15 Crazy and Shocking Things You Will See Only in Japan

crazy things about Japan

Japan, such an amazing country is always popular for being advance from the technical side and always one step ahead from rest of the world. The people of this country with almost 100% literacy rate are extremely innovative. The geographical and natural conditions also helped to do that. Their innovation is sometimes too funny that can make you smile and say “WOW”. But sometimes their innovation and creativity goes a bit too much that rest of world thinks that those are weird and shocking.  We’ll tell you some of such things what you’ll find only in Japan.

Welcome to “Capsule Hotel”:-

weird facts about japan

You’ll find this thing only in Japan. Possibly these are the craziest Japanese invention. These capsules are designed for a quick and easy night stay. The capsules are arranged alongside with one unit on top of another to make best use of the space. The rooms are big enough to fit a bed and a mounted TV. They have the features like A.C, WiFi and rent is around $15-$30 a night.

The washrooms, vending machines and snacks bar have to share. All of these are for saving space. This type of crazy plan allows to have nearly 700 capsules in a small area.

No Sex, Only Sleep in The ‘Cuddle Café’:-

funny facts about japan

Japan is land for peculiar things. Last year world’s first ‘Soine-ya’ or ‘shop of sleep together’ opened in Tokyo. In this shop a male customer can sleep next to a girl customer by paying fee to the shop. You are getting it wrong my friends, in this shop any male customer is not allowed to do sex with any girl. ONLY SLEEPING, NOTHING ELSE..

But there are some plans that customers may buy paying extra fee such as ‘Stroking girl’s hair for three minutes’ and ‘staring at each other for one minute’ etc.

Again don’t laugh my friends…..!!!!

Sexy Time in “Love Hotel”:-

love hotel in Japan

The concept of these types of hotels is to give some special private times to the amorous couples for a romantic rendezvous. The cheapest Love Hotels have pretty normal decoration where as high-end Love Hotels may offer extravagantly decorated room with bizarre theme, to the guests. Sometimes there are revolving bade, karaoke machines, neon lights and mirror mounted ceiling in some rooms.

These hotels are extremely popular in Japan. Almost two percent of population of Japan visit here every day.

Crazy Pillows for Lonely Man and Women:-

Reasons Why Japan Is Weird

In Japan you will find amazing lap pillow for the gentlemen who lack a spouse or girlfriend. These pillows are exactly looks like lap of a girl.

No need to be disappointed girls! There is also male version of the pillows are available to choose from. You’ll feel that you are in the arm of a person when you’ll use that pillow.

Hot Elevator Girl:-

 Crazy Things You Will Only Find in Japan

You cannot see lift operators in lift these days as modern lifts do not require this. Don’t laugh, but my friend, you can see ‘GIRL LIFT OPERATOR in the lift of departmental stores, shopping malls and other places. You must admit that it feels good when a charming (sometime sexy) lift operator will welcome you in the lift and press the required button with a smile. Everybody knows that this is unnecessary, but “Customer Satisfaction” is important, my friend!  It is one of the reason people praise customer care of Japan above entire world.

 Sleeping in office is Allowed:-

crazy facts about japan

Sleeping in office is known in Japan as ‘inemuri’. In office of Japan, bosses think you are sleeping in offices means you have been working so much that you were unable to sleep in home. It implies that you are “incredibly dedicated to your work”. Sometimes such dedicated people are forced to engage in ‘inemuri’.

This system has such a positive connotation attached that some employees get engage in ‘fake inemuri’ to show their bosses that how dedicated they are in their work.

 So, My friend, If you are laughing now, then stop laughing and try to convince your boss to understand the “importance of inemuri” in your office too..Hope your boss will give you the facility of inemuri…..!!!

Banishment Rooms for Punishment:-

Bizarre Facts About Japan

Now, the innovation comes!! Japanese resolve every problem and come up with a funny solution. They made BANISHMENT ROOM. The employees who are not at all hard working or eligible for a company,  are sent to that room and given the most boring tasks to do. That tasks serve no purpose at all.

             The companies hope that the employees will be disappointed from carrying out such irritating and boring work and will eventually quit the job.

Cutest Babymops:-

amazing facts about japan

Such a weird things, isn’t it? Okay, let me explain.

Baby mops is a dress for very little children who are still crawling. This is a one-piece outfit has built in mops on the arms and legs. Just make him/her wear this outfit and let him/her crawl all around the home. He/she will swipe whole room unknowingly.

Incredible invention, no doubt!!

Yummy Flavors of Ice-cream and Kit Kat:-

 Interesting Facts About Japan

The unusual tastes of Japanese are well known enough. But sometimes they make some common known tests to just outlandish. What will be your expression when you’ll have ice-cream of charcoal, horse meat, octopus or cactus flavored? Go to Japan, you’ll find Baked potato, wasai, soy sauce flavored kit Kat? I am not joking my friend. These really exist in Japan.

Adoption of Adults, not Children:-

Kickass and Interesting Facts About Japan

Adoption is carried everywhere in the world including Japan. But surprisingly the types of adoption in Japan is completely different from rest of the world.

  We adopt children, Japanese adopt adults.  In Japan 98% of the adopted adults are between 20 to 30 years aged, most of them are men.  Isn’t it little wired thing?

Why do they do this? If the owner of a family business doesn’t have son to continue the business, a suitable heir is adopted. The owner of family business may adopt an heir in spite of having a son, if he thinks that his son is not capable of running the business.

 Learning to Prepare Poisonous Fugu Fish:-

Learning to prepare Fugu fish

How much time it may take to learn the preparation of a fish? Answers may differ, but obviously it’s not 11 years.

Yes my dear friends,!  It takes almost 11 years of intensive training to become a chef of Fugu fish. Fugu is a very poisonous blowfish. If the dishes of this fish are prepared in wrong way, it will kill the person who’ll have it. To achieve the pass certificate as a Fugu fish chef, you need to eat your own cooked fish and only then you’ll be eligible to prepare the fish in restaurant.

Haunted Suicide Forest:-

suicide forest in Japan

Aokigahara is known as most popular ‘SUICIDE FOREST, a forest at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. It is the world’s second most popular suicide point after the Golden Bridge of San Francisco. The area of this forest is 4 square miles. The slovenly distribution of trees are so dense that winds also get block. The forest is very quiet and always creepy. This characteristics of this forest make it so popular for suicide. Almost 100 people commit suicide in this place every year.

Slurping of noodles :-

Funny things about Japan

Japanese are well-known for their polite manner. But, The Japanese’ eating process of noodles is very weird. Slurping is essential at the time of eating noodles. It communicates the enjoyment of the noodle. Besides that, magnitude of slurping show gratitude to the chef.

Expensive Melons and Tuna:-

unique facts about Japan

A musk melon, looks like cantaloupe with some imperfection which cost around $300.There was an auction organized by Tokyo’s renowned Tsukiji Market. A Tuna fish of 593 lb was auctioned. Guess, how much the last price was? Over $735000!! Till now it is the costliest fish in the world.

Want to go to Japan for getting facilitated with these awesome innovations?? Decide is yours my friend!!