Tired of Handling Office Politics? 10 Simple Ways that can prove to be effective !


A suitable working environment can do wonders for your professional life. It not only increase productivity but a proper working ambience can elevate your confidence and boost up your self-esteem as a result of which you grow and evolve as a professional. But what if you don’t have a suitable environment in your workplace? What if the dirty office politics is bogging you down to an extent that it has started affecting your performance? How do you stay clear of office politics then? These 10 tips will prove to be helpful for you to handle office politics:

Playing Nice and Getting Along with your Co-Workers:

Everyone likes a friendly and amiable soul, isn’t it? So, try to be nice to as many people as you can and get along. Trust me, it helps! Don’t overdo it by going out of your way to please others because that might make you look needy. Be courteous, polite and always greet your colleagues with a smile.

Shh!! Keeping Your Lips Sealed:

There would be times when people would confide in you and share confidential information about the organizations with you. In such cases, you should try to win their confidence by keeping mum. Keep their secrets safe with you and don’t become a blabber mouth. With time, you will get to know a lot of significant details and information related to your co-workers or organization which would help you to stay informed and alert.

Don’t be the “Gossip Queen”:


We all love to gossip or be a part of a steamy and juicy office gossip. Don’t you deny it now! Men gossip too by the way. So stay away from the “gossip queen” tag as gossiping will not be good for your reputation or professional image. Always remember if you take part in gossips, you will hear things about yourself as well, sooner or later so always make sure that you don’t get sucked into office gossips.

Never Lose your Cool:

Keeping a calm and composed demeanor will help you go a long way. No matter what you hear about yourself or how bad the situation seems right now, always remember it will pass and in the long run, these petty issues or rumours won’t even matter. Rivalries can be handled in the best way by keeping your cool instead of getting worked up.

Keeping the Positivity Alive:

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can often end up being a target of the dirty office politics. Here’s the catch. Don’t let negativity control you. Instead, stay positive and live up to the expectations of your bosses. Being positive will help you to stay focused which in turn will fetch you with good professional outcomes.

Let go and Forgive:

Sometimes people can misunderstand you and you might find yourself on the receiving end of scathing criticism. In such cases, opt for a simple mantra- Forgive and Forget. It will help you to move on and ahead professionally. Holding grudges will only pull you away from success and recognition. Let go and Move On. The people who were once against you will turn around eventually and if they don’t, simply avoid them.

Stop Playing Favourites:

If you are in charge of hiring or responsible of recommendations, try to keep a fair perspective. Don’t take sides and try to be unbiased and fair at all times. Taking sides or playing favourites will automatically make you the ‘bad guy’ for the people who are on the other end.

Saying No to Boss-Shaming:

Juicy gossips in the workplaces often circle around the managers and the bosses. But you need to make sure not to get involved in such gossips. You might find yourself a victim of the office politics if you participate or contribute in such gossips as someone can easily make you the culprit and blame it on you when they get caught. So, maintain professional relationships with people who entertain such gossips but you should never encourage such gossips.

Staying Focused by setting your Priorities Right!

If you find yourself on the receiving end of ugly office politics, don’t fret. You will always find people who are just waiting to tear down your image so that they can hog all the limelight and attention that you deserve for your hard work. But you know what would help in such cases? Not paying a heed to all the rumours and politics that are hatched against you. Instead, set your priorities and make a list of the things you wish to achieve in the organization. Once you are done, just stay focused on your priorities and work hard towards your goal and trust me with time, rest will be taken care of on its own.

 Speak in Favour of the Organization, Always:

This is by far the most effective way to stay in good books of others and far far away from all the politics and gossips in the workplace. When you are in a situation where your co-worker disagrees with your proposed concept or theory, instead of putting him/her down or constantly arguing, always speak in favour of the organization and try to settle with an option which would be best for the organization.

Filthy and dirty office politics are very much a part of all the small as well as big organizations. Deceit, deception, back-biting and betrayal are quite common in the workplaces as people are mostly opportunistic and can go to any extent to tarnish others’ image simply to reap professional benefits. But I hope this content can help you to remain unaffected despite of what is going on in your office and will teach you always to have a positive mindset.