10 Best Color Ideas for Living Room


When it comes about the color of your living room, you will definitely look for such colors which can make your living room look spacious and bright. The living room in a house is that place where your guests take the first entry. So, it must be the carrier of your taste. While building your dream house, you definitely have clear idea about designs, colors and patterns to be used. Here are some tips on choosing the best colors for the living room to help you choose better.

Sky Blue for the Serene Beauty of Your Living Room

To give your living room a touch of sophistication with a soothing feeling, there is no better color than sky blue. Paint the walls with this color and bring a variation by using contrasting royal blue velvet sofa sets in your living room.

Brown-An Exclusive Touch of Sophistication

Let your living room defines its own spectacular personality with this color. Though you have to be very careful while using brown as the colors of the walls, it can bring out the artistic sense you have. A magnificent artwork with a background of brown walls will make your living room look stunning.

Soothe Your Eyes with Soft Pink

If you have deep brown colored furniture and the floor is of earthly texture, soft pink on the walls of your living room will keep a good balance. To compliment your living room with the best color according to the interior designing of the room, soft pink shade can be the best choice.

Minty GreenA Natural Touch to Your Living Room

Do you like to bring a piece of nature in your living room? Then, having pots of herbs or orchids are not enough. Color the walls with minty green and see how soothing it can be! Famous interior decorators always prefer to go smooth and light on living room’s walls.

Recharge Your Energy with Bright Orange

Though the color is bright orange, you can call it ‘evergreen’. This color on the walls of living room won’t be outdated ever. The playfulness, it adds to your room is perfect for organizing weekend parties as the orange-colored living room can add additional fun to your parties.

Bright GreenThe Color of Nature-

If it is your farm house or beach house, you can choose bright green. This color will make your living room look brighter and bigger. So, if you have a small living room and want to make it camouflage as spacious, bright green is the color you are looking for.

Be Nostalgic with Ebony

For a stunningly exotic and urban look, this is the best thing you can do in your living room. The wooden colored furniture with a vintage chandelier, your living room can bring back the nostalgia of the tree house from your childhood days.

Purple to Make Visitors Envy You

This is another tricky color for your living room which can bring out the grace of your room if used perfectly. The shade of purple must not be deep as it can block light. You should use a lighter hue to make your living room look exclusive.

Make Wonder with Yellow

If your living room is cozy and don’t get enough light, yellow is the best option to choose while coloring it. This color adds the warmth in your living room that you always needed. And it is also welcoming to your guests.

Go Adventurous with Luxurious Red

There is nothing more energetic than this color. Be careful while using this color as it becomes too vibrant to bear. According to an interior decorator, you can paint one or opposite wall with red and keep the other walls white. This combination will add life to your living room.

The colors of the living room should be engaging and welcoming so that it can attract your guests and they won’t stop praising your taste. If you want to make your guests jealous and set an example for others, choose any colors from the given color palette. Consult interior decorators and they will help you know whether your living room will have monotone or you can experiment by mixing and matching contrasting colors.