Best and Easy Meditation Techniques for Beginners to Attain Peace

How to do meditation properly

Focusing on your body and devoting an hour for it will help you to achieve greater limits. We go to gym in order to train our body and keep it in good shape. Similarly, we need to do meditation in order to train our mind according to our way. There is a way to begin when you are planning to meditate. You may find several techniques to choose from. I am going to share some easy and proven meditation techniques that you should choose without any confusion. Here are some easy meditation techniques for beginners –

Look for The Perfect Place

easy meditation techniques for beginners

Looking for the best place for the meditation is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Without a quiet place or surrounding you would not be able to concentrate in meditation. Opt for a quiet room. Once you have found it, sit quietly in whichever position you want. Make sure that you are comfortable at that place. Sit quietly with the palm of your hands pointing towards the ceiling. Make sure your spinal cord is straight when you sit.

Open up Your Senses

easy meditation techniques for beginners

You need to be aware of your surroundings. Concentrate and hear the ticking sound of the clock if you have any in the room you are sitting. Make sure you are very much present in that situation.

Deep and Long Breaths

easy meditation techniques for beginners

Take deep long breaths. You should be able to feel your breath moving from the lungs to the nostrils. Stay focused. This will guide your mind towards a peaceful place.

Feel it Completely

easy meditation techniques for beginners

Once you have achieved your focus, you can feel your body well from the head to your toes. If your mind tends to revolve around other things, again concentrate on your breaths and spell out ‘OM’ when you breathe out. This will help you to receive the energy from the surrounding.

Daily Practice   

how to learn to meditate for beginners Make sure you practice meditation on a daily basis. Do not miss a day. You can easily squeeze out at least an hour for your own body and health. Try and embrace the art of meditation. Stay calm and patient. Relax your mind and body before you start. It is best if you meditate in empty stomach. Try and follow one of these essential tips of how to learn to meditate for beginners.

Let Go

how to learn to meditate for beginners

Let go of yourself when you are meditating. Keep aside all your tensions and concentrate. You can play soft meditation music and lit scented candles for better ambience.  Achieving the desired state of mind is possible if you follow one of these advanced meditation tips.

Early Morning Meditation

advanced meditation tips

There is a specific reason why it is recommended to meditate early in the morning. You will deeply feel the strong vibrations of the morning. This can make your day better and you would feel fresh throughout your day.

Make Your Feet Cold

advanced meditation tips

It is recommended to soak your feet in cold water before you sit to meditate. This helps in proper blood circulation in your whole body. You can also soak your feet before you go to sleep.

Take Your Time

advanced meditation tips

Choose a convenient time for meditation depending on your schedule. Make sure nothing would disturb in the process of your meditation. So, it’s better to choose time of meditation accordingly. You should meditate in your preferred time and make sure you complete the process peacefully. It is recommended to follow these meditation techniques for beginners in order to move to the next step.

Open Eyes Gently

easy meditation techniques for beginners

At the end of the whole process, you should open your eyes very gently and slowly. Take your time.


easy meditation techniques for beginners

Before starting to meditate, it is recommended to do a few warm ups to make your body flexible. This will also enhance proper blood circulation in your body.

Smile on the Face

how to learn to meditate for beginners

Try to keep a gentle smile on your face when you are meditating. This will make you to attain peace during the process.

Benefits of mediation

easy meditation techniques for beginners

  • Proper dedication to meditation will help you to lower your high blood pressure and bring it to normal levels.
  • Meditation is known to increase blood circulation in our body.
  • Help to maintain Proper heart rate
  • Make you calm
  • Attain peace
  • Avoid high temper
  • Increase patience
  • Decrease the amount of stress

Keeping some time for yourself is one of the best things you can do to pamper yourself. Follow these above easy meditation techniques for beginners and also the advanced meditation tips to attain greater peace. Following these ways on how to learn to meditate for beginners will help you to meditate properly and correctly. These advices on meditation are provided for our own betterment. If you want to start from the beginning, then follow these easy mediation techniques to concentrate meditation.