack the immunity system. When living organism takes up the pesticide it gets stored in their cell. This is also known as biomagnification. The higher the organism in the food chain the higher level of pesticide it consumes.

Processed Meats

which food can cause cancer

The chance of pancreatic cancer increases when you eat more processed meats. Bacon, lunch meat, hot dogs, sausages, etc. are the best examples. The ways to change your food habits and prevent cancer is to consume those meats which contain no nitrates. Processed meats also contain added artificial preservatives which are unhealthy. Women also become prone to reproductive problems when they eat more processed meats.


ways to change your food habits and prevent cancer

To end the list of foods that can cause cancer, this is the best one I can pick. Yes, you may think this is not a typical ‘food’, but it is a leading cause of cancer. So, can’t avoid it actually. Excessive drinking causes stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Refined White Flour

What is the cause of cancer

This is one of those foods that can cause cancer. Refined white flours contain carbohydrate. Carbohydrate increases insulin in the body and the blood sugar level gets affected. The Daily food List of Things That Give You Cancer also includes pastas and pizzas made up of this white flour. They also contain bleached elements which are so unhealthy.

Food that causes cancer are many. All you need is to judge before eating and check out the nutritional value of the body. In reality I will recommend you to eat more super foods. If you are thinking can super foods reduce your risk of cancer then it is yes! Super foods have detoxifying effects. The toxic elements will get eliminated from your body if you eat super foods like broccoli, blueberries and oats.