10 Most Effective Healthy and Beauty Tips for Pregnant Lady

Healthy and homemade beauty tips during pregnancy

Pregnancy has its own set of challenges, especially the ones related to your beauty. During this phase of a woman’s life there are lot of hormonal changes in the body which leads to changing body and thus have many changes on the appearance. It is the time when the woman needs maximum care in terms of diet and health. It is extremely important to maintain the beauty routines and have proper care of the skin. Don’t you think that you must take more care of yourself when you are going to be a mother? I am going to share some more researched and proven beauty tips for pregnant lady. Following these simple homemade beauty tips in pregnancy will make you able to look amazing and be healthy.

Ways to be Healthy and Fit

homemade beauty tips in pregnancy

Eating Right Should be Your First Priority

As a pregnant mother, it is extremely important to eat healthy during pregnancy. The foetus needs all the necessary nutrients from the mother and proper nutrition also helps to enhance your external beauty. Foods rich in vitamin ‘A’ like fish, carrots and milk should be taken to keep the skin healthy. Vitamin ‘C’ rich foods are also necessary as they help to reduce the skin’s ageing process. Try to add lot of green vegetables and fruits in your diet chart. Side by side, it is always recommended to stop eating all kinds of junk and fast foods as these can not only affect your health but also the health of your baby.

Drinking Lots of Water

beauty tips for pregnant lady

According to doctors, a pregnant mother should not ignore to take pure drinking water. Drinking lots of water is extremely necessary to flush out all the toxins and maintain a healthy skin. As a pregnant mother if you do not make it a habit to take water as much as possible.

Opting for a Healthy Lifestyle

beauty care tips during pregnancy

It is always advised to have a perfectly healthy lifestyle so that you can cope up with pregnancy. You may resort to some sort of exercises or yoga in order to prepare you for labour as well as to keep your mind fresh. Make a particular time schedule of doing these yoga and exercises. Always stay calm and maintain healthy habits. It is one of the most important parts of health and beauty care tips during pregnancy.

Maintain the Right Weight

beauty care tips during pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy weight is a must for you to look great when you are pregnant. You do not need to put on much fat and you must always avoid eating too much junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. Having too much body fats should be avoided by anyway.

Proper Sleep and Relaxation

beauty care tips during pregnancy

It is mandatory for a pregnant lady to have at least 8-10 hours of sleep every day. Proper sleep and taking rest can help to rejuvenate your skin. A little bit of relaxation like watching TV, listening to music or reading books is must. It is strongly recommended not to maintain a very schedule that can create stress in your life.  It is must to maintain this simple beauty tips for pregnant lady.

How to Take Care of Skin

Getting Rid of Acne – Use Home Remedies

beauty tips for pregnant lady

Acne is one common problem during pregnancy and you may experience much more acne than you had in your teens. It is best to try some effective home remedies for beautiful skin like aloevera, neem, lemon juice and other products to get rid of acne. In pregnancy always best to try natural ways and home remedies to get rid of acne not to go for any other ways of treatment.

Using Natural and Herbal Products

home remedies to get rid of stretch marks

While you are pregnant, you cannot just think about yourself, you will also need to think about the foetus within you. You must keep it away from all the harsh chemicals and so always try to keep every natural product and which is organic in nature. Organic and herbal products will not create any side effects on your body.

Some Researched Beauty Tips for Pregnant Lady

home remedies to get rid of stretch marks

  • The makeup during pregnancy must be kept simple.
  • Adjust your skincare regimen to the pregnancy related concerns either by combating dryness or by adding moisture.
  • Use sunscreen to protect your skin from the vulnerable sun rays.
  • Use a corrective concealer that blends with your skin so as to conceal hyper pigmentation.
  • Apply light bronzer on the face to give the perfect sun kissed look.

How to Take Care of Stretch Mark

beauty care during pregnancy

The most common problem faced by all the would-be-moms is the trouble of stretch marks. They appear everywhere, on your belly, arms, breasts, thighs and these generally begin in the second trimester. The best home remedies to get rid of stretch marks are:

  • Oil treatment or regular application of oils in the affected areas( Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil or Castor oil)
  • Application of Aloe Vera Gel regularly on your face
  • Applying egg whites on the stretch marks on a regular basis till they fade away.
  • Cocoa butter is a common remedy for stretch marks and it can be applied directly to the stretch marks to reduce its appearance. It helps in improving elasticity and prevents dryness.

How to Take Care of Hair

beauty tips for pregnant lady

If you are pregnant, it is advised that you must not go to the spa treatments or dye or hair with chemical products. You need to take some extra beauty care during pregnancy. Though the chemicals used in hair dyes will not harm your developing baby directly, but there are many safer alternatives as some of the chemicals may cause deformities in the developing foetus. Nowadays there are various salons who promote the chemical free products. You can try these salons too.

Follow all these proven healthy and beauty tips for pregnant lady and you can look a gorgeous, beautiful and healthy would-be-mother. You need to enjoy these completely at the time of pregnancy as this is really an important phase in a women’s life.