Necessary Tips for Choosing the Best Shampoo for Hair

best shampoo for hair

Often we girls face serious problems like that of having dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. So in these sensitive cases it becomes important for us to choose the best shampoo for hair. We tend to apply different products which I personally feel very harmful for our hair. So here I am going to give you some important tips on which shampoo is best for your hair. I hope these tips will prove to be beneficial for you girls.

Essentials Points to Remember

  • Before choosing your shampoo, it is important to know your scalp. Problems like that of hair loss, thinning of hair, dandruff needs to be treated medically. Even you can go for herbal shampoos like henna are quite effective and also conditions your hair.
  • Many companies are there who claim to have best shampoo for hair fall but do not get attracted to those just by looking at the designed advertisements. Know your scalp before you choose any shampoo.
  • There are different types of hair. So obviously your shampoo would depend on your hair type. There is good shampoo for dry hair and oily hair. You should choose wisely.

Oily Scalp

best shampoo for hair fall

  • Avoid any shampoo that claims to smooth curly and dry hair as they would add more oil to your hair. Go for shampoos that offer to strengthen your hair and is oil free. You can use henna as well. It helps to remove extra oil from your scalp. All natural shampoo is free from any side effects and gives you thick hair as you want.
  • You can also go for color free shampoos that can be used on a daily basis to remove extra oil. But make sure you are not over drying your hair as that would lead to dandruff problems.
  • Massage your hair gently to improve blood circulation.

Dry Scalp

  • Avoid shampoos that claim to strengthen hair. They will reduce your natural moisture content.
  • Do not shampoo your hair on a regular basis. This will weaken your hair roots and lead to tremendous hair fall.
  • Apply shampoos that are mainly for dry hair. Make sure your shampoo is color free.

Choose the Best Shampoo

Which is the best shampoo for hair? While choosing perfect hair shampoo, you should keep herbal ones on the top. Avoid shampoos that have sulphate and other chemicals in those. It will be the best if you choose natural shampoo. If that is time consuming, you should check out the ingredients before buying it. A shampoo with henna, amla, shikakai, hibiscus, etc. can be proved as the best organic shampoo. Here are some tips on how to select best shampoo for hair

Moisturizing Shampoo

good shampoo for dry hair

These shampoos are mainly for people having dry hair. They tend to add shine to your hair. You can also use Henna for moisturizing and hydrating purposes. You can get it from any grocery store. It is also known as a natural shampoo. Again if you ask which shampoo is best for hair fall, you can rely on henna blindly.


Soak Henna in tea water overnight. Add coffee, juice of beetroot, egg, and yoghurt and mix well. Apply it and let it sit for about 2 hours. Rinse well.

Shampoos for Volumizing Hair

These shampoos tend to add extra texture to your hair. People facing problems like thinning of hair can go for these products but make sure they are color free. For hair thickening, you can use hair growth shampoo for women.

Strengthening Shampoo

These shampoos are extremely essential for people facing hair loss. These products provide extra nutrients to your hair and help to strengthen the roots. They have protein and keratin which improves the quality of your hair. Along with using shampoo to make hair grow, you can use hair packs with yogurt, olive oil and fenugreek seeds.

Balancing Shampoos

These are for proper hair growth shampoo and provide nutrients to your scalp. You can use these thrice a week. They are mild in nature and do not make your scalp dry.

Importance of Ph Value of Shampoos

Which is the best shampoo for hair

Whenever you are facing problems like how to choose good shampoo, do not forget to notice the pH level of the product.

  • The pH level of the scalp is more than the follicles of your hair.
  • The pH level seems to be around 5. So if you tend to use any shampoo with different levels of the Ph value then they will surely harm your hair.
  • Make sure you get a good knowledge about the ingredients present in the shampoo.
  • Use shampoos that tend to contain essentials oils like jojoba oil, olive oil etc.

Apart from choosing the best shampoo for your hair, what more you can do to have healthy and bouncy hair-

Summer Care for Hair

It is recommended to take proper care of your hair if you have to go outside on a regular basis. Pollution tends to damage hair to a large extent. Cover your hair during summer. This will avoid your hair from getting damaged.

Consultations are Important

how to select best shampoo for hair

Try and visit a hair specialist if you are facing severe problems like that of itchy scalp. They may recommend you to opt for shampoos best for dead and mature hair.

Instructions to Be Followed

Pay attention to the instructions provided at the back of the product. Some shampoos are instructed to be washed with cold water. That might activate the ingredients provided in the product. So make sure you read the instructions well. Go for herbal shampoos that contain oils, Aloe Vera gel and other natural products.

Trial and Error Method

I know it is hard to find the best shampoo for hair but you need to apply the trial and error method. This will not only help you to know your hair quality but will also help you to analyze the shampoo suitable for your hair.

Go for shampoos that will make your hair healthy and shiny. And drink lots of water. So here are some useful tips on best shampoo for hair which you can follow. I am sure these will be of great help. Stay fit! Stay healthy.